Thank You

By Nirvana Kliese (

Summary: Now that she's given Dan Scardino the boot, Lois is determined to fix her relationship with Clark. And the first task on the list is to make Clark tell her what it is that compels him to bolt at awkward times. An alternate ending to the episode "Whine Whine Whine."

Authors note: This is purely a fluff piece. I decided to write a story when Lois finds out Clark's duel identity with *different* results ; )

This story is suppose to take place as an alternate ending to Whine, Whine, Whine, not that I didn't like the real one <bg>.

PLEASE let me know what you think!


Lois sat down on her couch with a tub of chocolate ice cream. She sighed. She had just rang Dan to tell him that she couldn't see him anymore and her mind was full of confusion to whether she had done the right thing. Dr. Friskin's words echoed in her head, "Lois, you know who you want to be with; you've known all along but he's just as scared as you are. Now, who's going to be the one to stand up and say the scary word." She began to play with a stray piece of thread hanging from her couch. "OK," She said to no one in particular. "I am." She reached for the phone and dialed Clark's number.

A moment later Clark picked up "Hello?" He mumbled sounding just as confused as she felt.

"Hi, Clark." Everything she had to say seemed to leave her head at the sound of his voice. She took a deep breath and made herself continue. "Clark, listen, I think we have to talk, but I want to see you. Do you think you could come over?"

"I'll be right there."

Lois took a deep breath. She felt a slight relief sweep over her. She knew Clark well enough to know that he would never do anything to hurt her or anyone else unless he had a good reason for it, and today she was going to find out exactly what that reason was, for better or worse.

All of a sudden she was brought back to the present by a knock on the door. "Clark?" she said instinctively as she opened the door. Lois shook her head and smiled at how fast he'd gotten there "What did you do fly over?" She joked.

Clark stiffened but managed to smile. "Fast cab." Clark was wearing slightly torn jeans and an old flannel shirt.

Lois grinned, it was amazing how he seemed to look great in whatever he wore.

Clark cleared his throat "Um, can I come in?" he asked.

Lois gestured towards the living room and closed the door behind him.

"So…" Clark said trying to make conversation, his heart was beating faster than he had remembered it ever beating before. What if she was going to tell him that she wanted to break up? He pushed that thought from his mind and sat down next to Lois on the couch.

Lois took a deep breath then began to speak, "I told Dan I couldn't see him anymore," She paused to look up at Clark who seemed to be a mixture of surprised and relieved.

"Why?" He asked.

"Because I realized something; I realized that what I was doing wasn't fair to you, me or Dan. I never loved him, Clark. I hoped, that by dating him you'd get jealous enough to stop running away whenever we started to talk. But I was so hurt by your disappearing act that it took me a while to realize that in all the time I've known you, you've never done anything to hurt me or anyone else unless you had a reason." Lois felt her eyes fill with tears, "I need to know what that is, Clark."

Clark looked down trying to compose his thoughts; it was now or never; this was his chance and if he didn't pull it off it might be his last. He slowly reached up and removed his glasses. Time seemed to stand still. "Lois," He took a deep nervous breath, "I'm Superman." He'd said it. His biggest secret was out. Now all he could was wait for the aftermath of emotions that he was sure was coming.

Lois looked down overwhelmed with a million different emotions. How could she have not seen it? She had made it so hard for him to be Superman. She had told him that she would love him if she wasn't super but she hadn't. She was so selfish to not have loved him for all of him. She looked up after what seemed like hours, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Clark, I'm sorry." She reached out and embraced Clark in a strong hug.

"Excuse me?" Clark asked totally confused, this wasn't Lois. Lois would be screaming right about now "Lois…"

Lois pressed her finger to his lips to silence him. "Clark, thank you so much," She dried her eyes and smiled, "Clark, when you first came to the Planet I fell head over heels for Superman; he wasn't real so he was safe. Clark, I must have hurt you so much with Lex. How could I do that?" She embraced him again but he pushed her away enough so that he could look at her.

"You're not mad?" Clark asked, his eyes shining with joy.

"No." She smiled, "Clark, if you would have told me then, I would have never have known you for who you are; I was so pig headed, who knows what could have happened if I knew? You saved me from so much. I love you, Clark." She slid her arms around his neck and pulled him to her for a passionate kiss. An eternity later Clark broke away. "'Don't you mean you love me, 'Superman'?" He smiled his crooked smile. "No."

THE END. : )