Thanksgiving in Smallville — Matchmaker Chronicles Volume 1CE

By KenJ <>

Ratted PG-13

Submitted November 2014

Summary: It’s Thanksgiving and the Kent family is gathering in Smallville for a big dinner when the celebration is interrupted by an earthquake in California. Kam-El and Ultra Woman 2 get to help out and some special people are rescued.

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I need to express my appreciation to my betas, Artemis and Ray, for the quick turnaround.

Disclaimers: The characters in this story are property of DC, December 3rd productions and Warner Bros., except those I created. No copyright infringement is intended. I have just borrowed the characters for a short time.

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This is a sequel to Halloween in Metropolis – Matchmaker Chronicles Volume 1 CD.


November, 2014 AD

After what had happened at Halloween(1) it seemed like the lid had been blown off of Metropolis. Everyone was talking about the new superheroes that had stopped the assault on the children.

By this time, people were used to the presence of Superman and Ultra Woman. After all Superman had been around now for almost twenty years and Ultra Woman had returned almost five years previously(2), from wherever she had gone after her first visit. The main theory was that Ultra Woman had made that brief visit back in the nineties to see just how welcome other super-powered beings would be. The possibility that her report had been the reason for the subsequent invasion by New Krypton had been considered, however briefly, before the realization that it had been criminal elements that had attempted the take-over. The fact that Superman almost died defending the people of the Earth was not easy to forget, especially since the Daily Planet had proclaimed that fact very prominently.

When Ultra Woman returned, at first there was some fear, but the fact that in the five years since her return, she had behaved the same way as Superman quickly overcame those fears. The people, seeing how they interacted, thought that the reason for her return was in fact Superman. There were mixed feelings about this. Women were disappointed because it looked like Superman might be off the market. How could they compete for his affections against a similarly super-powered woman? Men were disappointed that she wasn’t available for the same reason, but there was never any formal announcement to that effect.

Now, with the appearance of these new superheroes it looked like there were more visitors from New Krypton. This supposition was fostered by the fact that Jon was using his Kryptonian name. Superman’s Kryptonian name was not known by the general populace so the ‘El’ part of the name was not recognized as the family name and therefore there was no association made. Since the girl’s names have the family name incorporated in the single name, the family association would be obscured as well. No one even considered the possibility that the new superheroes could be related to Superman or Ultra Woman, after all hadn’t she just returned to the Earth about five years ago? These new superheroes appeared to be in their mid teens. When people read that Superman and Ultra Woman were their mentors, a collective sigh of relief was heard across the land. These new superheroes were here to help, not take over.


The Monday after Halloween the school was abuzz with talk about the new superheroes.

Conspicuous in his absence was Raymond Kyle. Although rumor had it that his parents were so mad at him for what he had done that they had grounded him until he was eighteen and had him suspended from school, reality was that being put into a holding cell, segregated from the adult population, but with his two cronies, he had picked up a severe cold from one of his friends and was sick at home.

As can be imagined, Hattie was in the forefront of the speculation. This was the second appearance of the new superheroes and she was champing at the bit to at least see them, if not meet them. She started on her quest to find out if there were any new students in the school district. She did find some new admissions, but they all had histories that were traceable. She came to the conclusion that if the government was helping, then the histories could very easily be explained as government fabrications. She decided that she would keep a close eye on these new students.

When the new superheroes didn’t make another appearance for over a week, the buzz started to die down somewhat. Toward the end of the month things were almost back to normal, or at least as close to what could be considered normal for Metropolis.

As far as the Kent family was concerned, plans were being made to spend Thanksgiving in Smallville and all of the kids were looking forward to the trip. It would be an opportunity for Jon and Lara to practice using their powers and Sean and Celeste were going to be talking to Grandma Kent about their uniforms. Celeste with the Kryptonian name of Noel (No of the house of El) liked the association with the Christmas season and had decided on a green and red motif for her costume. Sean was ‘up in the air’ figuratively over his color scheme and decided that for the time being he would go with all blue, at least until something better came to mind.


On Wednesday, November 26, Lois and Clark finished up early and picked up the younger kids from the daycare/after school program and headed home where Jon, Lara, Sean, Celeste and Jessica were working on their homework while waiting for the rest of the family.

After a hasty dinner prepared by Clark, the family packed up the van and headed out. Once Jessica, Jimmy, Lucy and Sam were asleep in their seats, Clark pulled over and after spinning into the Suit picked up the van and flew it most of the way to Smallville. Since they were all in on the family secret, Jon, Lara, Sean and Celeste knew what was about to happen and had stayed awake for the fun. Once they were on the outskirts of Smallville, he landed the van, spun back into his civvies and Lois drove the rest of the way to the farm.

The sleeping children were carried in and placed in their ‘Smallville beds’ to finish their night’s sleep.

Thanksgiving morning the kids woke up in their ‘Smallville beds’ and bounded downstairs to find Grandma and Grandpa Kent.

To Lara’s disappointment this holiday, following so close to Halloween, Mike’s parents were not willing to send him to visit his great uncle Wayne Irig.(3)

Immediately after breakfast, Martha started working on the Thanksgiving dinner and the kids all settled in front of the TV to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and the New Orleans Bayou Classic Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Just as the parade finished and before the start of the big game, there was a news flash about an earthquake in California.

Lois and Clark were both standing in the living room when that was flashed on the screen. Sean and Celeste knew what was about to happen and were disappointed that their powers were not developed enough, nor did they have uniforms as yet, and simply watched as Jon and Lara both turned and made eye contact with their parents and the four exchanged an unspoken message, asking if they could help. Clark and Lois both nodded and Clark said, “Jon, Lara, can the two of you give us a hand out in the barn?”

In unison they replied, “Sure, Pop,” and jumped up.

As soon as they were outside they all headed for the barn. Once in there, sure that the rest of the kids wouldn’t see them, the four spun into their uniforms.

Lara stood next to her mom and Jon stood next to his dad. They each put arms round the other and they took off at super speed, headed for Los Angeles, California.

When they arrived they found that the damage was fairly light. They worked as two teams with Ultra Woman 2 helping Ultra Woman and Kam-El helping Superman.

The first priority was a bridge that had started to collapse. Superman and Kam-El started at one end while Ultra Woman and UW2 started at the other. They evacuated vehicles and then moved the vehicles themselves.


Back in Smallville, when the scene on the TV changed to a view of the superheroes in action in California, a cheer went up from all of the kids. Sean and Celeste watched with extra interest knowing that it was Mom, Dad, Jon and Lara on the screen. This was the first time since they had been brought in on the family secret that they had been able to watch as Mom and Dad were in action. Having Jon and Lara there with them was a bonus.


A freeway was cracked and Kam-El and Ultra Woman 2 set up a barrier to prevent cars from falling into the fissure that had been created while Superman and Ultra Woman removed the cars that had already been damaged.

After half an hour of frantic effort, most of the problems had been dealt with and they were able to move from the highways into the areas of private residences. When they arrived over a section of expensive houses they split up. Ultra Woman and UW2 going to one side while Superman and Kam-El started at the other.

Jon heard some cries for help and pointed for his dad. They swooped down and saw that the roof over a private gym had collapsed. They moved in unison to start lifting debris. They found a woman and a girl trapped under the rubble. They were trapped, but not injured. The structure of the stationary bikes and treadmills had supported the ceiling when it had fallen, trapping them in the pocket thus created.

Clark and Jon had their eyes on the ceiling material that they were supporting lest it start to crumble and collapse further. Clark called out, “Please exit before this breaks apart.”

He didn’t have to repeat his request. Both women quickly ducked around Kam-El and Superman out into the clear area on the pool apron.

Once they were clear, Kam-El and Superman slowly lowered the ceiling back down and stepped away.

Once it was down, Clark and Jon turned around and saw who they had rescued. Jon was struck speechless. Clark blurted out, “Lois!?!”

What he saw was Lois, standing there in a still wet bikini, her hair wet and slicked back the way she wore it as Ultra Woman. The face and figure were unmistakable.

She looked at him and said, “Excuse me?”

Seeing that this obviously was not Lois, no matter how much she looked like her he said, “I’m sorry. You look like someone I know.”

“You look like someone I know too. Listen, I don’t know how to thank you,” she paused only a second as she considered and then said, as she moved closer, “actually, I do.” She threw her arms around his neck, stood on tip-toe, pulled her body into close contact with his and initiated a deep soulful kiss.

It felt sooooo familiar that for a few seconds he forgot himself and started to return the kiss, his arms coming up, his hands splayed across an all so familiar feeling bare back.

Seeing what her mom was doing, the other young woman, following her lead, approached Kam-El and, wrapping her arms around his neck, did the same thing to him.

Suddenly, they were interrupted, “Ahem! What’s going on here?”

Superman jumped back at this oh so familiar voice and looked around.

Ultra Woman was standing there with UW2 at her side and she had her fists on her hips and a very disapproving look on her face.

He said, “Honey, it’s not what it looks like, honest.”

“I would hope not! It looks like my husband is standing there in a lip lock with another woman.” Then she got a good look at ‘the other woman’ and her jaw almost dropped open.

Seeing the look that Ultra Woman was giving her, and fearing the possibility that Ultra Woman could turn her into a pile of warm ashes simply by looking at her, the other woman said, “Really, I was just thanking him for saving me and my daughter, Emerson. We were training for the next triathlon when the earthquake hit. We had just moved in from the pool to hit the bikes when the temblor started and the ceiling fell in on our heads.”

Lois glanced over at Jon and saw that Emerson still had her arms around Jon’s neck and even though she had stopped kissing him, her body was still draped around him and her head was resting on his shoulder.

Looking at her brother and with a sing-song teasing tone in her voice, Lara said, “I think Kam-El has a new girlfriend.”

Kam-El heard her and as his cheeks, under his mask, started to color, reaching up, disengaged Emerson’s arms from his neck and stepped back.

Still trying to defuse the situation, the mother finally introduced herself, “You must be Ultra Woman. My name is Teri … Teri Hatcher. Could I ask for your autograph?”

Lois was taken aback. Belatedly she had recognized the woman for who she was and had actually been about to ask her just the same thing. She said, “I saw you in that James Bond movie. It was a shame that it was such a small part.”(4)

Still trying to appease Ultra Woman’s anger, Teri said, “If I had known that Superman was married, I never would have …”

Lois interrupted, “Understandable. It isn’t like we announced it to the world. We’ve kept it low key.”

Lois was surprised that Teri picked up on that when she asked, “Wait a minute … you saw that? I thought you had left … returned to New Krypton or somewhere, before that.”

Lois marveled. It was just the kind of question she would have asked as an investigative reporter in an interview and knew that she had made a mistake and needed to cover it. Thinking quickly, she said, “We bought the DVD.”

Teri gave a nervous laugh, “Oh, yeah, of course. What was I thinking?”


After a brief visit and an exchange of autographs Superman, Kam-El, Ultra Woman and UW2 all took off and flew back to Smallville.


They got back to Smallville just in time for Lois to make her contribution to the dinner — chocolate, chocolate chip cookies.

Eventually the entire family sat down to a Thanksgiving feast complete with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie a la mode.

Before they started eating, Jonathan, as the patriarch of the family, asked the blessing on the food and then started going around the table asking what each individual was thankful for. The replies from the children varied, but most of the younger children followed the pattern set for them by their older brother, Jon, who said, “I’m most thankful for my family. Grandpa, grandma, but especially my mom and dad, my brothers and sisters.”

When it was Clark’s turn he looked around and said, “I don’t think I could have said it any better. My family. My parents, the people that raised me, my children, but especially my wife, my other half, without whom, I am incomplete.”

Lois squeezed his hand and looking around said, “I’m most thankful for this family. Martha and Jonathan, who actually taught me the true meaning of family, and especially my husband, my other half, without whom, I also am incomplete, and the best children in the world.”

Jonathan was beaming with pride. These grandchildren were growing up with the same values that they had strived to instill in Clark. Valuing family above things.

Martha finally said, “I am so very thankful for the day that Clark came into our lives. The child that, at the time, we thought completed our family. The child we had wanted, but had been unable to have and then the woman that became his wife and our daughter.” Looking around at Clark and Lois as she had spoken of them and then the grandkids, she finished with, “Now my cup of thanksgiving overflows. Our grandchildren are a joy to this old couple.”

When Martha had finished, Jonathan stood and, picking up the carving knife and fork said, “Let’s eat,” and started to carve the turkey.


That night, alone in their bedroom, Lois and Clark were cuddling in bed when Lois brought up the earlier incident, “What was the idea of you kissing her?”

“Uh, well , uh, really, uh, I didn’t kiss her. She, uh, she kissed me.”

“Yeah, but you were enjoying it! I could tell, superhearing, you know. I could hear your heart beat. Your heart was going like a trip hammer.”

“She took me by surprise … and … and … she looked … amazing … I mean, uh … she looked just like you. She even felt like you and for a second there I was fooled. I thought it was you, that somehow you had flown in to play a trick on me or something.”

“That’s pretty flimsy, Kent. What about that girl, Emerson? That sure wasn’t Lara.”

“Well, you know what they say ‘Everyone has a double somewhere.’ I guess we just found your double.”

Lois was thoughtful for a second and then said, “I wonder who your double is?”

Clark thought about that for a second before he replied, “Actually, I hope we don’t find out. I don’t want you kissing him thinking that he is me.”

Confidently, Lois replied, “I would know the difference.”

Chagrined, he replied, “I’d have sworn the same thing, before today, but she felt just like you. It was uncanny.”

With a twinkle in her eye, Lois said, “Maybe we ought to try and find this double of yours, just to see …”

He interrupted her by pulling her into a kiss which quickly escalated to soul wrenching proportions. When they pulled away, as they were both gasping for breath, Lois said, “Last one in the hay loft is a rotten egg.”

Before she was able to start he said, “That’s still too close. Little superears, remember? Let’s meet at twenty-five thousand feet.”

She smiled and said, “Good idea. Grab a couple of pieces of cord on the way.”

He knew exactly what she was referring to, smiled and nodded.(5)

They met in the air above the farm and quickly made bundles of their uniforms. Freed from the limitations of gravity they performed an aerial ballet which would have otherwise been impossible. Eventually the aerial ballet, or should I say aerial foreplay, was not enough and Lois floated horizontal and spreading her legs urged Clark to join her. This initiated a period of marital intimacy.

As they finished Clark, suddenly realizing that they were falling out of the sky, something that they had gotten used to because they had done this many times, stopped their fall and started to return them to altitude. Lois helped by keeping her legs locked around his hips.

In a languid tone she said, “Now, I could never expect your double to satisfy me that way and if he ever got close enough to try, I definitely would know the difference. You, my husband, are one of a kind.”

“It never would have gone that far with Teri, trust me.”


On Saturday Sean and Celeste spent the day with Grandma Kent and by the time they were finished they both had their new costumes.

Celeste was going to use her Kryptonian name, Noel, the same way as Jon, so the superheroine, Noel, had opted for a swimsuit type of top in green with a short pleated skirt in red. A red cape that came to her waist, green boots, a green mask and elbow length green gloves completed the outfit.

By the same token, Sean was going to use his Kryptonian name, Dan-El and his new Suit was going to be a full spandex suit like his father’s in a slightly different blue hue, blue boots cape and mask. For added modesty he also had a set of briefs on the outside, but they were of the same color.


As was to be expected with most celebrities, there were paparazzi that had staked out Teri Hatcher’s home.

The Monday after Thanksgiving the tabloids published pictures. Pictures obviously taken with the extra-long telephoto lenses which are standard equipment for a lot of paparazzi.

The headline was: Is Teri Hatcher Superman’s New Girlfriend? Is Ultra Woman Jealous?

“Kiss and tell. A bikini clad Teri Hatcher was seen giving Superman a super smooch while Ultra Woman looked on. Teri was standing on tip-toe with her arms around Superman’s neck. The superheroes were being assisted by their young protégés in dealing with an earthquake. They had just rescued Teri Hatcher and her daughter Emerson from a section of her house which had collapsed.”

“It wasn’t too long until Ms. Hatcher was in Superman’s arms, kissing him. Her daughter Emerson was similarly occupied with Superman’s protégé, Kam-El. It wasn’t too long until an angry Ultra Woman arrived on the scene and asserted her prior claim on Superman. Story continues as centerfold spread with pictures.”

Below the headline: “Does Emerson Hatcher (Tenney) Have A Super Boyfriend?” there was a picture of Emerson in a very brief yellow bikini hanging on Kam-El and kissing him for all she was worth, one leg in the air behind her and her toes curled. Her body was molded to his so tightly that you couldn’t get a piece of spandex between them.


On Tuesday the Kent’s school was in an uproar. They finally had pictures of the new superheroes. Hattie had a copy of the Whisperer which carried the full photo spread.

They had actually been able to get a statement from Emerson. “In reply to the question ‘What was he like?’ Referring to Kam-El, her reply was, ‘He’s a real dreamboat. I hope he stops by again. I told him that he doesn’t need an earthquake for an excuse to come see me. My mom has already given me permission to date him, if he’s interested, that is.’”

Hattie was beside herself. She had the picture clasped to her breast as she said, “Doesn’t he look so just absolutely perfect and so dashing in that cape. He looks like a miniature Superman.”

“I can’t wait to meet him. I wonder if he’d kiss me like that.”


Meanwhile, in California, a certain young man had also picked up a copy of the Whisperer. The object of his interest was actually, Ultra Woman 2.

He couldn’t stop staring at the picture. It showed Ultra Woman 2 with a clear profile.

Mike Lee put the paper down, but the feeling of unease just wouldn’t let up. He had the distinct feeling that there was something familiar about the new superheroine, if only she didn’t wear a mask. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but it would come to him sooner or later. He was distracted from his musings by the beep of his computer signaling an incoming e-mail. He gave the picture one final glance, called up his e-mail program and saw that it was a note from Lara. She was bemoaning the fact that they weren’t able to see each other on Thanksgiving and giving him a report on the dinner and family activities from the weekend.

All thoughts of the picture in the paper were forgotten and he was smiling as he read her note and prepared a reply letting her know how equally disappointed he was that they hadn’t seen each other and making plans to see each other for Christmas.


On Tuesday, after all of the furor of the weekend had passed, Clark and Lois finally had a chance to get together with Jon and Lara after the rest had been sent to bed.

Lois said, “You guys did a terrific job helping out with that earthquake. You were a real help. Because of you we were able to do more in less time and prevented any major injuries.”

Clark said to Jon, “Son, you are really perfecting your control of your powers and Lara you are getting stronger and faster every day.”

Lois turned to Jon and asked, “Jon, Are we going to have to start ferrying you to California so that you can date Emerson?”

Jon started to blush at the memory of that kiss and looked down before answering, “Nah, I don’t think so. I remember what you and dad told us about how you met and … I don’t think that she’s the one.”

Turning to Clark she said, “You know, I think that this son of ours is going to be a heartbreaker, just like his sire.”

Clark chuckled self-consciously and said, “I don’t think that I was that bad.”

“Are you kidding? I saw how other women looked at you and still do. When they look at you it’s like a hungry dog in a meat market. I think it’s time that we announced that Superman and Ultra Woman are more than a working team. I don’t want a repeat of what happened. I want all those women out there to know that you are off the market.”

“I agree with you. It’s time. I want to keep men from making any more passes at my wife.”

“I think it’s time for Superman and Ultra Woman to be interviewed by Lois Lane and Clark Kent for an exclusive. I considered giving it to another paper, but since we are so ‘close’ to Superman and Ultra Woman, it would look odd if we didn’t get the story. We have been married since ninety-six and Ultra Woman has only been back for five years so I don’t think anyone will make the connection.”


The next day the headline in the Daily Planet read, “Superman and Ultra Woman — In A Kryptonian Life Bond.”

by: Lois Lane and Clark Kent

“In an exclusive interview, Superman and Ultra Woman revealed to your reporters that in order to quell any further speculation in response to situations such as that which happened over the Thanksgiving weekend, that they are in fact in a Kryptonian Life Bond as Bond Mates or what we would call married and they have been since Ultra Woman returned approximately five years ago.”

“They wish to spare themselves and others any further embarrassment such as that which occurred with Ms. Teri Hatcher which fueled speculation that she was Superman’s new girlfriend. Prior to the marriage of Lois Lane to Clark Kent there had been some speculation that she was Superman’s girlfriend. There had even been speculation that they had been caught in a tryst after her marriage, but that was proven to be a fabrication and …” Story continued pg A2


In California, another teen was looking at the photo spread in the Whisperer. She cut out all of the pictures of Kam-El and posted them on a bulletin board around a framed photo that her mom had been able to use her influence to get from the photographers. The one where she was kissing Kam-El, her leg in the air and her toes curled was placed in the very center. Emerson looked at the pictures, relived the moment and hoped …

In the same house, Teri Hatcher was looking at a picture of Superman with a new interest. She was thinking to herself, <He really does look like somebody I know, but who …>



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