POOF! The Magic Baby

By Paul-Gabriel Wiener <pgwfolc@netscape.net>

Rated G

Submitted January 2002

Summary: A VERY brief (less than 1 Kb) gagfic about the mysterious baby from "The Family Hour."


Lois and Clark stared at the crib that had suddenly appeared in their living room, trying to figure out where it had come from. The baby inside was wrapped in a Superman blanket, with a note saying "Lois and Clark, this is your baby."

"Kilt tipsy exam," said Clark, on a hunch.

"'Kilt tipsy exam?' Clark, are you okay?" Lois looked at her husband, concerned. Maybe the shock had really gotten to him.

"'Kilt tipsy exam,'" muttered the baby quietly, "why does that sound so familiar? Oh yeah! It sounds like Kltpsyxm!" Satisfied at having solved the mystery, the baby gurgled and giggled. Suddenly, it stopped, blinked twice, and said, "Oops!"

And POOF! went the baby, cradle and all.