A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

By SilvrBrwne@aol.com

Rated G

Submitted April 1999

Summary: A picture gives Lois a revelation.

Continued from 'Lucky Lois' by Pam Jernigan, jernigan@bellsouth.net


"Help, Superman, help!"

'Oh, great, not now,' Clark thought. He scribbled something on a piece of paper, put it on Lois's desk and ran out of the building tugging at his tie.

Lois saw this and went to read the paper.


There was something important I had to do. Don't be mad. Please meet me at my apartment after work. We have to talk. If I'm not there let yourself in with the key and make yourself at home.


Lois sat in her chair and thought about what this could be about. Since she had apologized this morning about the date mishap, she didn't know what it pertained to. Lois thought everything was going well. Her mind started to think of different things. She thought of all the dumb excuses he made up when he had to leave and that tugging on his tie as he ran away. Lois's mind wandered from one thing to the next.


Superman landed and spotted the robbers. He heated up the guns before they could shoot at anyone. Using his super speed, he got the steel rod on the corner and wrapped it around the two.

"Thanks, Superman," the woman said as she got her bags back.



Lois got to Clark's around 5 and rang the bell a few times. She got no answer, so she looked for key and let herself in. Before she walked into the house she promised herself that she would turn off reporter-mode and girlfriend-mode, since they were about the same; snoop and search, especially with the 'we need to talk' topic.


Clark figured Lois might be at his house already, so he went to pick up some Chinese food for dinner. He flew all the way to China to get the best Chinese food that he knew of.


Lois took off her coat and put it on the couch. One of the pictures caught the corner of her eye. It was Clark with Martha and Jonathan.

"Oh, my God." Lois exclaimed. "So, that's what he's been hiding. It all makes sense now. Oh, how he must feel every time I go on one of my Superman tangents. How could I have been so blind? I'm *in* love with one, love another and they are both the same person. He must have had a good reason for not telling me."

Lois went back and thought of all the excuses again and laughed. She sat on the couch, took out a double fudge crunch bar and started to open it but put it back in her bag when she heard keys in the door.

"Hey, Lois," Clark said as he walked in. "I see you found everything OK."

"Hi, Clark. Yes, I did."

"How long have you been waiting for me?"

"Oh, not long, just about 15 minutes."

Clark put the food on the kitchen table and walked over to the couch, sat down and took Lois's hand.

"Lois, I'm sorry I keep running off when we start talking about our feelings and things. I'm not afraid of intimacy or getting closer. It's something else. Lois, I … "

"I know, Clark."

"You know what?"

"Your excuse."

Clark looked bewildered as Lois loosened his tie and ripped his shirt open. Buttons flew everywhere. Lois thought the sunlight shining on the blue was absolutely beautiful. She giggled, a cute little laugh, and said, "Sorry."

"When and how did you figure it out?"

"Well, it was about 5 minutes before you came home."

Clark's jaw dropped. "What?"

Lois grasped Clark's hand and took him to the picture she had been looking at before.

"This is how I figured it out. I had suspicions but seeing this picture of you without your glasses on confirmed them. I'm just wondering, why didn't you tell me? It's not like I would have gone to every bad guy in Metropolis and told them who you were."

Clark laughed at that comment and said, "I'm sorry Lois, for not telling you. I was going to tell you tonight. I finally worked up the courage to. It's not you that I don't trust, I don't trust them. Look at all the things that have happened since you met me, Superman/ What if someone found out who I really was? They would use you like bait to get to me."

Lois smiled and said, "Clark, that happens now. I know where you're coming from, but we can work through this."

"Yes, well, that's true. I wanted to tell you before our relationship went any further."

"Well, that's good. Clark, I have something to tell you. I think you might know what it is already."

"What is it?"

"I am so *in* love with you. I have been for a while now. I have just been really scared to say it with all my past relationships and everything that has happened. I didn't want to lose you as a friend if this didn't work out."

Clark didn't know what to say. "I love you too, Lois."

They leaned in closer and kissed. It was a kiss that set off fireworks in both of them. It was wonderful.

"Wow," Lois said as the kiss ended. She was on cloud nine, as was Clark.

"Wow, is right," Clark said. "With a kiss like that, I gather you're not mad at me then."

"Clark, I'm glad that I found out now than later on. Who knows what I would have done. I seem to be known as 'Mad Dog Lane' at times."

Lois and Clark let out a laugh.

Clark got up, went over to his desk, opened a drawer and pulled out a little velvet blue box. He walked back over to Lois and got down on one knee.

"I was going to ask you tomorrow night at dinner, but this seems like as good a time as any."

Clark took a deep breath, opened the box and said, "Lois Lane, will you marry me?"

Tears started to well up in Lois's eyes. "Who's asking? Clark or Superman?"

Clark smiled and said, "*I'm* asking."

"Well, in that case, yes. Yes, I'll marry you."

They then kissed again, which again set off fireworks and sparks and *literally* swept them off their feet.


Lois and Clark were lying on the beach, sipping champagne and eating cheese and crackers, while the sun was setting in the horizon.

"Clark, I'm glad we decided to come to Hawaii to get married."

"Me, too, Lois. Although when we get back, I'm sure we're going to hear it from our parents, that they weren't here with us."

"Perry and Jimmy, too. But who cares?! We can always have a reception. It's *our* day, not anyone else's. I'm glad we decided to do it this way."

"Me, too. I wouldn't have done it any other way."

Lois grinned and got a twinkle in her eye. "The best part is that we didn't have to pay for a flight."

Clark chuckled and gave Lois one of his grins. "Lois, you're perfect — smart, funny, gorgeous, and you have a great personality."

Lois blushed and said, "Well, you're not so bad yourself."

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

Clark took the champagne glass out of Lois's hand and put it in the picnic basket. He took Lois's face in his hands and kissed her hungrily.

And with this, they began their journey through life, together.