Pros and Cons

By Cherry <>

Rated: G

Submitted: May 2005

Summary: In pondering the good and bad of Clark Kent, Lois can find lots of cons, but only one pro. But, sometimes, it's the one that makes all the difference…

Authors Note:

This is the first WAFFy fic I've written for this fandom, and I can't tell you how happy I am when it actually was received positively by the people at the boards <>. I really can't tell you how much it meant for me. It really gave me the courage to continue writing these. And, of course, a very special thank-you goes to LabRat for betaing. What would I ever do without her? Thanks and enjoy.

Disclaimer: "Lois & Clark" its characters and concepts belong to DC Comics and Warner Bros; no infringement of copyright is intended by their use in this work of fiction.


Lois moaned as she looked up from the many stacks of notes before her. She stretched, trying to ease her aching back. She had been going through the notes for hours, together with Clark, and they still had nothing to go on! It was highly frustrating, especially for her — Mad Dog Lane. And to make things worse, Clark had suddenly announced that he was hungry and had burst out of his apartment to buy takeout before she had the chance to complain.

Lois cast the window a short glance and sighed heavily. The weather was grey and gloomy. Heavy clouds loomed outside and raindrops were trickling down the window. Where would Clark go in this weather? Why did he even want to go outside in this weather?

Lois frowned. She needed a break, a short break while she thought of something else other than the case. Her poor mind felt like macaroni by now.

After some rummaging, she managed to find a blank sheet of paper and placed it before her. Gripping her pencil, she furiously began scribbling, only pausing for a few seconds at the time.

She paused, looking over the short list she had made.

'Pros and Cons:


'He runs off all the time. 'He's my best friend and if it doesn't work out our friendship might never be the same again. 'It might hurt.


Lois bit her lip. What was so good about Clark? Millions of things passed through her mind. How he looked when he smiled, how he always managed to give her coffee when she needed it…how he always managed to make her coffee exactly the way she wanted it…how he oh, how would she be able to write all that down? It would take her ages. She needed to sum it up, somehow…

She pondered for a while before writing one simple word under Pros.


There. She went through her list once again before writing one last line at the bottom.

'Pro wins.'