Passing the Torch

By Nicole Sullivan <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: February 2003

Summary: In this early Season 2 story, Lois and Clark are challenged by the remnants of Bureau 39, an old love, and a blind date.

All disclaimers apply—these characters belong to DC comics, etc. etc.


(Inside the Daily Planet, phones ring, newsboys run around, televisions buzz in the background, and America's finest city's finest newspaper is hard at work, the reporters oblivious to the world outside the building for the time being, even though it's the happenings in that world that keep them circulating)

(Lois Lane is sipping her coffee as she smiles on the telephone before hanging it up. She peeps over at her partner—God, he really is her partner; she hates herself for allowing such a travesty to occur, yet she thanks her lucky stars at the same time. She smiles and gets up, wandering over to his desk)

LOIS: Clark?

(Clark Kent looks up from his research at who he knows is the most beautiful woman in all the world—and he would know; he has been to every corner of it)

CLARK: Yeah?

LOIS: Just wondering—what are you doing this Friday?

(Clark raises his eyebrows in confusion; he isn't expecting her to ask something so non-work-related. It catches him off guard. Ever since the Daily Planet has been back in business, she has been more business-oriented, as if to maintain some sense of normality after everything that had happened a few months ago with Lex Luthor)

CLARK: Um. Friday? Nothing important, why?

LOIS: Great. I'm just gonna go ahead and make reservations at Casserta's then—


(The phone begins ringing at her desk and she holds a finger up at him as she turns and heads back to her desk to answer it. After she goes, Clark feels all the color rush from his face—it is surreal. Has Lois Lane just asked him out on a date? He has to get up and walk off the rush he is feeling, especially since Lois doesn't look like she is going to get off the phone any time soon. He is walking around the newsroom aimlessly for the second time when—)

PERRY: CLARK! Get in here!

(Clark, momentarily torn from his pleasant daydreams, heads into Perry's office. Perry looks at him—studies him actually—and then shuts the door)

PERRY: Kent, what in Sam Hill's going on with you?

CLARK: Going on with me, Chief? I'm not sure I—

PERRY: Well, I noticed about ten minutes ago you were walking around with—well—sort of a dumb smile on your face, son. And I figured if I didn't get you in here now, you'd make a fool of yourself, walk right into a wall or something. I mean, I was afraid I'd have to break out the bucket of cold water on you.

CLARK: Not necessary. Sorry, Chief, I was just thinking—

PERRY: About the Pulitzer Prize, I'm sure. Now listen, young love is a beautiful thing. I mean, Elvis and Priscilla had quite a beautiful thing too, you know. But you leave the lovin' for Graceland. You got me?

CLARK: Loud and clear, Chief.

PERRY: Now don't get me wrong, son. Elvis knew how to love, but he also knew when to work.

CLARK: Won't happen again. I promise.

PERRY: Okay.

(Clark smiles at his superior, and good friend, appreciating his stopping him from making a fool of himself. He turns to leave his office and opened the door)

PERRY: You ask her out or something finally?

CLARK: (He stops, turns and smiles, still very confused about it) I think she might have asked me out, actually.

PERRY: Well, I'll be.

(And with that Clark heads back to his desk to work, bumping into a pretty, auburn-haired young woman on his way)

CLARK: Oh, sorry, Jaime. I'm not really myself. I wasn't watching where I was going.

JAIME JONES: Oh, Clark, no, it's fine. I'm a little clumsy, so—anyway, I um, like that new suit.

CLARK: Actually, I've had this suit for a year.

JAIME: Oh. Well, you know. I'm new, and I haven't seen it yet, so to me—nice new suit.

CLARK: Thanks. Oh, uh, would you excuse me?

(He turns from the pretty, nice and newest addition to the Daily Planet's reporting team)

JAIME: Sure—

(Clark sits back down at his desk and looks at Lois. She is playing Solitaire on her computer. So far, it has been a slow workday. He is feeling it too. He is about to go find out whether they are going on an official date when—)


(Lois and Clark look at each other knowingly. That was Perry's "big story" voice, and they are only all too eager to run into his office for it. Perry shuts the door)

PERRY: Okay, this is big, really big.

LOIS: Oh, I love it already! What do we have? Intergang? A dead president—

CLARK: Lo-is!

LOIS: Well! News is news.

PERRY: No, no, none of those things. Look at this.

(He hands them a folder and Clark flips through it as Lois looks on with him)

CLARK: What's this? A government agency is tracing all Superman's activities—charting him, and— has got hold of some of Luthor's kryptonite?! What!?

LOIS: Oh my God. What do you think this means?

PERRY: I have a friend at the mayor's office. Superman fan. Appreciates our protection of the superhero, and our coverage too. I have a lot of information in that folder.

CLARK: This guy used to work for Jason Trask.

LOIS: Is Bureau 39 still operating without its leader? I thought that group died when Trask did.

PERRY: I'm not so sure. Apparently someone was enraged at his death and is obsessed with revenge. Been planning it for months.

LOIS: Oh my God. What are we dealing with?

CLARK: A bigger problem than Jason Trask for one thing.

LOIS: We have to warn Superman. If this man wants to kill him like Trask did and already has the means to do that, then we have to warn him to be careful.

CLARK: I'll tell him tonight.

(Perry and Lois look at him questioningly)

CLARK: Um, we usually have dinner at my place on Wednesdays. If we're not busy.

LOIS: You mean if he's not out saving the galaxy? You are too much, Clark Kent. You dine with Superman and have never told me this? I'm your partner. Why all this sudden secrecy—

CLARK: Well—

PERRY: Okay, okay, you can have your little love quarrels later. For now—

LOIS: Love quarrels?

PERRY: —I want my two top reporters on the biggest story of the year. If, of course, (He says this more to Clark) you think you can keep your mind on the story.

LOIS: What?

CLARK: Well, Chief, we're reporters—mind on the story, that's our only job—

(And with that, Clark ushers a still-confused-and-trying- to-get-a-word-in-edgewise Lois from Perry's office, leaving Perry White smiling at them, shaking his head)


(Clark has just finished doing a little starting research, trying to find the who behind this new resurgence of Bureau 39. He decides to walk over to Lois's desk and wait for her conversation to end. He leans on her desk as she continues on the phone)

LOIS: No, I would really rather have the table by the window that overlooks the water. Yeah, talk to Marshall then, and you get back to me. That's a table for four. Yes. Okay!

(She hangs up the phone and looks up at a now very- perplexed Clark)

CLARK: Um…four?

LOIS: Yeah. Me and my date… and you and yours.

(Clark prays that the emotions he is feeling at that moment aren't playing out on his face. He is mortified, embarrassed and devastated. But Lois catches the look on his face and silently chides herself for forgetting to clarify the intention of her plans with him earlier. Especially after the complications of a few months back when she was marrying Luthor. She and Clark have almost regained their footing and she doesn't want to ruin it in any way. Not to mention the look on Clark's face is eating away at her and she can't handle seeing him look like that)

LOIS: Um, so… have you found anything on who might be behind this?

(Clark manages a half-smile, and pulls himself from self- pity, remembering the magnitude of the story at hand)

CLARK: Not yet. I've eliminated the possibility of any of the other members of the Bureau. Now I'm gonna try to look into the history of Jason Trask personally to try to find something we're missing. Maybe some piece of his life that we haven't considered.

LOIS: I haven't found much yet, either. I just keep feeling like this whole thing is gonna be a lot worse than when we were up against Trask before.

CLARK: I know. I have the same feeling. But we'll make sure Superman isn't around. So don't worry about him.

LOIS: Well it's not just that, Clark. Last time, Trask tried to kill you too, remember?

(Clark smiles, touched at her concern)

CLARK: Vaguely.

LOIS: Clark, it's bad enough knowing that Kryptonite really exists and can hurt Superman, but this guy has it, possibly, and might, like Trask, want to get you to get to him, and Superman can't even save you if Kryptonite's involved, and before you know it, both of you are dead!

CLARK: Whoa, whoa, Lois. Don't start singing Ave Maria just yet. We're still here and we're gonna be careful. Don't worry, okay? And don't forget, you were a target to Trask too—a link to Superman, like me. So you need to be especially careful too.

LOIS: Like you need to tell me that.

(Clark gives her a look and she just smiles at him)

LOIS: I'll be careful, Clark. Nothing will happen to me.

CLARK: Not while I'm around, anyway.

(Lois just rolls her eyes at his protectiveness, but smiles too—she knows he means it. She smiles up at him)

LOIS: Go back to work.

(Clark smiles down at her, and turns from her. As soon as he gets back to his desk, he sits down, starts typing a few things on his computer and finally lets himself feel his humiliation at Lois not inviting him to dinner. Well just him anyway. He feels so stupid, so blind… and so hurt)


(Clark gets up from his desk and wanders over to Lois's. She looks up at him, frustrated)

LOIS: Clark, I have next to nothing! You know, it's times like these I think I could have made a better real estate agent than reporter. It's easy, consistent work that involves no digging!

CLARK: Lois, come on, you hate people. Well most people. Before you sold them a house, you'd be insulting them and probably wanting to slap them in the face. And you love digging. That way you find the nitty gritty, dirty little details about people and get to give them the slap in the face you think they deserve by printing it.

LOIS: Oh, Clark, you couldn't be more wrong. Anyway, what do you have for me?

CLARK: Okay. Well, most of Trask's men were jailed back when we did the story in Smallville. But the interesting thing I found about Trask is that he raised his little brother single-handedly. Took care of him, nurtured him— he essentially WAS his mother, father, sister, brother, best friend. And when Trask died he left him everything— except he didn't have anything material to give. He had no money or estate. But there was a will, and there was something for his brother in it.

LOIS: Maybe a promise to finish what he couldn't in case he went to jail or—

CLARK: —died trying to do it.

LOIS: Well I dug a little deeper into the history of Bureau 39. Apparently it wasn't JUST focused on Superman and his elimination like we thought it was. Apparently, it was a covert operation that linked news with crime.

CLARK: News and crime?

LOIS: I know, it sounds weird.

CLARK: Linked how?

LOIS: Well apparently they used it to organize crime, an offspring group being what we now know as the wonderful and ever-present Intergang who no longer wanted to be run by anyone else. Anyway, they would have men placed in different papers, to get the stories that would expose their crimes.

CLARK: Why would they want—

LOIS: To expose their crimes? I don't know yet. Publicity? To teach someone a lesson? And this is all speculation. But I feel like there's something to it. And I guess when Trask took over, Superman had already made an appearance in Metropolis and that became the new focus of the Bureau—

CLARK: And its downfall as well.

LOIS: Or so we thought.

CLARK: Well, let's get to work on this.

(He smiles and turns to walk toward his desk)

LOIS: Clark?

(He stops and turns to look at Lois)

CLARK: Yeah—

LOIS: Um, I hope that I didn't make it unclear about Friday—

CLARK: Oh, no. Not unclear. At all.

LOIS: Well good.

(Clark takes an uncomfortable breath)

CLARK: So, who's the guy?

LOIS: Actually, that's why I wanted you to go. I haven't actually met him.

CLARK: Lo-is! You're going on a blind date?

LOIS: With a pen pal.

CLARK: You're kidding right?

LOIS: Not at all. Well—I was thinking. I need to get back on the horse. Every guy I've ever dated has turned out to be a federal disaster, climaxing in my beautiful Spring wedding that I'd rather not talk about, and all those relationships were with men who I knew and put through an extensive face-to-face screening process. Or so I thought—but I've never tried THIS.

CLARK: And for good reason. It's crazy. Do I need to remind you that you attract danger? And now you're going out with a total and complete stranger. Who'll probably, knowing your luck, turn out to be an escaped convict.

LOIS: Thank you, Big Brother. And I don't know what you're all worried about. You're going too. So it won't be dangerous, and you can help me think of an excuse to leave if I need to. And he's not a total stranger. We've exchanged letters.

(Clark gave her a wary look)

LOIS: What!? Okay, he reads my work. He really enjoys it. Actually he worships it. That's how we started corresponding.

(Clark lifts his eyebrows, now amused. She throws a pencil at him, making him give a little chuckle out loud before heading back to his desk, leaving Lois smiling at him).


(The workday is winding down, and the hassle of the paper, bustle of the newsboys and Perry's adamant demands on his employees has become the quiet buzz of a few remaining workers putting finishing touches on their day—namely, Lois Lane and Clark Kent. Clark looks up from his desk as he sees Jaime Jones getting ready to leave. On a whim, he springs up and runs to the elevator to stop her for a moment)

CLARK: Jaime—

JAIME: Hi, Clark! Wow, don't you ever stop? You and Lois are the best reporters on this paper with good reason, I guess.

CLARK: Ha, yeah, well we're getting ready to leave actually. But that's not why I'm… I mean… Okay, Jaime, would you like to go out with me Friday night?

(Jaime's face lights up, and she tries to hide the obvious joy she is feeling)

JAIME: Wow, Clark, that would be really great! Sure.

CLARK: I don't want to be unclear. It's a double date with Lois and a… friend of hers. Sort of.

JAIME: Oh, okay. That sounds like fun.

(She pulls out a reporter's pad and writes something down. She hands it to Clark)

JAIME: Well, here's my phone number. Just call me and let me know the details when you get a chance.

(She gets in the elevator, and Clark looks at the number. Below it is drawn a heart with her name. Clark tries to say something as the elevator door closed)

CLARK: Okay, then. I'll call you!

(He was talking to the closed doors)


LOIS: Okay, you ready to leave yet?

(Clark looks up from what he is doing, frustrated)

CLARK: Yeah, I guess. I've been at the same dead end for a half hour.

LOIS: Same here. Don't you have to rush home anyway for dinner with Superman?

(Clark gives a small laugh)

CLARK: Lois, you sound jealous.

LOIS: I am not jealous! So Superman claims to enjoy spending time with me. And so do you, come to think of it. But you guys don't include me in this weekly ritual, plus, why doesn't he eat with ME once a week!? Am I not fun? Don't I have anything to offer to the conversation? I have a lot to say!

CLARK: I know.

(She notices that eyebrow-raised, amused look Clark always has when she goes off like this)

LOIS: Okay, okay, maybe a little.

CLARK: A little…

LOIS: Jealous! A LITTLE jealous, okay? Anyway, do you know what you're going to do about Friday?

(Clark stands up, and they start walking toward the elevator to leave)

CLARK: Yeah. I'll meet you at Casserta's with Jaime.

LOIS: Jaime…

CLARK: Jones. The new—

LOIS: Jaime Jones!? Are you joking? That little—

CLARK: What, Lois, what could you possibly have found wrong with her in the week she's been working here? She is hardworking, talented… could it be that she's pretty? Does that bother you?

LOIS: I have no problem with working with pretty people! That's fine! But she's so young!

CLARK: She's twenty-six, Lois.

LOIS: You're practically robbing the cradle, Clark!

CLARK: Hardly. Are you a "little jealous" again?

(They step in the elevator and turn toward the doors, Lois irritated now)

LOIS: Ha! I don't think so! Nice try, though. Real nice try.

(And the elevator doors shut, concealing them, and quieting the newsroom for the night)


(Clark is boiling water with his heat vision, while talking to his mom and dad on the phone)

MARTHA: That creep who died on the farm is back?

CLARK: No, Mom, he's dead. It just doesn't look like his work is over.

MARTHA: You were so sick when you got near that Kryptonite. Let's just say I'm not resting easy from this moment on, now that I know that some other creep is trying to kill you.

JONATHAN: Why are people always trying to kill you? All you do is help everyone.

CLARK: This Bureau thinks I'm a threat to the human race. And the first in a line of many aliens from my planet to come. They think I'm the beginning of an alien invasion and, if they can kill me, they might ward off the others.

JONATHAN: But that's just not true.

CLARK: And most humans know that and want me around. These people… well, they want to eliminate me.

MARTHA: Honey, just be careful. I think Superman should lie low for awhile, don't you?

CLARK: That's my plan, mom. No Superman. Just Clark. And hopefully no one will want to kill me.

JONATHAN: But last time that monster Trask tried to kill YOU to get to Superman.

CLARK: I just hope that he never got the chance to tell his protege about the link he believed Lois and I have to Superman. He targeted us right away when he first surfaced.

MARTHA: And they definitely have Kryptonite?

CLARK: Nothing in this case is definite yet. There's a lot of speculation going around.

MARTHA: Well, hopefully that's all it is. Anyway, I don't want to talk about this anymore. How's Lois?

CLARK: Good. We're going out this Friday night socially.

MARTHA: Oh Clark! That's wonderful!

CLARK: If you think wonderful is our going out with other people TOGETHER. Yes, Mom, we're double dating and each bringing someone else. Her idea. I assumed she wanted to ask me out on a date and I even told Perry that. Now… well, now I'm sitting here embarrassed.

MARTHA: Oh, honey, don't be embarrassed. I'm sure it's NO mystery to Perry White that that's what you would like to happen—her asking you out.

CLARK: Probably not. Well I'm taking out this new girl who's pretty nice.

(There is a knock at the door, and Clark x-rays it to see a very edgy Lois at the door)

CLARK: Gotta go, it's Lois.

MARTHA: Bye, honey, be careful.

CLARK: I will.

JONATHAN: Bye, son.

CLARK: Bye, Dad.

(They hang up, and Clark walks up the stairs and opens the door)

LOIS: I'm here for dinner, Clark, where is he?

CLARK: Where is who?

LOIS: Oh, don't play stupid with me, you know who.

CLARK: He's gone. Yeah, left just a little while ago.

(Lois notices the boiling pasta and looks at Clark skeptically)

CLARK: Seriously. He couldn't have dinner tonight. It's just me now.

(Lois looks disappointed)


CLARK: Thanks.

LOIS: Well, did you warn him?

CLARK: Yup. He's gonna be lying low for awhile. No Superman. He's gonna try to go somewhere where he can't hear cries for help so he is not tempted into any traps. Meaning you should stay out of trouble as well. You can't depend on him too much these days.

LOIS: Like I need you to tell me that. Well I'm glad that's taken care of. So, what's for dinner?

CLARK: You mean you're gonna stay? Even though—

(Lois smiles at Clark)

LOIS: Clark, I said I was here for dinner, didn't I?

CLARK: Well, yes you did. Um, I made macaroni and marinara sauce.

LOIS: Sounds good. So Superman's not here, what about your new girlfriend?

CLARK: Are you gonna just pump me with questions all night, Lois?

LOIS: Okay, okay. Sorry. No questions. Smells good.

CLARK: It should be ready in just a minute.

(Lois notices that Clark is still wearing his work clothes—he had his suit pants on, his shirt tucked in with a few buttons at the collar open, his sleeves rolled up. No tie. No coat)

LOIS: Clark, don't you ever change out of your work clothes?

CLARK: Yeah, I probably should. Especially before eating red sauce. Be right back. Think you can keep an eye on this and not burn my apartment down?

LOIS: Ha ha. Go.

(Clark goes into his room and shuts the door. Lois walks over to the boiling pasta and looks around for something to stir it with. She finds a plastic spoon and starts stirring it, realizing that this is a very foreign action to her. She simply can not cook and looks weird trying to. After a few stirs around, she rests the spoon in the water, walks to his cabinet and removes two plates. She thinks it is so cute that Clark knows how to cook, and she has to admit—the man is pretty good at it. Just then, Clark returns to the living room wearing gray sweatpants and a navy blue tee shirt that wasn't tight really, but showed his nice body nonetheless. Lois loves seeing him in his laid-back gear—not to mention, he always looks so good like that. Clark is walking toward the kitchen when he stops)

LOIS: What?

CLARK: I smell something burning. Lois!

(He runs to the stove and pulls out the spoon. She makes a defeated and apologetic face, looking embarrassed. He laughs)

CLARK: You know, I was just joking before about burning my apartment down, not challenging you.

LOIS: Oh! Is it ruined?

CLARK: I think I saved it just in time.

LOIS: Well, then, let's eat. I'm hungry.

(Clark just laughs and shakes his head at his partner. She can be so… so Lois sometimes)


(Lois and Clark are sitting on the couch, having just finished eating dinner)

LOIS: So, you said no work talk during dinner, but what about now?

CLARK: My farm stories not holding your interest?

LOIS: Not quite. So you're holding out on me. Now spill.

(Clark laughs)

CLARK: Okay. Well, I was doing some thinking on the way home. Trask's brother— I can't help feeling that he's the man behind this sudden reemergence of the Bureau.

LOIS: Well, he was already our main suspect.

CLARK: I did some more digging when I got home and found out his name—Clive Trask. He is about thirty-two years old. He was working at a newspaper outside of the city for awhile under the name of Clyde Ratsk.

LOIS: Okay, changing his first name a little and the order of the letters of the last name, very clever. But, Clark, I've seen this guy's writing. He writes in The Flyer, right? He always seemed like a good, genuine writer.

CLARK: Think about it, Lois. You said that when the Bureau started, news worked hand in hand with crime. Either he's starting that part up again, or maybe—

LOIS: He's been on the inside the whole time, under his brother's orders. Okay, this is good, Clark. Really good. Anything else?

CLARK: Not yet.

LOIS: But you really think it's his brother for sure?

CLARK: That's what my instincts are telling me. Trask's group was arrested, first of all, and, second of all, the ones who might not have been arrested weren't obsessed with Superman but they ARE afraid of the authorities now that Trask's dead and the others are in jail. I don't think they'd act now. It just isn't logical.

LOIS: Clark, we're dealing with killers. Logic isn't an option with them.

CLARK: I know, but still. Anyway, I ran some other variations of names that Clive Trask may have been writing under. I'm doing a search on all the names, but there are a lot, so it may take awhile. I made you a copy though—

(he hands her a stack of papers)

LOIS: Why thank you. Well this looks like fun. There go my plans for the evening.

(Clark shoots her a look—he knew better)

LOIS: Ha ha, fine I didn't have any plans for the evening except to work. But there's no saying I wouldn't have FOUND something else to do.

(Clark gives a little chuckle)

CLARK: Sure, Lois. Anyway, I figured you'd better look at the names closely, too. You've been around Metropolis news longer than I have; a name may stand out to you.

LOIS: Do you really think he'd just keep rearranging the letters of his name? People are bound to catch on to that.

CLARK: I know. I'm guessing that he only did it a couple of times.

LOIS: Okay, I'm gonna get right on this.

(Lois starts heading toward the door)

CLARK: Also, take this before you leave.

(She watches him grab a Tupperware full of leftovers from the fridge)

LOIS: A doggy bag? Clark…

CLARK: No, Lois, I insist. Besides, I noticed you seemed to really like it.

LOIS: Did my third helping give that away?

CLARK: Your fourth actually.

(Lois grabs the food from Clark, puts the papers in her bag and starts up the stairs)

LOIS: Thanks for dinner. It was great.

CLARK: And we surprisingly didn't talk about work too much.

LOIS: I know! See? I can be laid back, calm, relaxed.

CLARK: I know. Shocker.

LOIS: Okay, well, I'll call you if I think of any connections here. If not, I will see you tomorrow.

CLARK: Tomorrow. Bye Lois.

(Lois gives a quick smile, opens the door and is out of there)


(The next morning, Clark approaches Lois's desk and gives her a cup of coffee as he talks)

CLARK: Well, I didn't notice any connections when I ran the first half of the list.

(What he doesn't tell her is that the reason is that he couldn't get to the list—Superman was on duty until almost 6am—undercover, anyway. Clark was actually doing all the Superhero's work from inconspicuous places—putting out fires from afar, flying bombs out of buildings at superspeed, cloaked in all black— not that anyone would see, as he would throw the bomb into orbit and not return to the scene. Working as Superman but dressed more like Clark was a lot more tiring and time consuming than just working as Superman regularly. But he knew he couldn't take any chances.)

LOIS: Nothing stood out to me, either.

CLARK: Well, we'll keep digging. In the meantime, try to find out more about the news and crime thing.

LOIS: Will do. So you're still set for tonight, right?

CLARK: Wouldn't miss it for the world.

LOIS: Good. Reservations are for seven. You cannot be late!

CLARK: Oh, don't worry. I don't plan to be.

LOIS: And wipe that smug look off your face. I know you think this is gonna be a laugh a minute, but I am warning you, Farm Boy, you embarrass me, I embarrass you.

(She hasn't called him any Smallville-related insulting nicknames since he first came to town really, and the playful name is both welcoming and cutely annoying to him at the moment)

CLARK: Lois, you have nothing on me. And, anyway, even if you tried to embarrass me, it wouldn't matter. I'm just going as a favor to you. I have no personal stake in this date tonight.

LOIS: Clark, I have PLENTY on you.

(Clark just nods at her encouragingly, smirking to himself, and goes back to his desk)

(A few hours later, Clark is still coming up to more dead ends. Lois approaches his desk)

LOIS: Well, I put the list away finally. I mean, the names are looking vaguely familiar, but there's something not registering. I think I need to stop looking at it for a little while. I have looked at too many combinations of the name Trask for comfort, along with a bunch of Clive- like combinations.

CLARK: I know what you mean. I'm not finding anything. Just throwing around some theories.

LOIS: Such as?

CLARK: The news and crime link—Trask was alone in his hatred for Superman. I mean, he had the Bureau, but other than that, he was pretty much alone. But think about it— if he could get his message out through the mass media, Superman really might have been looked at in the light Trask had put him in.

LOIS: You think they wanted their views to be represented and even glorified by someone working on a major newspaper so that what they were doing would be looked at patriotically, honorably and wouldn't be—

CLARK: Illegal. The covert organization would no longer be scandalous, but heroic.

LOIS: Any other theories?

CLARK: None that make as much sense as this one.

LOIS: I have to agree—that theory has a lot to it. I need to think about this list thing. I feel like the answer is staring me in the face going "duh, Lois!" and I just can't see it.

CLARK: Well, it's almost time to leave anyway. Maybe fresh eyes tomorrow will help. No use straining your eyes anymore.

LOIS: True. Okay, I'm going home to get ready. Remember, Casserta's at—

CLARK: Seven-thirty, I know. Go!

(Lois heads into the elevator as Clark starts wrapping up his own work. Perry is walking toward Clark's desk)

PERRY: So the big date's tonight?

CLARK: Not really, Chief. See, she actually didn't ask me out, but asked me to chaperone.

PERRY: (wincing) Ow.

CLARK: Yeah.

(Perry walks away shaking his head. He doesn't know how many times he will ask himself when that girl will get a clue)


(Clark walks into Casserta's with Jaime on his arm. She looks really beautiful, he has to admit. She is wearing a simple, black dress, her mid-back length auburn hair flowing with a few ringlets in it. Clark looks—well, he looks like he has just left a GQ photo shoot—he is wearing a deep gray suit and a collar shirt, but without a tie for once, which is different and a nice touch. When Lois sees him approaching the table, her breath actually catches in her throat, although she won't admit he is the reason. But he looks unbelievable tonight. Lois sits at the table alone in her black dress)

CLARK: Well, I'm not late. Where's your date?

LOIS: You're early actually. It's not yet seven. He's not here yet.

CLARK: Uh huh.

LOIS: Oh stop, he's not gonna stand me up. Remember, he—

CLARK: Worships you, I know.

(Lois rolls her eyes at his finding this most stressful situation for her humorous)

CLARK: Jaime, this is Lois; Lois, Jaime.

JAIME: I've seen you in the newsroom (she is sliding into the seat, next to Lois), but never had the chance to meet you. It's such a pleasure to finally shake the hand of Metropolis's best reporter.

(Lois blushes and Clark rolls his eyes)

CLARK: Another worshipper, Lois.

JAIME: —and the other half of Metropolis's best reporting team.

(Lois just shakes her head at Clark)

LOIS: Well, thank you, Jaime. That's… very nice. So… you're… new. That must be interesting…

JADE: Lois Lane?

(Lois, an eager and curious Clark, and Jaime all looked up and much to Lois's relief and Clark's dismay, a fairly handsome and definitely normal-looking man stood before them)

LOIS: Jade?

JADE: That's me. Wow, it's great to meet you. And Clark Kent! Wow. The whole team.

LOIS: Jade, yes this is my partner and good friend Clark, who you obviously recognize, so I should just move on from introducing HIM to you and stop rambling—

(Clark nudges Lois)

LOIS: This is Jaime Jones, a new addition to the Daily Planet.

JAIME: I'm Clark's date for the evening.

(Jaime beams and puts her arm through Clark's, squeezing it a little. Lois looks at her, confused)

(They all sit, now acquainted, and order their meals from the waiter)

CLARK: So, Jade, what do you do?

JADE: I am a photographer.

JAIME: Oh I love photography! I took it all through college!

JADE: Oh, I love it too. Obviously. I think the Planet has a great photo editor. The pictures in your paper are always right on. Good use of F-Stops. Light apertures opened just enough to capture the mood…

LOIS: Eddy. Yeah, he's a real whiz at… all that.

(Lois ignores but does not miss the look on Clark's face— like he is trying to sustain building laughter and biting his tongue hard to do so)

LOIS: So, Jade, do you have a photography specialty? Weddings? Family portraits?

JADE: Nudes.

(Lois nearly chokes on her wine, as Clark now has to really start counting in his head or something—anything not to laugh at that moment)

LOIS: Um, nudes?

JADE: Yup. I take pictures of naked people. I'm actually renowned for them. You may have seen my work in Expose.

JAIME: Wow! That's like the king of all Tabloid magazines!

CLARK: You've definitely got that right.

(Lois noticed that Jaime is sliding her hand under the table. Lois tries nonchalantly to see where her hand has gone and realizes after moving her head a little closer to Jade's that Jaime is resting her hand on Clark's thigh. Lois doesn't know why, but it causes her whole stomach to start flipping out, and as quickly as she'd managed to look, she looks away)

LOIS: No, um, I don't think I've seen your work. I'll have to check it out sometime.

JADE: People think that nudist pictures are so erotic and taboo or something, but really, it's art. In the middle ages, there was no dispute to that.

LOIS: (under her breath) Paintings are tasteful.

JADE: What?

LOIS: Um, I hope the food will taste good.

(Clark lets out a very very… at least he hopes… small laugh while Lois rolls her eyes a little at him. Really, he can be so exasperating)

JADE: Actually, Lois, I was hoping you might consider posing for me.

(This time Lois spits her wine right out, and it hits Clark, who is prevented from having a good laugh by mere disgust and confusion as to why he is now wearing her wine)

CLARK: Thanks, Lois.

LOIS: (to Jade) I don't think so. But… thanks anyway?

JADE: Figured I'd ask.

JAIME: Clark, I love this song so much. Would you dance with me?

CLARK: Sure.

LOIS: He will in just a second. I, uh, just thought of a major breakthrough in our story.

(Clark scoots out of the booth, followed by Jaime and then Lois. Lois pulls Clark out of earshot)

LOIS: You can't leave me with this guy alone, Clark.

CLARK: Lois, I'll be right on the dance floor. I'll keep an eye on you the whole time, I promise.

LOIS: Oh no you won't. I see the way she's been pawing at you. You'll be too busy reminding yourself that this is just a favor to me.

CLARK: Well it is.

LOIS: Well I don't see you pushing her hand off your thigh.

CLARK: Lois, you're getting a "little jealous" again, I think.

LOIS: You think wrong.

CLARK: I'll keep an eye on you, just like I said I would, okay?

LOIS: Fine!

(Clark gives Lois a playful yet reassuring smile and takes Jaime's hand, taking her to the dance floor. Jade talks to Lois about stories she has written that he loved or "worshipped" rather, and she listens politely, but half- heartedly.

She does not know why her head keeps whipping back around to face the dance floor. Every time she looks at the dance floor, Clark nods at her, as if silently reminding her that he is keeping an eye on her. It gives her a comforting feeling, and she realizes that Clark's gaze often makes her feel that way. Whether they were close up or far away, like now, he would look at her in a way that would make her know that he was watching out for her… always. Lois smiles at his gentle ways that had wormed their way into her life—she knows he was genuine and not after anything from her.

At first, she was wary of his wanting something from her, but she almost immediately learned that that simply was not how Clark Kent worked. Selfish, no. Selfless, most definitely. And she loves working with him, hearing his intelligence and wit bring life to their stories, and she knows he values her opinions and intelligence greatly.

She wonders why, on a date with another man, she is wasting her time thinking about her partner who she sees everyday. Then she remembers that she is on a date with a man who has just beat the standing record of letting Lois know that he wanted to see her naked so quickly. Within the first twenty minutes of their date! He actually beat her old record into the ground. Photography, she thought, that was rich!)

JADE: And that story about that gang, The Toasters, was so well-written.

LOIS: Actually, Clark and I both wrote that.

(Lois smiles and looks over at Clark, who looks at her, as if he knows she has just turned her head, and he smiles again. She thinks about that time they were undercover when they were learning about The Toasters. She was so infuriated with him during that story! He had kissed that woman! And blown her cover!… and thrown her in a dumpster… she had always managed to forget that, but made evil eyes now upon remembering that part. But he was just being a loyal partner and here he was, a year later. Still a loyal partner and friend, watching out for her. She looks back at the dance floor just in time to see Jaime grab Clark's face and pull him into a kiss)

JADE: What's wrong?

(Lois shuts her eyes in disbelief, then looks back at Jade and forces a small, and pretty pathetic, smile)

LOIS: I don't know! I feel sick. My stomach is being so weird tonight.

(On the dance floor, as soon as the kiss starts, Clark ends it)

CLARK: What was that for?

JAIME: I like you, Clark.

CLARK: I'm sorry, Jaime. I didn't mean to be unclear, but really, I just wanted to go out with you tonight to get to know you… and be your friend.

JAIME: My friend.

(She tries to wipe the hurt expression off her face and shrugs)

JAIME: Okay. Sure. Sorry… for that.

CLARK: It's fine, Jaime. Uh, let's head back to the table.

(Clark really hopes Lois hadn't looked when Jaime had kissed him… he fears her wrath—she'd accuse him of mixing business with pleasure. He knows, as soon as they are back, that Lois saw. She is giving him a look to kill, and he feels like a schoolboy in the principal's office all of a sudden)

(The rest of the meal goes by awkwardly. Every time Jade tries to suggest again that Lois reconsider his offer for her to pose for nude pictures because she was such a "photogenic babe", Lois looks at Clark, who tries not to laugh, and say…)

LOIS: Bite it, Kent.

(And Clark knows, with Lois resorting to calling him "Kent", he is in trouble with her..)


(The next day at work, Lois walks in looking very tired. She hasn't slept much. She was up half the night trying to figure out why it would bother her that Jaime Jones had kissed Clark. It was CLARK! Not Superman, after all, she told herself, and she had no idea what to think of her apparent insanity. But it is still there—something inexplicable is gnawing away at her deep down, making her near nauseous, and she can't stop replaying that image of them kissing in her head. As she walks by Clark's desk, still lost in a reverie, she knocks herself in the temple with her palm to knock the image out)

CLARK: You look waterlogged (he walks in stride with her to her own desk)

LOIS: Oh, hi.

CLARK: You look tired.

LOIS: I was trying to crack the stupid case last night.

CLARK: Me too. Nothing. I feel like the answer is close to home, though. I mean, last time it was.

LOIS: You mean like Smallville, home?

CLARK: Not necessarily. I just feel like it has something to do with us. Or indirectly with us anyway.

LOIS: I feel that way too. So… at least YOUR date went well.

CLARK: Not really. I tried to make it clear to Jaime that I didn't ask her out because I liked her.

LOIS: You have an odd way of showing that.

(Clark takes a deep breath as Lois turns harshly from him, slamming herself down into her seat and throwing her pocketbook to the ground in the process, indicating she is mad but doesn't want to talk about it with him as it will only annoy her more)

CLARK: Your date wasn't a total bust.

LOIS: Clark, I've never had a guy request to see me naked so quickly in my life. And you've SEEN my track record! Federal disasters!

CLARK: Well, yeah, there was that part. But he was just extending you a professional courtesy… in his mind anyway.

LOIS: Sort of like what you were doing for me. Kissing Jaime as a professional courtesy to me. Or a friendly favor, rather.

CLARK: Lo-is! Come on. You know that's not true.

LOIS: I don't have time to meddle in your love life right now, Clark. And I don't want to talk about Jade.

CLARK: All I'm saying is he was a nice enough guy actually, and he WASN'T a federal disaster. Admit that much.

(Lois makes a grudging face and slumps back in her chair, only to bolt up in her chair immediately, her eyes wide with revelation)

LOIS: That's it, Clark!

CLARK: (timidly) What is?

(Lois grabs the list from her desk drawer and pointed to a last name—"Krast"—she then opens up a file in her computer—an article in an edition of the Daily Planet from four years ago with a byline by Claude Krast)

CLARK: What am I looking at?

LOIS: Claude! That rat.

(Clark thought for a minute, and began to see where she was going with this)

CLARK: Claude, the man you broke all your rules with?

LOIS: You're a good listener, Clark. Yeah, him.

CLARK: Claude Krast. Investigative Reporter for the Daily Planet.

LOIS: I… sle… I… oh, and with Jason Trask's kid brother!? Oh my god. I think I'm gonna be sick.

(Clark puts his hand on Lois's back)

CLARK: You okay?

(As mad as Lois wants to be with Clark, she knows he always makes her feel better in stressful situations… like now. But she doesn't let that make her be nice to him!)

LOIS: Yeah, Clark, great. Let's go celebrate the breakthrough!

CLARK: I didn't say great… just… okay.

LOIS: You know, I hold the torch when it comes to attracting federal disasters! I swear, they just FLOCK to me! It's quite stressful, you have no idea! I mean, and Claude… he was just a bad memory that I learned from and moved on from, and here he is… the brother of a monster and probably an even bigger monster himself! I mean what could be worse? Lex coming back from the dead!?

CLARK: Come on, Lois, you know that can't happen.

LOIS: Have you MET me!?

CLARK: Lois, I know you probably don't want to do this, but what was the story he stole from you about?

(Lois sighs and maximizes the screen on her computer with that case in front of them. The headline reads "CRIME IN METROPOLIS: UNVEILED". Clark speed-reads the case and takes a breath)

CLARK: Crime glorified. (Then, as an afterthought—) That's a story YOU originally wrote?

LOIS: No, of course not. I had a lot of notes, interview quotes, anecdotes… well, you know… but he took my evidence and put a completely different and pretty controversial spin on the story, making crime look pretty damn decent.

CLARK: Look at the date on that headline—that was around the time Intergang separated from Bureau 39…

LOIS: Having got all they wanted from the Bureau. That was also around the time organized crime was starting to get a little out of control. Authorities were ignoring it more and more, probably because, based on an article like this, it looked like something that was helping everyone. It looked…

CLARK: Patriotic. Heroic.

LOIS: Not so illegal. And then Superman came…

CLARK: And crime was again viewed as bad and justice prevailed, which dominated newspapers…

LOIS: And the Bureau didn't like that none too much. Oh! (She puts her head in her hands) How could I have been so stupid!? And how did I not make this connection sooner?

CLARK: Well, Lois, we made the connection now. We can get him, put him behind bars where he belongs, and you can really forget about him. When you… spent time with him… (Lois shuddered at this and Clark put a reassuring hand on her back again)… do you remember him talking about a hideout? A place he would go… another home?

LOIS: No, but when I was at his home, I noticed some strange things—a book case that had all fake books on it.

CLARK: Maybe a trap door?

LOIS: I guess. But leading to what?

CLARK: I don't know.

LOIS: Ugh, let's go.

(Lois gets up, dragging her feet to the elevator, wanting to crawl up and hide, rather than elaborate any more on such a humiliating experience to Clark)


CLARK: Doesn't look like anyone's home.

(Lois looks over to Claude's mailbox… overflowing with months' worth of mail)

LOIS: Or been home for awhile.

(They budge at the door for a few moments, then Clark pretends to put all his strength into opening the door, and it finally opens)

LOIS: How did…

CLARK: Old door, I guess.

(Lois just gives the thick oak wood door a quick, confused once-over, seeing some of its hinges now broken, shakes her head and walks inside with Clark right behind)

LOIS: It was in here…

(She leads Clark into a living room. She stops, looks around, remembering how Claude had said such nice things to her in that room… Clark touches the small of her back and she smiles sadly up at him as he reassures her with that comforting gaze she's seen so many times before… and last night from the dance floor as he kept his promise to her.

He walks over to the bookcase and very quickly locates the loose book that opened the trap door. The book case opens, revealing a pool area. Clark takes a deep breath)

CLARK: Maybe we were wrong.


(Lois and Clark turns to see Clive/(Claude) facing them)

CLIVE: Lois, my darling! Long time, no see!

LOIS: I don't think we've met… see the man I knew a long time ago was Claude Krast, and I seem to be face-to-face with Clive Trask.

(By this time, Clark had slowly made his way back to stand next to Lois. Claude clapped his hands at Lois)

CLIVE: Always such a good investigative reporter, Lois! I always said with your instincts, you should have been a detective! Didn't I? And this is the other half of the famous dynamic duo! Clark Kent!

CLARK: Why are you doing this, Clive?

CLIVE: Reporter stardom like you guys, why else?

CLARK: Really.

CLIVE: Revenge!

LOIS: For what? You have to know that Jason was mad. He was crazy, Clau-Clive.

(Going off the deep end hearing his brother being called crazy, Clive pulls out two handguns from two different pockets and points both at the unsuspecting reporters. Clark instinctively takes a step in front of Lois)

CLARK: Clive, don't make the same mistake your brother did. We're not your enemies. You're seeing enemies where they are not.

(Lois smiles, despite the situation, at Clark's practically quoting her article from the last Trask adventure)

CLIVE: I don't see you guys as enemies.

LOIS: Then put your gun down!

CLIVE: I see The Dynamic Duo! I want the third party to this group now.

LOIS: What are you talking about?

CLIVE: Superman! You bring him to me! Call for him, now!


(Clive starts to walk toward them, and Clark feels funny… he knows that feeling. He really has stolen Luthor's Kryptonite, Clark thinks. He begins to falter as the man points the gun at him and raises it, quickly and swiftly hitting Clark in the head with the back of the gun. Lois screamed as Clark slumped to the ground)

LOIS: Clark!

(Clive still has a gun pointed at Lois as he drags Clark into the pool area behind the bookcase. Lois follows her lifeless partner into the room, falling to her knees beside him once Trask lets him go. Clark is just coming to as Clive walks out of the room, pointing the gun at Lois to warn her against trying to escape—as if she'd leave Clark there anyway. Clive closes the door, trapping them inside)

LOIS: Clark? Are you okay?

(His forehead is bleeding quite a bit, but he is getting better now that Clive and the Kryptonite are gone)

CLARK: (wincing a little) I'm okay. Are you?

LOIS: You're always making sure I'm okay, even after you're knocked completely unconscious by a madman.

CLARK: Well are you?

LOIS: I'm fine, Clark.

(Clark sits up and takes off his coat and tie, as he isn't sure how long they'll be in there and he is sweating from the pain. Lois looks closely at the wound on his head… it looks bad, but he is being brave… as always).

CLARK: It's okay, Lois. I'm okay.

(Clark notices Lois is starting to cry a little)

CLARK: Lois? What's wrong?

LOIS: Oh, Clark, I'm sorry.

CLARK: For what?

LOIS: For everything! For getting mad at you last night, for using you for my own personal needs. I forget how much you mean to me until things like this happen and I realize—

CLARK: (hopeful) You realize… what?

LOIS: How much you mean to me. Clark, you're my best friend. You always look out for me. You're probably the nicest, most genuine and decent man I have ever met.

(Clark is holding part of his tie up to his head, to stop the bleeding)

CLARK: You're pretty terrific yourself, Lois.

LOIS: I am?

CLARK: Yes… you are. I know you've had a lot of federal disasters, Lois, but don't think even for a second, that you're not worthy of being…

LOIS: Being?

CLARK: Loved. Really loved. By a true non-federal disaster.

LOIS: All these relationships I find myself in—they just make me feel so cheap and used. And I hate to think that you know about them and might…

CLARK: Think of you that way too?

(Lois, holding back more tears, nods)

CLARK: Lois, I would never think of you as anything but intelligent, witty, nice, beautiful and brave. Along with a long list of other things, Lois, you are all those things to me, and I never think bad things about you. Even when you're mean to me.

(Lois lets out a little laugh)

LOIS: (jokingly) So you and Superman don't ever compare notes about me and my track record for laughs over your dinners?

CLARK: What? Lois, honestly, I would never say anything hurtful about you to anyone. Simply because I don't think like that about you. Ever. Is that why you were so… a "little jealous"… about our having dinner? You thought you were being talked badly about.

LOIS: No. I knew that wasn't the case. I really was just "a little jealous".

CLARK: You know what I did when I walked Jaime home last night?

LOIS: Do I want to know?

CLARK: (winces in pain, and Lois holds the tie in place for him so he can rest his arm) I talked about you. How wonderful you are to work with, hang out with—and how lucky I am to have such a great friend. For my best friend.

LOIS: Oh, Clark! (She is crying now and pulls him into a hug) Thank you.

(She shuts her eyes, remembering that the last time they dealt with Jason Trask, he had tried to kill Clark to get to Superman. She held him just a little tighter, fearing what might happen next. Finally she pulls away from him)

CLARK: So, wanna go for a swim?

LOIS: Ha! You couldn't get me in that water if you paid me!


(A few hours later, Lois and Clark were sitting, facing each other, on the floor, talking)

LOIS: I'm curious, Clark. Have you had any federal disasters in your life?

CLARK: Not really. But that's only because I've really only had one serious girlfriend and she was pretty great.

LOIS: Who was she?

CLARK: Lana Lang. We were high school sweethearts. I definitely wouldn't put her under the category of federal disaster.

LOIS: No, you wouldn't have any federal disasters—you're a nice guy, so you get all the good ones.

CLARK: Lois, you're nice too, but you just attract danger. Plain and simple. And Claude, Lex Luthor—they are just dangerous men who found you very attractive—and, believe it or not, Lois, nice guys find you attractive too. If we think about all this evidence we could figure out what's really going on here.

LOIS: So what you're saying is that I choose the federal disasters.

CLARK: No. You don't let the nice guys in. Maybe you're afraid.

LOIS: (sighs) Oh, you're probably right. I bet the right guy is just staring me in the face going "duh, Lois", and I'm just missing it completely! Like looking for the name in this case!

(She looks at Clark, who is looking down)

LOIS: Well, it's just like this case. When I finally get the nerve up to not go after only the federal disasters I attract, it'll be too late. The nice guy will be gone.

CLARK: Lois, it took us a few days, but you figured out who was behind all this, and it's not too late. We'll still put him in jail, and you can put him behind you. And if your love life IS like this case, that's good, right? Because you WEREN'T too late with this. And I think any guy would wait for you—he wouldn't be gone when you were ready.

(Lois just gives him a crooked smile—he always knows how to put things in a positive light)

(The door opens and Clive walks back in)

CLIVE: I just thought you two should know, although I suspect you had an inkling, that Bureau 39 is in full operation again!

LOIS: But you don't have a man on the inside at one of the main Metropolis newspapers. Perry won't take you back, and there is no way I am gonna write the kind of articles you're talking about!

JAIME: But I will.

(Lois and Clark wear shocked expressions as Jaime Jones turns the corner, looking them in the face)

CLARK: Jaime? What…

JAIME: Am I doing? Ah, I always wanted to finish one of your sentences, the way Lois does. Well, friends, I am getting the scoop of the century. And you could be part of the success if you would just call your friend in tights. I promise I'll put your names in the Special Thanks part.

LOIS: Not on your life.

JAIME: No, Lois, on yours.

LOIS: I knew you were just a little, lying, scheming—

JAIME: Oh stop, you're just upset I got my claws into Clark. Not to worry, he wanted nothing to do with me.

(Clark just glares at this woman, sorry he has put any trust at any point in her, enough to ask her out, even though just as a favor to Lois)

CLIVE: Jaime, you take Lois into the other room and find out what you can. The Daily Planet is gonna have the story of the year when word gets out that Superman let terrorists torture his best friend and girlfriend and then died, saving humanity in the end. Here.

(Clive tossed a pair of handcuffs at Jaime to put on Lois)

CLIVE: Clark and I have to negotiate in here.

LOIS: Clark!

CLARK: Lois!

(But it is no use—Lois is being forced out of the pool room and back to the living room, with Jaime's gun pointing in her back. When the door shuts, Clive looks at Clark)

CLIVE: Well, well… my brother said he believed you had the strongest connection to Superman… would be able to contact him at all times.

CLARK: I won't contact him. No matter what you do.

(Clark is starting to feel the effects of the Kryptonite as Clive walks closer to him)

(In the living room, Jaime sloppily puts the handcuffs on Lois, holding her to a chair. She is just so excited to be getting this big story so soon in her career. She takes out her cell phone and calls Perry to report it)

(In the pool room, Clive is ranting about how Superman is an alien who would attack, and he begins pacing frantically around Clark, who is growing weaker by the minute. He realizes that Clive Trask is actually further off kilter than his brother had been)

CLIVE: I have to attack Superman! Or he's gonna attack US!

CLARK: It's not true.

CLIVE: Call him! Let me ask him!

CLARK: Not a chance!

CLIVE: Fine, I know something that would make a better story anyway!

(He pulls out a necklace that reveals a huge chunk of Kryptonite as the charm on it… Clark looks at it fearfully, annoyed that all his villains are starting to make the deadly rock into so many substances—cages and necklaces among them. Clive places the necklace around Clark's neck before hitting him with the gun over the head again. He picks up an unconscious Clark and throws him into the pool's low-end, and Clark lifelessly sinks to the bottom. Clive walks out of the door, shutting it behind him, re-entering the living room)

CLIVE: Well, he refused to call Superman. Would not do it at all!

(Lois smiles proudly at Clark's bravery and persistence)

JAIME: Where is he?

CLIVE: I took care of him.

LOIS: What do you mean? What did you do!

CLIVE: Relax, Lois. He's just unconscious.

(Lois is furious with Clive, but lets out a sigh of relief that he hasn't killed him)

CLIVE: Long time since I've seen you in those, Lois.

(He points at the handcuffs)

LOIS: You—you—ugh, we NEVER used anything like—oh, why am I even arguing with you? You are so NUTS!

CLIVE (to Jaime): Hon, new spin on our story. Superman refuses call for help from best friend. His heart has turned cold. Best friend dies as a result. Girlfriend lives, however, because Bureau 39 managed to save her. People will love us, hate him and Lois, you'll be right in the spotlight—

LOIS: You will not kill Clark.

CLIVE: Too late, my dear.

LOIS: You said he was unconscious.

CLIVE: Did I forget to mention? He's unconscious in the pool!

(Lois feels all color drain from her face and starts struggling frantically in her chair)

LOIS: No! Superman will come when he knows you've done this.

CLIVE: Well, I hope so, I've tied Kryptonite around Clark's neck for just such an occasion. Do let me know if the Blue Banana shows up. Jaime, let's work on that story!

(They walks out of the room. Lois immediately notices something Jaime left behind—her cell phone. She looks at the handcuffs and realizes that the hand that is attached to the chair, which is nailed to the floor, is pretty loose. She thinks if she could just maneuver her hand one way, she would be able to free herself. She quickly slimmed her hand as much as she could, pulling her hand free, not caring that it was bleeding from metal bits digging into her skin. She ran for Jaime's phone and quickly dials 911 as she looks desperately for the book that opens the trap door. Oh, why hadn't she paid attention when Clark had done it, she wondered—oh yeah, she was trapped in self pity, she chided herself)

LOIS: (whispers) Clark, I'm coming. (normal into phone) Come to 311 Juniper Way! This is Lois Lane—my partner and I have been kidnapped. Behind the book case in the living room… trap door. Bring paramedics!

(She gets off the phone just as she pulls on the right book, and she runs into the pool area, closing the door behind her. She sees Clark's body barely surfacing in the water face-down, and her heart falls into her stomach. She runs down the steps right into the pool and turns his body face-up, pulling his body into her arms. She backs up the steps and lays him on the concrete. He is so still and lifeless and, Lois notices, not breathing)

LOIS: Clark!? No, Clark, don't leave me. Please.

(She pulls the Kryptonite from his neck, runs to her pocketbook and puts it in a lead box she has been carrying with her since this case has come to her attention)

LOIS: Superman! Help! It's okay now! SUPERMAN!

(She notices Clark's glasses at the side of the pool, and she puts them on him, convincing herself that when he wakes up, he'll need them. She bent down and listened for a heart beat—it was faint)

LOIS: Oh, God, Clark, you're alive.

(Immediately Lois put his head back, and opened his mouth and lowered her lips onto his cool, wet lips and despite the severity of what is happening, she can't help thinking how wonderful it feels for her lips to touch his—it sends electricity through her every time. She blows air into his lungs and then pounded on his chest, but still gets no response)

LOIS: Come on, Clark. Please. Please. I can't do this without you—

(She again applies CPR to her partner and best friend, whose life is in her hands, and who she knows would have found a way to save her. After what seems like an eternity, Lois feels something moving in his chest. He starts coughing, and Lois sits him up to spit out water)

LOIS: Oh, Clark!

(Lois throws her arms around the now-conscious and confused Clark)

CLARK: Lois? Are you okay?

(She hugs him tightly, smiling… sometimes he can be so… so Clark)

LOIS: I'm fine, Clark! Are you okay? I was so scared that I'd lost you—

CLARK: Not that easily, Lois. I can put up quite a fight.

LOIS: You were under for a long time. I'll say you put up quite a fight, thank god.

(She ix supporting him, as he leans against her, trying to regain his composure. He feels almost one hundred percent now that the Kryptonite is completely gone and he is above water, although his head aches quite a bit)

(Lois hears a noise and looked up to see their captors heading into the hidden room)

CLIVE: What the…

JAIME: How did…

POLICE (from behind them) Hands in the air!

(Clark is still panting, leaning on Lois, thankful she's called the police as he is not completely Super again yet. Lois smiles as justice prevails, and at knowing that THAT would be the story Daily Planet readers would see. She strokes Clark's hair and thanks her lucky stars that he has not been taken from her. She smiles even bigger when she realizes that, whether it be a story, pride or her best friend, Claude can never again take anything away from her)


PERRY: Well, you two really blew the lid off this story.

JIMMY: Yeah, I had no idea all this was going down. I was busy with Alyssa. But that didn't work out. I don't believe Jaime Jones turned out to be a criminal! I wanted to see what it would be like…

LOIS: Well, Jimmy, if you have any questions on that front, feel free to corner Clark here sometime and he'll tell you aaaall about it.

JIMMY: You know what I don't understand? This is the second Trask to go after CK in his pursuit of Superman. What gives?

CLARK: Well, that's what happens to people who are a little TOO jealous of my Wednesday night dinners with Superman. They eventually go mad.

LOIS: Ha ha. I am so over that, by the way.

CLARK: Really?

PERRY: Okay, guys—I am sentencing you to two weeks of quiet stories.

(Lois's gives a pained expression)

PERRY: One week. Okay, two days and that's my final offer.

LOIS: I guess.

PERRY: Now go.

(Perry can see that something has transpired between Lois and Clark in covering this story, and he smiles as they leave the office)

CLARK: So, you going out with Jade any time soon?

LOIS: Oh, I don't know. (She makes a sarcastic face, like this is a big decision) I don't think so.

JIMMY: Nude photographer, huh?

LOIS: How did…

(She trails off, looking at a guilty-looking Clark)

JIMMY: You know, Lois, I've often thought of chucking my jig here and taking my photos to the more artistic side of news too. Like Expose Magazine.

LOIS: Bye Jimmy.

(Jimmy laughs. He, like Clark, knows that teasing Lois can be very fun, but not to push it)

JIMMY: Bye guys.

CLARK: See you Monday.

LOIS: Come on, Clark, I'm giving you a ride home.

CLARK: You are?

LOIS: I insist. Besides, I have something for you.

(Clark feels very hopeful and smiles, following his favorite partner out the door, silencing the Daily Planet for the night after yet another successful story with Lois. They walk through the parking lot, stopping in front of Lois's jeep. She opens the passenger seat door and holds a finger up to Clark to stand still and not peek)

CLARK: What are you doing? What do you have?

(Lois just laughs but doesn't turn to face him yet. She is lighting something, that much he can tell as he hears a match lit. She turns, revealing a torch with a tag on it)

CLARK: Lois…

LOIS: Now, Clark, this is something I have to do.

(She hands him the torch)

CLARK: What…

LOIS: I am very symbolically passing YOU the torch.

(She smiles brightly, and he gives her a look before looking at the tag. It reads: "I attract federal disasters")

CLARK: That's not fair. I never dated Jaime Jones! Lois!

(She is already walking away)

LOIS: I don't wanna hear it, Clark!

(Clark rolls his eyes and catches up to her)

CLARK: You know, Lois, I always considered you to be somewhat of a federal disaster.

(Lois playfully slaps his arm and he laughs)

CLARK: I thought you were driving me home.

LOIS: Let's walk a little. It's a nice night.

CLARK: So why do you suppose we do it?

LOIS: Do what?

CLARK: Attract federal disasters.

LOIS: I don't anymore. As you can see, I've passed the torch.

(She laughs and then looks at him more seriously)

LOIS: I don't know. I guess you can't help who becomes attracted to you. But you can help being attracted back. And my days of choosing the wrong men are over.

CLARK: Really?

LOIS: Really. I'm getting my act together and attracting normal, good men from now on.


(Lois notices that they are passing a public trash can)

LOIS: Okay, one more symbolic gesture for the night… for both of us.

(Realizing what she was getting at, Clark put the torch in the trash can, singeing its flames at the same time)

CLARK: We are officially moving on.

(They continue to walk. Lois looks up at the sky and then at her partner. Her stride slows to a walk and there was a comfortable silence for a few thoughtful moments. Lois looked again up at Clark)

LOIS: Clark, do you think that certain people are destined to be together?

(Clark takes a deep breath and looks down at Lois, smiling gently at her)

CLARK: I'm counting on it.

(A small, knowing smile creeps up on Lois's lips as she turns away from Clark, having heard the answer she wanted to hear. And this time, she doesn't bother denying… to herself anyway… that she wants to hear that…)

(They walk in the park for awhile, relishing one another's company, and, although Clark felt that Lois isn't ready for anything more than building an even stronger friendship with him, he is more hopeful than ever. He feels that she's told him in more than words that she is his, and he is pretty certain she knows that he is hers for the taking. It is an unspoken promise of sorts that hangs in the air between them on this wonderful night)