Prelude to a Date

By Maria TB Mendoza <>

Rated G

Submitted May 1999

Summary: A poem based on Lois's first date with Superman.


In arms nicely tight, They flew through the night. Oh, what a sight To the shocked crowd below.

She looked all around, As she was set on the ground, And though her heart that did pound Said she knew he must go.

"My thanks for the ride, I'd invite you inside But since I nearly died I'd best go to bed."

"Maybe some other time." "Tomorrow at nine?" "That sounds just fine." "We'll sure paint the town red."

Oh, what should I wear? How about my hair? This seems so unfair, He always wears the Suit.

Should I wear blue and red, Maybe gold instead? I need a slip of lead!! This is going to be great.

Should I wear a dress, Pants sure would flap less. This is too much stress, It's only a date!

He always looks so great And he's on time for our date. If he keeps at this rate I won't let him get away.

As he drops me off at last I say, "It has been a blast. Time flew by too fast." It was a near perfect day.

As I get ready for bed, His face is still in my head, I recall what we said, Each word clear as a bell.

Our words seemed to flow As we laughed and ate slow. Where did the time go? Then night suddenly fell.

As he flew me home- A home all alone. - I had to fight a moan, I didn't want him to go.

Next time maybe he'll stay For coffee anyway. Then I'll just work every day Till everything about him I know.

There's something I've yet to see And between we three (Clark, Jimmy, and me) There's nothing he can hide.

I'll learn all he's hiding, It seems so exciting, Now time I'm just biding. I'm going to be by his side.

He needs a real friend A person on whom to depend Someone that can help mend His soul on a bad day.

"That is just what I'll do. I won't let his fears stew. He just needs to see it's true, I'm here for him and won't go away." I whisper the words into the night, But the dark brings no fright. I imagine all is suddenly right Because he'll never again be alone.

Way up high in the air, He heard what she did declare. And suddenly without a care, He dropped old solitude's stone.

He'd never again be weighed down, He thought as he flew through town. And though he made not a sound In his head he did scream.

He had a family of love. A girlfriend dainty as a dove. In the entire world he flew above No life was closer to being a dream.