The Power of Love

By Naomi Taub (

Summary: Clark's thoughts are never far from Lois as he travels to New Krypton and battles Lord Nor. A continuation of the episode "Big Girls Don't Fly."

Author's note: This story takes place after Big Girls Don't Fly. So far all the fanfic's I have read which take place after BGDF have dealt with Lois' feelings about Clark. I have decided to center my story around Clark, and his feelings about losing Lois. All characters belong to DC Comics, Warner Brothers, etc. \/\/hatever:) This is also (technically) my first fanfic, so be kind. I would like to thank my wonderful proofreaders for patiently reading my fanfic and giving their suggestions. (Even if I really didn't listen<G>) All comments are welcome. (Including flames, etc.) Enjoy!

This story is dedicated to mah evil twin and best cyber friend, Jennilyn Lazo. This is for you babe<bg> Wuv ya!:)


Clark fingered Lois' wedding ring for the millionth time. His eyes clouded with tears as he remembered Lois - her touch, her smell. He would never forget her, he *could* never forget her. He shut his eyes to block the tears from falling onto his face. For someone as invincible as himself, just thinking about Lois made him feel vulnerable and exposed. He didn't know what it was about her, what special quality she had that made his heart pound and his mouth go dry when he was around her. But now, he wouldn't feel Lois' soft skin against his own. The tears which he was holding back fell, as a small sob escaped from his throat. "No!" he thought, "Why am I doing this? Why am I leaving my home, my parents, my Lois, to come to a place where I have the risk of losing everything… forever?"

"Kal-El, we are nearing New Krypton, are you ready?" Lieutenant Ching's words brought Clark back into reality. He kissed the ring and tucked it back into his costume.

"I am ready." As the space craft advanced towards New Krypton, the reality of the situation hit him hard. "If I never see you again, Lois, I love you. Never, ever, forget me," Clark whispered into the darkness of the space craft, feeling more alone than he had ever felt in his whole life.

"Kal-El, you must understand something. The longer you are here, the less of your powers you will have to use. You must try to defeat Lord Nor as soon as possible."

Clark licked his dry lips. For the first time in his life he was actually nervous. "Zara, I don't know if I can do this. I have never killed anyone in my life. My powers stand for good, not evil. And I-"

"Kal-El, you have told me all of this already. But if you don't kill Lord Nor, he will murder hundreds of innocent people. He must be destroyed."

"Zara is right. We would not have brought you back with us if you hadn't been worthy. Kal-El, you have passed the tests. Lord Nor is not the kind of being that should be ruling over New Krypton, but *you* are."

"But don't you see! I shouldn't be here. I miss her already. My sweetheart, my Lois. Do you know how long it took to get her to love me for myself, Clark Kent, and not Superman? She was finally in love with me! Who I am beneath the cape and suit." Clark laughed bitterly, "I once told her, 'Superman is what I can do, but Clark is who I am.' Isn't it ironic that it is because of Superman that we are apart now?"

"Kal-El, Lois is a strong woman. She understands that if you can come back to her, you will. If New Krypton is returned to a peaceful planet, I see no harm in you returning to Earth and back to Lois." Seeing how disturbed Clark still was, Zara said, "We still have some ways to go, why don't you rest for a while so you will be ready to fight for our country."

Clark smiled wanly, "Sure, I'll try and get some sleep." But Clark could not sleep. His dreams were filled with Lois, her beautiful face, her hair, her lips, her body. He didn't know what to do without her. He didn't feel complete without his partner for life beside him. He was like a camera without film, a shirt but no pants, Clark, but no Lois. Oh god, how he longed for her! Clark twisted and turned until finally, he fell into a restless sleep where images of Lois played through his mind, over and over again.

When Clark woke up he was in a place he didn't recognize. He realized he wasn't in the spaceship anymore. He was in some sort of room. He moved to the window and looked outside. What he saw scared him. Roads covered with bullets and grenades. People so emaciated, their bones were sticking out of their bodies. Little children were outside but not playing, not smiling, just moving around like robots. Not one emotion showed up on their stony faces. Clark gasped. He couldn't help but think what would have happened to him had he also gone to New Krypton as a baby. Would he have turned out as passionless as these people are? Would he have learned to love and care? Would he… ever have met Lois? That last question was too painful for him to answer. He spun around suddenly when he heard footsteps behind him and a soft voice next to him, "It's scary, isn't it? Now do you see the urgency of our plight?"

Clark whistled slowly, "Zara, this is frightening! I couldn't have even begun to imagine what this is like! How did this happen?"

"It is Lord Nor's doing, Kal-El. He is a monster. He has killed whole families. Murdered parents in front of their children's eyes. Slaughtered little babies in front of their weeping mothers. Now do you understand why people walk around without emotions? How can they feel, for fear they will be the next targets of Lord Nor and his evil assassins. Kal- El, it is up to you to help." Zara needn't have said more, she saw the old spark in Clark's eyes return. He was ready.


"Kal-El, you are foolish to return with Zara to New Krypton. You will pay for your idiocy. Prepare for you demise! I will be seeing you quite soon. Let the fight begin! Mwa ha ha!!"

The voice of Lord Nor cut through Clark's brain. "Nor, you don't scare me. I am ready for you. You won't win, get ready to…die. *I* will kill you!" Zara smiled as she heard the fierceness in Clark's voice. He was back.


Clark was out walking when he heard a loud noise behind him. He spun around and was blinded by a bright light. Before him was something he had never seen before. What he saw was horrifying. Lord Nor was a giant. He was three times the size of Clark. He was a larger version of Tez, disgusting and grotesque.

Lord Nor smiled that sickening smile, "So, Kal-El, do you really think you will beat me?" He shot out of his mouth green slime. Clark jumped back, horrified. Clark zapped him with his heat gizmo<g>, but nothing happened. Lord Nor laughed, "Kal-El, give it up! You will lose the battle. Look at what I have done to New Krypton. How do you think you will beat me? No one can. I am unstoppable. I have destroyed whole families, and stripped them of their feelings and desires. When I rule, they will be mine, used to serve me. They will have no connections to the outside world. Their purpose is to be my slaves." Lord Nor took his claws and pushed Clark into the dirt. "Kal-El, you will DIE!" Lord Nor shot at him again, this time, hitting Clark straight in the chest. Clark fell back gasping for breath.

"Help me. I am going to die," Clark thought as he lay there. "I have no more strength left to fight. He was right, he can't be beaten. My powers aren't working on this monster. My time has come. I knew the risks when I came here. I have lost the battle and now I must pay for it." Clark closed his eyes and placed his hands on his chest waiting to die, when suddenly he felt something. It was her ring. He couldn't die now, he had so much to live for. He had to see Lois again. "NO!" He screamed, getting up. His powers weren't strong enough to kill Lord Nor, but maybe, just maybe, his love for Lois would.

"Mwa ha ha! Kal-El, give it up! You have lost the battle. You know that. Now it is my turn to rule over New Krypton."

"No, Nor, you are wrong. I won't die. My love for Lois is going to pull me through this just as it has pulled me through everything else. What is your life worth without love? Without feeling? What is there to live for? What is power for, if you have no one to share it with?" Clark watched as Lord Nor began to shrink. *It's working! This is the one thing that can beat this mutant. He hates love and kindness, and feelings. Now it is being thrown at him to kill him.* "My love for Lois, is stronger than my powers or forces there ever was or will be. You may be physically stronger, but the true strength, the one that counts, is within."

"No! This can't be happening! How can I be defeated? I am the strongest person alive. This is impossible."

"Face it, Nor, you have been defeated," Clark said, as Lord Nor shrank into nothingness.


"Well, Kal-El, we are sorry you must return, but if it is so, then we wish you luck on your return to Earth. Even though I don't see what you like so much about that sloppy, dirty, planet."

Clark smiled, "Lieutenant, remember what I have back home. It is more than I could ask for anywhere. I wish you and Zara luck in ruling over New Krypton together. I must be going now." Clark flew out of the room, never looking back. This was a part of his life that he wanted to forget.


He saw her walking around her apartment. She looked skinnier in the month since he was gone, but still beautiful. He saw her sit down on the couch and turn on the TV, stretching her long legs out in front of her. Clark took a deep breath and knocked on her window. It was open as usual. Good old Lois, she always had such faith in him. She turned around at the knock. Clark's heart jumped into his throat as he saw her stunning face.

"Clark, is that you?" Lois' words jarred Clark out of his reverie.

"Lois, I am back. For good, forever. I am never going to leave you again. I love you." For the rest of the night no words were spoken, but there was no need to. The tears that flowed straight from their hearts told the story of the great love they felt for each other, which no powers on Earth or otherwise could equal.