The Plea

By Allison K Forbes <>

Rated PG

Submitted May 1999

Summary: Tired of taking a back seat to Dan Scardino, Clark decides to tell Lois once and for all how he feels about her.

Written Fall 1998

According to the "Symptoms That You're an FoLC", one of them says that every love song you hear on the radio makes you think of Lois and Clark. Well, this one definitely does. This fic is just a piece of fluff, but it's soooo L&C that I had to write it.

It takes place totally in the DP newsroom during the whole Dan Scardino mess. Clark, of course, worships Lois, and she's beginning to feel something (besides irritation) for him. She's also about a hair's breadth away from figuring "It" out. This is one big goofy WAFF, but hey, I like WAFFy stories!

Everyone belongs to someone else, and the song belongs to Celine Dion, though I did make one little change in the lyrics to fit the purpose. My apologies, Celine. Enjoy!


Clark Kent sat at his desk in the Daily Planet newsroom. He had an assignment, but he couldn't seem to focus on it. He sat there, staring at his computer screen, thinking about her, the only woman he would ever, could ever love. He knew Lois had gone out with Agent "Please Call Me Daniel" Scardino last night, and the thought still repulsed him. It also scared him. He knew that his duel identity was what had driven Lois to Dan, and he couldn't blame her for wanting a man who would actually stay in one place for any period of time.

But he also knew that he couldn't live without Lois; he just had to make her see that. He heard the elevator door chime and saw her walk in. Like every day he saw her, he caught his breath as she walked down the ramp towards her desk. She was wearing a burgundy two-piece business suit that seemed to have been made specifically for her. The top was really two pieces itself; a bolero style jacket over a white silk blouse that trimmed her already impossibly slim waist. The skirt stopped just short of her knees, showing off her long legs, which Clark couldn't help but admire. Her chestnut brown, shoulder length hair framed her face, and slightly resembled spun silk. He just watched her as she walked, his heart fluttering wildly, marveling at how she could look so simple, and yet so breathtaking. He got up and went over to her.

"Morning, Lois," he began. She had a look on her face that vaguely resembled frustration. But when she saw Clark standing next to her, it quickly changed to false cheerfulness.

"Hello, Clark!" she replied. She knew Clark knew about her date with Dan last night, and how he felt about that, and she knew that Clark had feelings for her. But she also had a feeling that Clark was harboring a secret that was keeping them apart. But the trouble was, she had feelings for him, too. But as long as he kept her in the dark, she wasn't going to let him know that. And selfishly, she wanted him to suffer for always running out on her. So she kept up her cheerful facade.

"How was your date with 'Inspector Gadget'?" he asked sarcastically, knowing she hated that nickname.

"Oh, Clark, jealousy does not become you," she looked at him. "I had a very nice time. Dan and I have a lot in common."

That was it! "Oh, come on, Lois! What could you have in common with that Mel Gibson wannabe? I just don't get what you see in him!" He walked back over to his desk and she angrily followed.

"Well, for one thing, he actually cares about what I have to say, and he doesn't bolt as soon as the conversation gets serious!! At least I know that he'll still be standing there after you dash off!" she cried desperately, then stared at him for several seconds, watching his expression go from anger, to fear, to what she could only guess was desperation. Finally he spoke.

"Excuse me, Lois, I have to make a phone call," he said softly.

With a shake of her head, she went back to her desk, and sat down. She watched Clark pick up his phone and dial. When he started to speak, she could have sworn he looked right at her. She dismissed it and concentrated on her next story.

A few minutes later, she heard someone shout, "Hey, turn that up quick!"

Thinking it was a Superman story, Lois looked up to see a bunch of people standing by the radio in the center of the room.

Jimmy ran up to her, and grabbed her by the arm, "Lois, come here, ya gotta hear this!"

The dee-jay's perpetually happy voice announced "…and this was just called in to F-O-L-C Metropolis radio. A male listener called in with a very special dedication. It goes out to a very special woman at the Daily Planet. He wants to say, "Please don't go out with Dan anymore, if you give me a chance, I'll be the one to love you more …"

All eyes were on Lois, and a collective murmur went through the entire room as the caressing strains of a violin began, and Celine Dion's voice began to plead:

*"Take me, back into the arms I love,

Need me, like you did before.

Touch me once again, and remember when

There was no one that you wanted more …"*

Lois stared at the stereo in shock, listening as the words enveloped her.

*"Don't go, you know you'll break my heart,

He won't love you like I will.

Love the one who'll stay when he walks away,

And you know, I'll be standing here still …"*

She looked up to see Clark staring at her, virtually hypnotized, as the words of the song permeated her soul.

*"I'll be waiting for you, here inside my heart,

I'll be the one who wants to love you more.

You will see I can give you, everything you need,

Let me be the one to love you more."*

Her heart leaped into her throat when she realized that the song was a plea from Clark, and the next stanza surprised her.

*"See me, as if you never knew,

Hold me, so you can't let go,

Just believe in me, I will make you see,

All the things that your heart needs to know.

I'll be waiting for you, here inside my heart,

I'll be the one who wants to love you more,

Can't you see I can give you, everything you need?

Let me be the one to love you more …"*

She turned to face him, and everything began to go in slow motion as he stood up and slowly walked towards her.

*"Someday, all the love that we had, can be saved,

Whatever it takes, we'll find a way!

Believe me, I will make you see

All the things that your heart needs to know!

I'll be …"*

Both Lois and Clark felt the music taking control, and their breath caught with the song's dramatic pause, then let it out as it continued.

*"Waiting for you here inside my heart,

I'll be the one who wants to love you more.

Can't you see I can give you, everything you need?

Let me the one to love you more.

Ooohhh, ooohhh, ooohhh …"*

As the music ended, Lois just stood there, staring at Clark in shock. She had been so mad at Clark just a few minutes ago, and now…this wonderful man was so full of surprises!

Usually he would apologize with a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates (with Clark Kent, you never know what you're gonna get!) but she never expected this! Maybe that's why she loved him so much. Yes, damnit she loved him! She could no more deny that than she could her own name. And considering how shy and mild-mannered he was, it must've taken a great deal of courage to do something so ostentatious, to put his heart on the line to tell the whole world — and her — how he really felt, and risk being shot down in the process.

This was not just an apology for his crack about Dan, it was a plea. A desperate plea for her not give up on them.

Her eyes searched his. His deep chocolate eyes were searching for her response. She held the power over him now; she guessed she always had. She could make his dreams come true, or she could shatter any hope he had left. She decided on the former.

Ignoring the whispers and stares around her, she slowly walked to him, and tried to speak, but no sound came out. She looked him in the eyes, his desperation still there.

"Lois?" he whispered.

Unable to say anything, she did the only thing that came to mind. Clark stood transfixed as Lois wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pressed her mouth to his. He didn't think, he just responded. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he drew her closer till their bodies practically merged.

There were hoots and whistles coming from all around them, but they went ignored as Lois and Clark consumed one another in a fury of passion. They were the only two in the newsroom, or for that matter, the universe. He slid his hands up to her neck and pulled her even closer. He pressed his mouth to hers, coaxing it to open and groaned when her tongue met his halfway. She ran her fingers through his hair pulling him to her. He didn't need superhearing to hear her heartbeat skyrocket, and her breathing nearly stop.

They remained like that for several minutes, unaware of Jimmy's camera clicking behind them. Even after the camera stopped, they were still locked together when a voice boomed across the newsroom.

"WHAT IN THE SAM HILL IS GOING ON OUT THERE???" Perry White came charging out of his office to see what everyone was gawking at. When he saw Lois and Clark, he stopped dead in his tracks, looked heavenward, and whispered, "Great Shades of Elvis! Thank you!"


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