Partnership, Friendship & Love…

By LMA (Laura) <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: September 2013

Summary: A poem dedicated to the story of Lois and Clark’s relationship…

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…from where it began at the Daily Planet—when ‘partnership’ was the last thing Lois thought she needed (or wanted), to a best ‘friendship’ that both Lois and Clark would come to wholeheartedly depend on, and then finally, to a ‘love’ that would, in the end, change both of their lives forever.

Disclaimer: All characters/plot references/“quotes” have been taken—lovingly—from Lois & Clark, which is property of and copyrighted to DC Comics, December 3rd Productions, Warner Bros., Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the talented writers of the show, and lastly, Deborah Joy LeVine—who had an amazing vision of a time-honored story.

Author’s Note: First of all, I would like to thank my GE, Marcelle, for her time and wonderful insight—I love what you helped me to create! I actually wrote most of the rough draft of this poem in the spring of 2000. It was then put away, totally and completely forgotten about—until I stumbled upon it, handwritten on a few pieces of paper, over the summer. I tried again, but I just couldn’t forget about it (and I figured the 20th anniversary of Lois & Clark—this September—was more than reason to get back to work on it). So finally…13 years later, the finished product… Any and all feedback is appreciated and can be sent to:


They met at the Planet, a world-famous paper
Clark saw her—fell for her—wanted to date her.
He came to Metropolis to find a career
But he also found Lois, he cared, he’d stay near.

Clark teased her—told her, “You like to be on top.”
Lois said, “Don’t push me, Kent.” His joke kind of flopped.
Lois fought her feelings, she told him a line
She said, “Don’t fall for me, farmboy—I haven’t the time.”

Perry partnered them up, to Lois’ dismay.
She fought, “Partnership is like marriage!” but had no say.
Clark said, “Howdy partner!”—for he was glad
He’d spend more time with Lois (even though now, she was mad.)

They worked together. They became friends.
Clark was in love—did she know?—that depends.
They kissed in a plane. They kissed in a hotel.
It was only for work (but it went over well).

Clark got amnesia—Lois’ feelings overcame her
She said, “I mean I love you,” but also, “like a brother.”
Their emotions—they kept secret, hidden away
Because they were best friends, and worked together each day.

Clark feared he’d lose Lois—couldn’t take that chance
He told her how he felt; he took a stance.
“I have been… in love with you… for a long time.”
He added, “You had to have known…” for this wasn’t a line.

“Well, I guess I knew you liked me,” she admitted to him.
But her affection for Clark, she thought dim.
Soon though, she realized, she cared for him deeply
But kept that secret inside, hidden very neatly.

Partners, best friends, two people in love—
But their love was a secret, on the wings of a dove.
All through this time, their feelings develop
Clark, though, craving more—went to fess up.

“I want you to go out with me,” he blurted the statement.
“You’re asking me out?” she questioned, not mistaken
They decided on a concert; they ended up on a stakeout.
But this wasn’t so bad—they almost started to make out.

A real date would follow, which was too good to be true.
Clark, as expected, in charcoal; Lois in black, but it was new.
Lois had “…a really great time,” but shut the door in his face
For she was falling for Clark, at such a quick pace.

They walked in the park, Clark’s arm ‘round her shoulder
He spoke from his heart—“I love you,” he told her.
Lois asked, “Do you want to go back?” when it started to shower.
“If the earth opened up at my feet, I wouldn’t move,” Clark answered, empowered.

“Lois, will you marry me?” he said, on one knee.
He loved her so much, he just had to see
“Who’s asking: Clark or Superman?” she replied to his question.
She knew his secret—had no hesitation.

She told him “no, not yet…” to him marrying her.
This was “too much, too fast”—her mind in a blur.
Clark said, “I’ll wait for you as long as you need.”
So they decided to be in love, at Super-speed.

Clark made a bet on being “sort of, a regular guy.”
They went on vacation, he tried to abide
There was “no scooping, no flying,” a hut, and a fire
But in the end, it was all parts of Clark she desired.

Then Clark broke up with Lois “for her own good.”
He flew, so she’d “stay mad” as long as she could.
They talked through their fears, Lois later agreed:
“Something about you always made sense to me.”

Their love was strong—soon they wanted to marry
They again walked through the park, this time a ring Lois carried.
Lois proposed to Clark—kissing his hand
He said “yes,” and on her hand placed the band.

Next they faced clone-makers, doctors, classmate
Lois—a double, amnesia; Clark even shrank!
They talked of their future, ‘bout setting down roots
Living in a “house, boxcar, yurt”—and other life pursuits.

But later, it turned out that Clark had to leave
He returned to his people; they were forced to believe—
That they loved greatly, would somehow be together
Because, after all, they were ‘Soul Mates’—meant for each other.

Clark arrived home, and they finally wed
“Lois, I have loved you from the moment I saw you,” he emotionally said.
“Clark, you’re my best friend,” Lois said from her heart
For this was “the moment their lives really start.”