By coolgirl <coolgirllooc@cooltoad.com>

Rated: PG

Submitted: December, 2007

Summary: Set in Season 4. Lois and Clark play games.


'Aha! Gotcha!'

Clark smiled to himself as he read the crossword hint for the 'across' word numbered 17. This one should trap her, he thought, glancing at his wife sitting across him on the single-sofa with another newspaper-puzzle in her hand.

"Okay, Lois, let's see if you can get this…" he teased.

Lois looked up at him from where she'd been pondering over which puzzle-question she could put to him when her turn came. With a challenging smile, she nodded. "Okay, shoot!"

"'Greek star stars in ancient Greek play,'" he quoted the crossword hint, giving her a million-watt smile.

He had always loved spending time with Lois like this — playing with her. After all, it had been those countless board-games and quiz-games he'd played with her that had brought them closer during their stay at the honeymoon suite in the Lexor. That had been three years before, he reflected with a soft smile.

And naturally, *playing* had acquired a completely new and different meaning now, since their wedding. But Clark still cherished these moments of fun with Lois even if they *played* outside the bedroom. He stared almost absently at Lois' fingers drumming on the center-table. A sudden news-bulletin from the television jerked Clark back to the present. Clark watched the headlines and turned down the volume slightly before giving his complete attention to their game.

"Greek star?" Lois thought out aloud. She scanned her *encyclopedic* brain for a matching phrase. After a moment or two of deep thinking, her brain buzzed, 'Not enough data'. No, she couldn't get it, she thought wryly. She needed more clues.

"Gimme a clue, please?" Lois asked sweetly, her words coated with honey. She ran her tongue over her lower lip, wetting it, before pouting her lips to blow him a soft kiss from across the table.

'The minx!' Clark thought. She was trying to bribe him!

He returned her sweet smile with one of his own 'I-know-what-you-are-doing' smiles.

"'Greek star stars in ancient Greek play.' That was your clue, honey," he said, mimicking her false-sweet tone.

"Clark, please," Lois pleaded, deliberately bending forward and placing both her hands on the table, giving him a tantalizing view. Her thin nightgown hid nothing from his gaze. She breathed in deeply and then exhaled softly. Clark felt her breath on his lips and sighed.

*Lois Lane*, ace-reporter, was never playful, but apparently *Lois Lane-Kent*, the wife, was. And when she did play, oh boy, she played with a vengeance! Clark forced his gaze off her almost-bare chest and shook his head to clear his mind and regain some control.

"Lois, why don't you ever play fairly?" he groaned.

"Play fairly…? Of course I do!" she sputtered.

"Loooisss…" Clark drawled, reminding her of the hundred or so times she'd cheated or invented some new rule to win a board game.

"You don't 'play' fairly either, Superman," Lois continued indignantly. "I'm not the one with a super-memory. *You* are the one who has the advantage of superpowers, not me," she defended herself.

Clark rolled his eyes. "I don't use my powers to *cheat*! And it's not the same thing with you because you *use* your…feminine wiles," he retorted.

'Feminine wiles? How dare he mention that?' Lois mentally stamped her feet on the ground. He was supposed to become enticed enough to come round to her way, and not discover her cheating. "I don't use my feminine wiles to *cheat* either, Kent!" she threw his own words back.

"You do! And you know it." He nodded matter-of-factly.

"No, I don't!" Lois fumed, gritting her teeth.

"Do, too!" Clark's lips twisted wryly.

"No, I don't!" Lois pursed her lips.

As their verbal sparring increased in frequency and decibels, with neither of them backing down, Lois got up from the sofa. She circled the centre-table to stand before Clark, jabbing a finger on his chest. "Don't!"

He caught her finger in his fist and said, "Do!"

Don't! Do! Don't! Do! Don't! Do! Don't! Do! Don't!

They continued quarreling and shouting at each other at the same time, until they shouted together. "Don't!"

"Jinx!" Lois said immediately, without thinking. Then realizing what she had inadvertently said, she gave him a superior smile, her mind scheming a plan. Clark had accidentally said the word, 'Don't' instead of 'Do', which he was supposed to say. And he had uttered it at the same time Lois had! 'Gotcha!' she thought.

"Jinx?" Clark asked, confused.

Raising her hand she gestured him to stop. "You aren't supposed to talk or move."

At his bewildered look, Lois elaborated, "It's another game. I used to play this with Lucy when we were small. If two people say the same thing at the same time, then one of them can jinx the other, which means the jinxed person shouldn't move or talk until the person who jinxes — " She pointed her thumb at herself. " — releases the jinxed." She pointed a finger at Clark.

Clark's eyes widened. What was she playing at?

"Oh, and the jinxed can be released only if someone accidentally or deliberately calls their name. So, you can't do anything except blink. And I can do anything to make you lose. Got it?"

She bent closer to look into his eyes, to see if he had understood the rules, but his eyes weren't focused on hers. She tilted his chin up, lifting his gaze from where it had settled on her chest, and grinned triumphantly.

"So, honey, how does it feel being jinxed?" she teased, ruffling his hair. Having Superman — the most powerful man — in her power was truly a heady feeling and totally arousing, she thought happily, as she sauntered into the kitchen, deliberately intensifying the sway of her hips.

"Oh, and I forgot!" She poked her head out of the kitchen and added, "If you lose, you get punished!"

Oh boy! He was done for!


Clark sat still on the sofa, staring at the kitchen door helplessly. What if he heard a call for help? Surely Lois would consider emergencies as an exception to the rule, wouldn't she? And what if he lost? How would she make him pay? His head reeled with questions as he waited for his wife to release him.

Eventually, Lois came out of the kitchen carrying a mug of coffee and saw the wall-clock.

Good! She had kept Clark jinxed for almost half-an-hour.

She then looked into the chocolate brown eyes pleading with her to release him. His lips seemed to tremble slightly. He gave an overall appearance of a puppy that had been leashed and ordered to sit where it was. Lois moved closer to look at his lips to see if they were really trembling — wasn't that considered breaking the rules?

As she moved closer, Clark caught her pleasant scent and his nostrils flared. She moved closer and gave him a peck on his lips, teasing him further. Clark closed his eyes. This was torture!

Pulling back Lois started, "Claaa…oops!" She stopped as soon as she realized that she had almost said his name. Now, she couldn't do that, could she? Not if she didn't want to release him.

"Honey," she amended, smiling slyly. "Why don't you give up and get punished?" He remained still.

Running a hand up his chest, she said, "Will you give up?"

Still he made no movements.

"No? Come on Claa…oops again! Come on, honey, the game isn't fun if I don't win, and I'm not going to release you by saying your name anytime soon," she said, stroking him. She straddled his lap, facing him, and began gently blowing on his face — his forehead, eyes and nose, down to his mouth. She teased his lips with her breath while her fingers were busy unbuttoning his shirt. She had to make him lose control. She knew she could do it. All it would take were a couple of caresses, and he would be helpless in her hands.

The first button popped free. She ran a finger down his neck slightly scratching his exposed throat. She circled his Adam's apple, teasing him. The other hand continued to work on his buttons. Not finding the suit to obstruct her, she continued to tease the smooth flesh of his chest with her fingers until she reached the last of the buttons.

Lois bit on her lower lip as she considered how to free his shirt from where it was tucked inside his trousers. If only she could make him move on his own, she sighed, it'd be like killing two birds with the same stone. She'd get his shirt, and he'd get his punishment!

"Help me, honey. Lift yourself up so that I can remove your shirt," she coaxed him with her husky voice. She sighed when he still remained motionless.

"If you help me remove the shirt, I'll say your name and release you. I'm not kidding," she tried again, teasing him, but he still didn't give in. She peppered kisses on his shoulder, nuzzled his neck to make him lose control.

Clark clenched his eyes shut as a fierce heat traveled through his body. 'He could do this!' he reminded himself. He prayed he could get her to say his name before she could make him move!

Lois nipped at his throat as she ran her hands down his back. Clutching the back of the shirt, she tried to jerk it out of his trousers, while wiggling on his lap. Clark desperately resisted the urge to squirm. Lois tried again and again, but, when she still couldn't get it out, she decided she had to trick him into submitting to her.

He didn't know what sort of punishment Lois had planned for him if he lost. He couldn't lose, he just couldn't. All that super-control had to be put to use until she said his name. And he *had* to make her say his name, he thought desperately.

"Honey…please give up…" Lois purred. "Lose control for me." She deliberately wiggled as she ran her tongue over his earlobe and caught it in between her teeth.

The television suddenly blared from behind them.

"Thanks to Superman, a major fire has been averted!"

Both of them turned to look at the *stupid* electronic box that had interrupted their evening together. That too, when they had really started having fun.

But then, Clark realized what the reporter had said — he had said his name — 'Superman.'

"Aha! The reporter in the television said my name! I won!" Clark exclaimed, turning back and grasping Lois tightly as she tried to get the remote to turn the television off.

"What?" Lois protested.

"He said 'Superman'" Clark clarified.

"What? No way… Superman's not your name," Lois protested.

Clark nodded his head. "It is!"

"You always say you're Clark, not Superman. And now you've moved. So you've lost!" she argued.

"And you always say I'm *also* Superman. So, I won," he retorted.

"You didn't."

"Did too!"


"Did too!"

Didn't! Did! Didn't! Did! Didn't! Did!

"Didn't!" They said together, again.

"Jinx!" Clark beat Lois to it.

"Gotcha! My turn!" Clark grinned, raising his eyebrows. "Don't move or talk else you'll be punished," he reminded her of the rules. Lois fumed but then fell silent and just glared at him.

He laughed at her. "You look beautiful when you're angry, honey," he growled into her ear. "You've teased me deliberately, so…"

He whispered something into her ear. Lois' eyes widened.

"That's your punishment!" Clark taunted her.

Lois moaned and shook her head. 'Oh no! I wish he'd release me…'

Suddenly the television blared again.

"— and the Daily Planet's ace-reporter, Lois Lane, has won the Pulitzer…"

"No way!" Clark gasped.

"Yes! I won!" Lois shrieked in joy.

She'd won both — the game and the Pulitzer!

"Now gimme the second clue to that puzzle!" Lois demanded as she turned back to face Clark and grinned triumphantly.