Just Say… ???

By RodStewFan <rodstewfan79@gmail.com>

Rated PG 13

Submitted August 2013

Summary: Jimmy gets a surprise call from Lois.

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Jimmy came home after a long day doing Perry, Clark, and Lois’ bidding. (Well, he would do anything for Lois.) He took off his jacket and threw it over the back of the couch. It slid off and fell to the floor where it stayed. He made his way to the fridge and took out a beer when the phone rang.

“Hello,” Jimmy said into the receiver.

“Jimmy, it’s Lois. I need your help with something,” Lois said in a low sexy voice.

“Is C.K. not in?” Jimmy found it strange that Lois would be calling him when she had Clark at her beck and call, night and day.

“Clark can’t help me. It’s you I need. Can you come over now?”

“Err… sure, of course I will be right over.” Jimmy hung up.


Jimmy knocked on Lois’ apartment door. He wasn’t sure how he got there, and he really didn’t care. The door opened. Lois stood in front of him wearing a red see through silk robe trimmed with red fur, red lace bra and panties, and red high-heeled pumps also with red fur trim.

“Err uh erm Lo… Lois, wh… what’s going on?” He chuckled nervously.

“Jimmy, you came!” Lois smiled gleefully at him. Taking his hand, she pulled him inside.

“Lois, err… what did you need me to do?”

“Make love to me, Jimmy,” she said in the same low sexy voice she had used on the phone.

“Huh, what? Is this a joke?” Jimmy asked with the same nervous laugh.

“No joke, Jimmy.” She kissed him passionately. “I can make a man of you, Jimmy.”

“Err… Lois, what… what about C.K.?”

“Clark’s not here. It’s you I need.”

“I… err…well…” Jimmy stammered and shifted uneasily.

He wasn’t sure how they got from Lois’ living room to her bedroom, but next thing he knew he was naked making love to one of his best friends who was calling his name in ecstasy.

“Oh! Jimmy, you’re a much better lover than Clark and Superman,” Lois purred in a satisfied tone as she stretched out next to him.

Jimmy put his hands behind his head, pleased with himself and a lot more confident. “Well, I was tired.”

“What the hell is going on?!!” Clark appeared in the doorway of the bedroom looking horrified at his fiancée, who was drawing random patterns on his best friend’s chest.

The confidence Jimmy had felt after making love to Lois disappeared in an instant when he saw the enraged look on Clark’s face.

“Clarkie, I’m sorry, but it’s over. You just can’t satisfy me like Jimmy can,” she said in a girly voice as she blew in Jimmy’s ear.

Jimmy gulped as he saw the rage rise on Clark’s face.

“I’m going to kill you!” Clark yelled and lunged at Jimmy.

“C.K., I can explain,” Jimmy croaked as Clark’s hands closed around his throat.

Jimmy sat bolt upright in a cold sweat alone in his own bed. “If C.K. ever found out about that, he would kill me, if Lois doesn’t get there first,” he mumbled to himself. Falling back against the pillows, he allowed sleep to capture him again. It had been a good dream. Mostly.