The Journey of New Krypton


Rating: G

Submitted: October 2001

Summary: Lois and Clark ponder their separation during Clark's visit to and return from New Krypton.

This is a collection of stories written around the time Clark goes to and returns from New Krypton, assuming he stays there for a few years. The first two are written as he leaves, and the last two when he comes back to Earth. Feedback is always welcomed at Enjoy!


Her (thoughts by Clark)

I'm all alone now. Off to a strange, faraway place. Far from everything I know and love. Far from family. Far from her.

I know deep down that I need to do this. They need my help; I must go. My only wish is to someday return. To pick up the pieces of the shattered life I left behind. To be with her.

Life will go on without me. I know that. She will go on. She'll live her life, one step at a time. She'll forget about me, eventually, but I won't forget about her.

We grow closer now. Each second is closer to my new home, further from the old. I feel guilty to be excited. Excited to start this, to end it.

Excited that then I'll soon be with her.

They think I'm a noble. If only they knew. They think I'm going to get married, but it will never happen. I will always be faithful. I've saved myself for her.

I must leave now. But she'll always be in my thoughts, in my heart. All through my new life she'll be there.

I'll never be without her.


A New Life For Us All (thoughts by Lois)

Now, after it all, he is gone. Gone from his home, from this Earth.

Gone from me.

It's hard for him to leave. But it's harder to watch him go. Not knowing what he'll do, how he'll be. Not knowing anything about his new life. His new life. It's still hard to comprehend. For as he lives his, I'll be living mine. A life once again full of work, and without love.

But this time I'll wait. I'll go on, but I'll wait. I know he will come back. After the fighting, after the war, he will come back. After his new life, he will come back. Back to the old, back to me.

Then my life won't be so new anymore. Everything will return to normal. He'll be back to work, with me. And we'll be together.

I wonder how he's doing, and how he'll adjust. I wonder how I'll adjust. It will all be so different.

It's a new life for us all.

*Five Years Later*

My Fiancee (thoughts by Clark)

Flying through the sky, I scan quickly as I go. I have returned. Returned to the Earth, returned to my life, returned to my fiancee.

My fiancee. No one knows how good it feels to say those words and know that she will be my wife. There's no more dreams, no more what-ifs. It will happen now, for my fiancee and me.

Though I don't know where she is, I do know that I'll find my fiancee. I'm so attuned to her, she'd never be able to hide from me. I know her heartbeat like I know my own name. All three of them.

These past years have been torturous. Not only for my mind, but for my body, as well. I have scars that will never go away. Scars no one will see, but my fiancee.

A small sound flutters in my ear. It comes from a distance, but it is obvious. That sound, the rhythm it makes. That is my fiancee.

I angle down towards it, scanning, searching. At last I see her, lying by herself, staring up at the sky. I land softly and gaze at her. She looks up and our eyes lock. We each know now that we will be together, forever.

Just me and my fiancee.


He Is Back (thoughts by Lois)

After all these months, after all these years, he has finally come back. I haven't seen him yet, but I know. He's here, somewhere, searching, trying to find all that he's lost. Trying to find me.

But he doesn't know where I am. No one does, including myself. I have run far from home, far from family and friends and my job. To somewhere where I can be alone, and not have to face the agonizing questions, or looks of fake sympathy. No one knows me out here. To them I am not ace reporter, but some stranger who they are glad stays to herself. To them I am different, to them I am no one.

He is back. The feeling is stronger now. He's been searching for a while, I know. Distressing over my safety and where I could be. Frantically flying, probably missing my true location each time.

He is back. Finally, he'll marry me. No more psychopaths, no more waiting. We'll be together. For forever and beyond, we'll be together. I lean back on the ground and gaze up. A flash of light goes over me. I know that flash, have seen that flash. I look up.

He is back.