The Joke

By Sheryl Olson

Summary: A short humor piece in which Lois jumps to an interesting conclusion after catching Clark wearing nothing but a towel.


Clark was just toweling off from his long, hot shower, when there was a knock at his apartment door. "What now?" he muttered to himself as he wrapped the towel around his lean waist. He was in the middle of opening his front door when he realized that he hadn't put on his glasses. Lois was standing there, looking up at him with her mouth wide open.

"Lois! Hi…" Clark began, fully expecting that he would have a lot of explaining to do.

"Superman! Wha…at are you doing here?" Lois stammered, obviously thrown off-balance by the sight of Clark's mostly naked, glistening body.

Clark cocked an eyebrow as his devious mind started working. He crossed his arms, put on his most serious Superman face, and said, "Lois, there's something I have to tell you." He paused for effect. "Clark and I are more than 'just friends'."

Lois looked puzzled at first. Then her eyebrows rose as the implications dawned on her. "Oh…" she started. "Um…" she tried again. "Oh…I see," she said finally. "Well, I've gotta run!" she said, trying to force a smile. Then she turned on her heel, ran down the steps and out of sight.

[Of course, later on, Superman flies to Lois' apartment, catches her drowning her sorrows in a huge hot fudge sundae, and tells her the whole truth—at which point, Lois dumps the sundae on top of Superman's head.]