Jamaica Moonlight

By Annemijn van de Kraats <anne_mijn84@yahoo.com>

Rated PG

Submitted February 2001

Summary: Lois learns some pertinent information regarding her partner while on an undercover assignment in Jamaica.

Author's note:

I dedicate this story to every FoLC in the world. This story is based on the episode "We Have a Lot to Talk About".

All rights to recognisable characters are held by DC Comics, Warner Bros. and/or ABC Television, and the authors do not intentionally infringe any copyright by the use of these characters in this work of fiction.


There was a moment when Clark would have doubted if Lois really loved him. Why else would she go out on a date with Dan Scardino? Did she tell a lie when she told Clark that she loved him? But now he was sure that she did love him the way he loved her.

They went to Jamaica on an assignment. Lois and Clark had to cover a story about the richest and most wanted person in the world — Mr. Big. They were the only two reporters in the world who could interview him. When they arrived at the airport of Jamaica, Lois and Clark were brought to the Hilton Hotel, which had only been open for two weeks now.

Perry thought that he could play Cupid, so he arranged that Lois and Clark had to share a bedroom. He thought that if this wouldn't work, then nothing would. Perry had been watching them for a couple of months now and he thought that it was about time they became an item.

Lois and Clark walked into their bedroom. As Clark put the luggage down, they noticed that there was only one bed. Lois decided that she would sleep on the couch because she thought that Clark wouldn't fit on the couch. But Clark didn't want to hear a thing about that.

Some hours later, Lois and Clark were finishing their dinner. Clark suggested that they could go for a moonlight walk down the beach. As they walked down the beach, they noticed that it was deserted. Lois started the conversation.

"Clark, why do you always run out on me when I am about to pour my heart out to you? Why do you always do that?"

"Well… I, uh, think it's about time I tell you what the true reason is for me leaving you all the time. I know I've made some lame excuses the last few months, but I think that this explains it all. Only…"

"Only what? You better tell me the truth right now, otherwise we're through, Clark Kent."

"Okay… let me first explain to you why I kept this secret from you. I didn't mean to hurt you. I only kept it from you so you wouldn't get hurt in any way. I… have got a, uh… how do I put this?… a double life. I have kept this secret from you for two years now and you must understand that I only did this so you wouldn't get hurt."

"But you did hurt me, Clark! By not telling me why you always run out on me when we are together. You say you love me, but right now I doubt… Don't you trust me enough to tell me what your secret is? Don't you love me? Don't I mean anything to you?"

"Lois, I love you. I really do with all my heart. But I couldn't just tell you this and… uh…"

"And what? Just tell me what your damn secret is, Clark. I have waited for an explanation for months now."

"Okay, okay, I won't hold it back any longer now."

Clark started spinning and spinning as he turned into Superman. Lois just stood there, stunned by what was in front of her. She couldn't say a word.

"Lois, this is my secret. I am, uh … Superman. Don't you see why I kept this from you? Lois, please say something."

"I… uh, I…"

"Please tell me how you feel. Are you mad?"

"No, I am not mad, I think."

"You're not?"

"No, I am not mad, I am hurt. Couldn't you trust me enough to tell me that you're Super… Superman."

"Lois, I do trust you enough. I just didn't want to put you in any danger."

At this point Lois started walking towards the hotel. Clark just stood there watching the woman of his dreams walk away from him.

"Oh, Clark, I love you too," Lois said with tears in her eyes.

When Lois was about two hundred feet away from him, Clark started walking towards the hotel too. When Lois arrived at the hotel, Clark was only 2 feet away from her.

Lois turned around, as if she felt that somebody was watching her.



"Are you going to come inside with me?"

"If you want me to."

"I do."

In their bedroom they were getting ready for bed when Lois picked up the conversation where they left it.

"I did some thinking when I walked to the hotel and I realized that what you did was perfectly understandable. But I am still hurt and I will be for a while. Only I love you too and I can't stay mad at you for very long. At least I now know why you always run out on me. Now you don't have to make any excuses anymore — you can tell the truth now. And I can get the exclusives."

Clark walked towards her and kissed her gently. Lois kissed him back and their kiss became very passionate — as if they hadn't seen each other for years. Clark leaned back and looked at Lois.

"Lois, you're so beautiful. I love you so much."

"Oh, Clark I love you too."

That night became one of the hottest nights Jamaica ever had.

When they returned to the Daily Planet, Perry found Lois sitting on Clark's lap and they were kissing each other. Perry walked to them and asked for the story. Lois and Clark handed over the article and looked at Perry.

When Perry walked away, he said to himself, "It seems that my arrow worked."