Just One More Word

By DJ Robin

Summary: The events in the episode "And the Answer Is …" summarized in rhyme.

Hello, FoLC's! This isn't really a fanfic. It's more like a fan reaction. This takes place right after where (for those of you who [gasp!] haven't seen it) Clark proposes to Lois in the park. Episode named, "And the Answer is… it … here!

As you know, Lois, Clark, Superman, etc. are all property of Warner Bros., DC Comics, and ABC TV. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, you know the drill.

All these opinion were mine, as I entered the first stages of LCWS. You can e-mail me comments, good or bad, to me at sdem@msn.com. (E-mail address courtesy of Jade/Ami Hu)

Now, on with my poem!


Life really sucks It's because of Clark Who proposed to Lois In the park.

But before she could say Yes or no The stupid producers Cut off the show.

He was trying to tell her That he's Superman But something went wrong With his plan.

First the phone rang Then lightning struck And poor Clark couldn't tell her He was out of luck.

He wasn't at his home He was with his maiden fair Whom viewers believe Make a perfect pair.

But he got a message On the telephone That his parents were kidnapped And soon Lois was alone.

He went to a dumpster To find a clue And a man in a TV Told him what to do.

"Steal all the diamonds," He laughingly said "If you don't, Your parents will be dead."

Clark, he tried To find this crook He even tried looking Inside the phone book.

The crook he found Had paid the fare For Nigel St. John To fly Zurich Air.

But time was running out And to set the Kents free He robbed the store of its Diamond jewelry.

And in a car Across the street Rapidly Lois' heart Began to beat.

"How could this perfect Guy of mine Turn out to have A life of crime?"

She confronted Clark To calm her fears Saying, "How could you lie to me All these years?"

"Lois," he said "You have been mistaken. I'm only doing this 'cause My parents have been taken!"

"Oh!" Lois said, "If only I knew! I'll do all that I can To try and help you."

So off they went back To the planet together And they looked so darn cute Like two birds of a feather.

But at the Planet something happened To ruin their fun. Clark got a threatening phone call Much like the first one.

"If you don't want your parents' Lives to end, You must kill Your lovely girlfriend."

Clark took Lois To a room alone To relay the crook's message From the telephone.

She said, "Find Superman." And gave Clark a kiss That no true FoLC Could ever miss.

When Superman came To see her that night, Lois asked him To help with their plight.

"Please can you freeze me With your super cold breath So Clark's parents Won't come to their death?

That way it would Look like I'm dead, Then you could heat me And wake me," Lois said.

"Lois, don't do it, Don't go through the freeze. I don't want to harm you. Reconsider, please!"

"I don't care," she said, "If I never wake. I have to do it For Clark's parents' sake!"

"But if for some chance I don't make it through, Tell Clark that I love him 'Cause I'm not sure he knew."

"Lois," he said, Clark knows more than you think." And with that, He froze her in a blink.

He flew over To the crook' hideout And she looked dead There was no doubt.

But as he took his parents And used his gifts of flight, The crook weakened his powers With Kryptonite.

They threw him and his parents Inside a big room, Where they would meet Their impending doom.

Since through the grate They could not climb, They threw out the rock In the nick of time.

But the table had turned And the crook had failed He killed Nigel, and Superman Made sure he'd be jailed.

"Lois, you have to Wake up," Superman said. "I wouldn't be able To live if you were dead."

After lots of CPR, She recovered suddenly Saying, "I heard You calling me."

So it all ended well. Everyone glad, The winners were the good And the losers, the bad.

But one thing was lacking In Clark's busy life. He hadn't asked Lois To become his wife.

"I have to ask you A question," said Clark As they were taking a walk Through the park.

"I truly love you As anyone can see So I'm asking you To marry me."

To Lois, this came as Quite a surprise You could see it In her eyes.

I had been waiting Three years for this. The producers could have Given me such bliss.

She opened her mouth But before she could speak Lois and Clark was Over for this week!

For a new episode I'd need to wait the whole summer! There had never been Such a gigantic bummer!

And so my hopes Went down the drain. Those stupid producers They have no brain!