Just Another Fortune Cookie

By Susan Schwartz (NCC17LU@aol.com)

Summary: Picking up after the episode "That Old Gang of Mine," Clark presses Lois to continue with what she was talking about when he so conveniently fell asleep in her car.

{Author's note: While eating Chinese, I came across the fortune quoted in this story. I thought it would be a good piece of fate if either Lois or Clark received it. This story is supposed to pick up where TOGOM left off. Any critiques welcome. And a big thank you to Debby Stark is overdue.}


As they were coming down in the elevator, Clark was telling Perry and Jimmy how he had been brought back to life.

"That sure is some story, C.K.," Jimmy replied.

"C'mon, Jimmy, I'll give you a ride home," Perry offered, "we'll see you two kids tomorrow."

As they got nearer the doors to leave, Lois asked Clark if he would like a ride home. "Yeah, being dead really takes it out of you," Clark replied.

Lois looked at Clark and grinned. This is my chance to make up for lost time, she thought. Now all I have to do is tell him how I actually feel. C'mon, she told herself, you CAN do this.

While they were riding toward Clark's apartment, Lois decided to confess to Clark what she had gone through while he was "dead". "I know you'll think I am selfish talking about myself, but please hear me out."

She sounded so serious and so close to tears, it tore at Clark's heart to see her like this.

She continued," When I thought about how much I missed you—how much I was going to miss you for the rest of my life, I started to think that maybe there's more to our relationship than just friendship." Lois, wondering if maybe she was sounding a little too dramatic for her own good, paused and looked at Clark for his reaction to all of this.

Clark had gone to sleep.

She sighed and shrugged, muttering, "Or maybe not."


Lois checked on Clark every few minutes. The way his head was positioned, he was going to have a very stiff neck in the morning. She noticed he also had his glasses on. Poor boy sleeps with his glasses on, she thought, I'll get them later.

Finally they arrived at his apartment. "Clark, wake up, we're home," Lois said gently. When he would not budge, Lois got a little more pushy. "C'mon, Clark, I can't pick you up and carry you. I am not Superwoman." She finally awoke him enough to get him into his apartment after having taken the keys out of his pocket.

Clark finally woke up completely and realized he was at home. Then he remembered the day's events, how he had been shot and Lois crying over him while he had to feign his 'death' so neither the gangsters nor anyone else would know he was Superman. All of this had torn at his heart as he realized what Lois had gone through. Then he remembered Lois saying something about having feelings for him right before he fell asleep. He just could not remember in what context. I just have to get her talking again, he thought.

"Lois, are you by any chance hungry? It is still early and I am famished."

Lois thought about it a moment, and after realizing she hadn't had much to eat since Clark's death, agreed.

"I haven't been to the grocery store in a couple of days, why don't we go out?" he asked.

"Alright, let's go for some Chinese." Lois grinned at him. Like him, she was remembering the first time they had Chinese together.

As they drove to the restaurant, Clark asked Lois how she was holding up after the day's events. When she spoke, Clark could hear the break in her voice.

"I am so confused, first I lose you, and then like a miracle you come back to me. Fate is a strange thing, Clark." She paused to clear her head. C'mon, girl, go for it, she thought. "There is something I need to tell you."

"Yes, Lois?"

"All I've been thinking about is all the things I should have done when you were alive—I mean, before you died…and came back…and…well, you know… I thought about all the things I should have told you. Then when you came back to me, I realized I…well, we were being given another chance."

"Another chance for what, Lois?" Clark prodded gently. "For us to carry on our relationship or take it a step further?"

"We're here, I hope that they are not crowded, I'd hate to wait." Lois babbled on about some weird tangent. She had brought him to her favorite Chinese restaurant, THE GOLDEN PAGODA. Lois already knew what she wanted. She wanted to get these feelings off her chest. Instead, the waiter showed them to a table in a quiet corner and took their orders. As Lois had hoped, the place wasn't crowded. They could talk openly without fear of being heard.

"So, Lois, you were saying?" Clark could feel himself getting anxious.

Lois took a moment to compose herself and look at Clark and gauge his expression. He looked hopeful, she thought. She decided to jump in with both feet. "Well, Clark, I have decided to take advantage of this second chance and tell you everything I should have told you before. Do you remember when we were standing outside the Daily Planet building after Lex died and I had something to tell you?"

"Yes, I remember, go on."

Just then the food arrived. They dug in, and Lois remarked that this wasn't the best Chinese she had had.

"Well, what was the best?" Clark asked.

Lois grinned at him. "You know as well as I do, it was after Perry forced me to take you as my partner and we were going through all of Dr. Platt's research."

Clark remembered earlier and wondered if Lois had too.

"Anyway," she continued, "what I wanted to tell you was the reason I decided not to marry Lex."

Clark could feel his heart starting to pound, or was it Lois' he heard? "And that was?"

"The reason was…being apart from you for so long and finally realizing I wasn't in love with Lex, but in love with you," Lois paused here and looked into Clark's eyes to see if she could tell what he was thinking. They both were quiet for a few minutes. Nervously, Lois broke the silence. "I was going to tell you but you wanted to speak first. Then you said you just wanted to be best friends. I was kind of hesitant to pursue it any further than that. I was content to be best friends, see you every day and enjoy your company. But all the while, there was something missing. And now, I would like to make up for lost time." Lois stopped and started to play with her food, moving it around to different positions on her plate.

In an attempt to lighten the situation, Clark remarked that Lois shouldn't play with her food until she ate all her toys.

Lois just looked at him as if he had lost his mind. "Don't you have anything to say, any feelings to tell me about, anything?" Lois stammered.

Clark thought for a moment. This was a dream come true. "Lois, I don't know how to tell you this, but when I told you I lied about what I said that day in the park about loving you for a long time, I had my fingers crossed. After Lex's death, I was hesitant myself about approaching you about it. I thought you needed some room to breathe."

"I guess I did need some space to find what I really wanted. All along, I knew that there was something missing after Lex's death, I just never knew it was right under my nose. I have really missed sharing some good times with you, but not to worry, we still have all of our life in front us. Except you, you're like a cat, which life is this? Your third or fourth?"

"Yeah, I guess I do take a lot of chances, I just don't want to see anything happen to you. By the way, what cat do you think I could be? I was thinking along the lines of a black panther. You know, a watcher, a protector, and very fierce about his mate."

Lois thought for a moment. "Mate? What mate? No, I think the Pink Panther would suit you better. You are always getting into something and bungling it up."

Clark laughed at this. Then he got a serious look on his face.

"What is it, Clark?"

"By the way, Lois, what about Superman?" Clark asked reluctantly.

Lois grimaced, remembering that conversation with Superman. "I don't think there is anything left between us. After he made that remark about the lead-lined robe, he just made me feel so low. He also didn't appear too happy after I gave him the rose that night after the Kerth Awards. Come to think of it, that night he danced with me in midair was the last time he ever was romantic with me. It was like…he was trying to save the feeling because he wouldn't get to do it again for a long time. I mean…I think he'll always be there when I need him, but I don't think we can go back to the way we were as he is all business toward me now. I mean I think he will always be there for me, but I don't think we can be romantically involved with each other."

"I'm so sorry, Lois," Clark apologized.

"Why are you sorry, Clark? It's not your fault that Superman is not in love with me," Lois cried.

At this point, Clark shifted nervously in his seat. "Well,…I know how you feel about Superman, and I'm sorry he hurt your feelings."

"Clark, I…that's very nice of you," Lois said.

Just then, the waiter brought them two fortune cookies. They both reached for one and Lois opened hers first. She read it and looked teary-eyed at Clark.

"Lois, what is wrong?" Clark asked.

She handed him her fortune. "I think Fate is trying to tell us something," she said.

It read: There's a secret romance blooming! Go for it in spite of your hesitation!

Clark couldn't believe his eyes. "I think I have to agree with your fortune, Lois, we have both been hesitant to take the first step because of all that has happened. What do you think?"

"What does your fortune say, Clark?"

Clark looked at his in disbelief. "You would never believe me if I told you."

"What, Clark?"

"'The love of your life is sitting in this room.' What were you saying about Fate, Lois?"

"You know, Clark, I have never met anyone like you; you make me feel so special. I want to try at least." Lois replied awkwardly.

They leaned toward each other with no further hesitation and as their lips met, they both knew this was meant to be. After all, Confucius said that fortune cookies were always right.