Just Another Day at Work

By Natalie Fox (Scribe1984@yahoo.com)

Rated: G

Submitted: November 2001

Summary: A dull day at work is brightened by a small encounter in this vignette.

Well, here's another one of my forays into the world of L+C fanfiction. (Where nothing is mine but the story.) I had just gotten home from working an eight-hour shift and had to let some frustration out. Then I remembered a little boy I saw and how I thought he looked like someone I'd seen before. When I got home it hit me, and I just had to write this story. So without further incident, here's my little story about Clark's baby life.


So, I'm working at the food store which, ironically, is called "The Food Store", but I guess it's not that ironic since the population of this town is just over one hundred.

Well, anyway, to get back to the story, I'm working an eight-hour shift, which is horrible to say the least, and my patience level is really wearing down by the time I've reached the sixth hour.

I'm really starting to want to scream and if one more person asks me to pack their $300 worth of food items in paper and plastic, I'm really going to have to hold myself back from punching them.

Why don't these people EVER try and pack that many groceries in paper AND plastic by themselves!?! At my height, I get cuts on my elbows and arms because of the stupid bag corners, and it takes me forever! Just one more order like that and I'm going to freak!

What makes this job even worse are the kids! They're all screaming and yelling "MOMMY!" or "DADDY!" "I want this!" "I want that!" "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Now I'm really getting annoyed 'cause there's a little kid in the next lane just screaming for no reason! I'm going crazy! I check my watch but I still have an hour before my next break. I just breathe in and out and keep checking out people. I focus on my register's 'beep beep beep' and try to ignore everything else.

It's another 15 minutes later, when I finally look up. There's this cute little boy with dark curly hair. He's so adorable! He's sucking on a pacifier, and not making any sounds. His skin tone is darkish and he has the darkest brown eyes. His precious little mouth is sucking on a pacifier with a cute cow design on it.

Then I see his father. I know this man! He's a farmer a few miles from here. What was his name again? Oh, yeah. Jonathan. Oh! Then this must be his new son that people are talking about. Clark, I believe. That's such a distinguished name…Clark Kent.

He's watching me now. He seems to understand everything I'm doing as I make small talk with his father. He may be just a baby, but I can tell his observational skills are exquisite. As I watch them go, it dawns on me that Jonathan actually bagged his own groceries. What a great man! That Clark sure is lucky to have such a great father. I watch them walk through the door and I see Clark wave 'good bye' to me. I wave back and smile.

That kid really helped restore my patience. As I turn around to take my next customer, I start to think that that kid is going to be one super guy when he grows up.