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Summary: Clark's request for a picture of Lois gives her a hint of his feelings for her. A pre-relationship, "first season" story.

I would like to thank my great friend, Valerie, for supporting me in writing my first fanfic and for the great story ideas and to whom this fanfic is dedicated. Thanks for being there, always, through my LCWS and teaching me that it's okay to be obsessed with Lois and Clark. And, thanks for talking to me 'till 10 on the phone for 3 hours and then calling me at midnight just to talk about Lois and Clark. You're the only one who understands my obsession, and now I know how you felt.

Thanks for always being there. I'd also like to thank my cousin, Mary, of whom's experiences the whole idea of this fanfic was based. For Valerie This story takes place during the first season, when L&C are just getting to be friends.


"Clark, Lois. My office, now," Perry White said, in more of a request than a demand. The editor in chief of Metropolis' star paper, the Daily Planet just got word of a new story and wanted his prize-winning duo reporters, Lois Lane and Clark Kent, to cover it. Lois stepped in. Clark graciously waited for her to go through the doorway before going into Perry's office himself. "Wha'd you want, chief?" Lois asked.

"Word on the street is there's been some FBI activity in the vicinity," Perry informed Lois and Clark, "Rumors are saying there's a possible government search for foreign spies. They're supposedly catching a group conspiring to capture a shipment of government made computer disks. Some government agencies copied their databases into files, including the FBI, the DOE, the DOD, and other important federal departments. You two up to this one?"

"Sure, chief," Clark perked up. "If it's okay with you, Lois."

Lois had spaced out, daydreaming about love that could never be. "Whaaa?" she mumbled, "Oh. Sure, Clark."

"Lois, honey, are you okay?" Perry asked. Perry had been like a second father to Lois after she started to work at the Planet.

"Perry, I'm fine." Lois smiled. Perry was always worrying about her; looking out for her well being. "I was just thinking…"

"Never mind, Lois. Just go get me a great cover story for tomorrow's edition of the Planet. Maybe even scoop the Star." The Metropolis Star was the city's other newspaper. It and the Planet were always in constant competition. But, then again, who isn't in this dog eat dog world, Perry thought.

"C'mon Lois," Clark said, coaxing her out of the relative safety of Perry's office. He knew how close Perry and Lois were, and how Lois thought of the Planet and Perry's office as a second home. He stepped out of doorway. "Jimmy!" Clark called across the newsroom.

"What's up, CK?" Jimmy Olsen asked as he trotted over to Clark. Jimmy made a meager living by doing odd jobs around the Planet, which included research, photography, and delivering papers around the building. It was a wonder how he could afford that red convertible he'd been driving around lately.

"Jimmy," Clark said, "I need you to look up anything on foreign spy or FBI activity and secret copies of government databases."

"Will do, CK."

Clark went back to his desk. Lois came up behind him. "What did you ask Jimmy about?" Lois asked.

"I'm having Jimmy research any spy or FBI activity or government databases because…" Clark stopped because of a faint help in his ear that his super sensitive hearing picked up. "Uh, Lois, I have to go." Clark jogged over to the elevator and pushed the down button, waited a few moments, and then when the doors opened, hurriedly got on. Clark loosened his tie, and started unbuttoning his shirt, exposing the red and gold 'S' on his Superman costume.

Where does he always go at times like this, Lois wondered. Clark was always leaving when he was explaining something important or when she was spilling her guts to him. Someday, somehow, she knew she would figure out why.

"Lois!" called Jimmy from across the newsroom, "I couldn't find CK, so I thought I'd show you." Jimmy pulled out a pile of papers from a manila folder. I found some information on spy and FBI activity, but, some of it I found it in a tabloid."

"Well, thanks anyway, Jimmy," Lois said, "Maybe I'll find something actually credible in *here*." She gestured toward the manila folder. "Sometimes you never know what your sources'll be when you're working on a story."

"Well, I sure hope you can find something you can use," Jimmy retorted, "Oh, you have to read the article on aliens landing in Metropolis that are from Superman's home planet. Supposedly, they're watching Superman until the right time when they will confront him with the fact that he must go rule a new planet called New Krypton, or something like that. He's supposed to go back to this New Krypton, meet his wife that he's already married to, even though they've never met, become the ruler of New Krypton, and fight Lord Nor, a big, evil guy. Totally a hoax, but since it's about Superman, I thought you'd enjoy it. Here." Jimmy handed Lois the tabloid.

"I'll be sure to read it, Jimmy. Thanks." Lois said. New Krypton, Yeah right! she thought.

*10 minutes later*

"Lois, has Jimmy found the stuff I asked him to research?" Clark asked as he walked over to Lois' desk. He had successfully saved a family of four from a river that spilled over it's banks in El Salvador.

"As a matter of fact, he did," Lois said with a hint of aggravation. Clark could see that she was still a little irked at him for running off, again. "Come're. I want you to see this." Lois pointed to an article from a magazine, but something else caught Clark's eye.

"Um, Lois? What is this?" Clark asked as he picked up the tabloid. "I didn't know you read this trash." Clark grinned in amusement.

"Why would I, of all people, read a tabloid?" Lois stifled a laugh.

"I don't know. You tell me."

"Well…it's not mine."

"Then why is it at your desk?"

"It's for a story I'm working on."

"A story? What story? I thought we were a team. Lane and Kent? Remember? We do assignments *together*?" Clark had to concentrate hard not to burst into laughter.

"Well, I wasn't going to print it right away."

"When were you? In two years?"

"Well, maybe. And what right do you have to make these accusations to me. Aren't *I* the veteran reporter?" This was the Lois Clark knew.

"Yes, you are. *You* are the veteran reporter, which makes more of a debatable subject. *You*, the veteran reporter are using trash on a story. A tabloid is *not* a reliable source, therefore it should not be used as one for a story written for a highly respected paper, such as the Daily Planet. And a story about Superman leaving Earth and fighting a…" Clark glanced down at the tabloid, "…Lord Nor is not highly probable."

"Well, I'm sorry Mr. All-Mighty God of Research and Resource. Clearly we're not going to get this done now, so why don't we meet at your place for a pizza and to work in about an hour since it's about time to leave anyway?"

"That sounds right, mortal."

"Very funny. One hour?"

"Sounds right."

"See ya."



There was a knock on Clark's door. "Come in!"

"What? No pizza?"

"I haven't ordered it yet. Hold on a sec and I will." Clark went into his bedroom to make a phone call to the local pizza delivery place.

Lois sat down on Clark's couch and started spreading her materials across the table in front of it.

After a minute or two, Clark emerged. "Feel free to make yourself…" Clark paused when he saw what Lois had done, "…at home." He smiled. Lois was not the type to wait to do something until she was told to.

"Too late, already did."

"I noticed. The pizza should be here in 35 minutes."

"Let's get started," Lois said as she patted the area next to her on the sofa. Clark sat down and started reading.

Exactly 36 minutes later someone knocked on the door to Clark's apartment. "Must be the pizza. Hungry yet?" Clark asked jokingly, knowing what the answer would be.

"So much that I could eat a horse. Go get the door."

Clark got up and opened the door, took the pizza, paid the delivery boy, and carried the pizza back to where they were sitting. He opened the box and handed Lois a napkin. "We have supreme and supreme. Your choice."

"I think I'll take supreme. I thought you'd order something else. I never pictured you as much of a supreme person, Clark. I thought you were more of a pepperoni and cheese sorta guy."

"Well, surprise, surprise."

"Clark," Lois said between mouthfuls of pizza, "Why are there only pictures of your family in here? There aren't any pictures of any friends. Were you totally anti-social before you came to Metropolis?"

"No, I just haven't asked any one for their picture. *Yet*."

"Why not?"

"I haven't felt close enough with too many people to ask them for their picture. But I'd love to have one of you, Lois."

"Why me?"

"We're partners, remember."

"Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Well, I don't usually carry pictures of me with me, but I'll get one to you."

"Okay. Let's get back to work."


" 'Night, Clark," Lois said as she opened the door of his apartment. They had finished the research on the story and had decided to call it a night.

"'Night, Lois. See you tomorrow."


"Bye." Lois closed the door behind her. Clark walked out of the entry and into his empty apartment.


Lois parked her jeep. She walked up the concrete steps and opened the door to her apartment building. She walked up the four flights of stairs to her apartment. She unlocked the door of number 501. It was exactly the way she left it; tidy but not formally clean. She checked her machine. There was a message from her mother. Lois decided to call her the next morning at the Planet.


"Morning, Lois."

"Morning, Clark." Lois had just gotten off of the phone with her mother. "Oh, Clark, I have the picture."

"That's great, Lois." Clark had flown to Rome that night and found a dainty silver frame to put Lois' picture in.

"Here." Lois handed Clark the picture. After lots of serious thought, she had decided on a high-school prom picture of her and Joe Malloy.

"Oh," Clark said, downhearted. He figured the picture would be of her only.

"Oh? What do you mean, 'oh' ?" Her plan had worked.

"Well, I just thought…"

"You thought the picture wouldn't be of me and another man?"

"Well, yeah."

"Well, I have some others with me. I brought them just in case you didn't like this one." She pulled a small stack of photos out of her briefcase.

"Here's one. Ooh! Here's a really nice one."

"Um, Lois." Every single picture in the stack was her with a man, who was not Clark, looking all lovey dovey.

"Yes, Clark?"

"Don't you have any of just *you* ?"

"Here's one of me and Claude. He was so sweet. Not to mention cute." She handed him the stack of photos and pointed to the one on top.


She took away the picture of 'Claude', exposing yet another picture of her and a man. "Oh, and here's one of me and Matthew. We had such a romantic weekend camping in the mountains."

"Lois…" Clark was starting to get aggravated.

Lois took the picture of 'Matthew' off the top, revealing a picture of a different man and her. Again. "This is a picture of me and Brian. We fell in love and were sure we were soulmates. Then he went off with that slut, Lyssa…"

"Lois…wow. You must have made a lot of money that year."

"What?" Lois was P.O.ed.

"For someone who hates men, you sure like to take pictures of you and your clientele."

"What?" Lois was outraged. Then, a sly smile crossed over Lois' face. "Jealous, Clark?"

"So you *do* admit to prostitution?"

"I can't help it if guys like me. And, my sexual activity, or your *lack* of it, should not be discussed in the newsroom."

"Would you like to go somewhere more *private*?"

"Clark Kent, *you are a pervert* "

"Hey, if some of the other men in Metropolis are attracted to you, why shouldn't I be?"

"You're my partner; my best friend. You're not supposed to say things like that about me."

"You're just upset because your little *plan* to make me jealous backfired *in your face*. "

"No, it didn't. I see that jealous little look in your eye. You want me so bad, Clark Kent."

"No, you want me, Lois Lane."

"Ugh! I am revolted! Me, want you? In your dreams, Farm Boy."

"You lie. I saw you look down that first time you saw me naked."

"I never saw you naked."

"Well, I was only in a towel. And you said yourself, 'I thought you'd be naked' I swear by the tone in your voice, if I didn't know better, I'd have thought you were a hooker sent out because it was my birthday. And you *did* look down."

"Well, there's not much to 'look down' *at*."

"You would know."

"You are crazy, Farm Boy. I wouldn't get in bed with you if you paid me half a million dollars." By now, their voices had gotten so loud that the whole newsroom was listening and laughing.

"Um, Lois, Clark," Perry interrupted, "I think you'd better step into my office before this gets out of hand."

"It already is," someone shouted from the back of the newsroom. Everyone laughed. Lois smiled uncomfortably, blushing at the awareness of how loud she had been yelling at Clark.

"Let's step inside of my office." Perry gave Lois and Clark a look.

"Yes, Chief," they said simultaneously.


Over the course of three hours, Perry lectured Lois and Clark on newsroom conduct and employee behavior. They both gave their apologies and vowed never to make an outburst like that again.

Lois gave Clark a recent picture of her, alone, taken at a portrait studio. He kept it in the dainty silver frame from Rome and put it beside his bed; so Lois would be the last thing he saw before going to sleep and the first thing he saw when he woke up in the morning.


Clark awoke to the shrill ring of his telephone. He groggily looked at his alarm clock. One thirty a.m.? Who could be calling at this hour? he thought.

He picked up the phone. "Hello?" he mumbled.

"Clark, it's Lois. I was wondering, do you have a picture of yourself I could have?"

"Lo-is!" he groaned.


Did you like it? If you did, thank me. If you didn't, it's Valerie's fault.