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Summary: What if Clark were already married to Lois (but experiencing "technical difficulties") when the New Kryptonians came to fetch him? A story based loosely on spoilers for the episodes "Through a Glass Darkly" and "Big Girls Don't Fly."


This is loosely based on spoilers for TaGD and BGDF. If you want to remain completely spoiler-free, do not read this story.

This is not what I think will happen. However, I did think that this would be cool twist.

While this story has adult themes, there is no actual sex, so I would rate it PG-13.

Warner Bros., December 3rd, and who knows who else own these characters. I am borrowing them for a while because I am bored, experiencing LCWS, and because I don't think that they really mind.


The front door opens, and Clark sees Lois struggling to carry several grocery bags.

"Let me get those for you, Lois. Are there any more in the car?"

Clark takes half of the bags, and they head to the kitchen to put everything away.

"No, this is it. How was your patrol?"

"I didn't find any problems. Do you want to rest before we go to dinner, or just head out?"

Lois turns from putting away the food, puts a hand on Clark's stomach, and says seductively, "Do we really *have* to go out?"

"Lo-is! Don't tempt me. I've got a surprise planned for tonight, remember?"

"This better be good, Kent."

"Trust me."

Clark carries Lois over the threshold of the honeymoon suite of the Lexor Hotel. As he sets Lois down, Clark looks deeply into her eyes.

"I love you even more this year than I did when we got married a year ago today. How is that possible?"

Lois runs her hands across Clark's chest.

"I feel exactly the same way. Shall I show you?"

Some time later, Clark and Lois lie in bed together. Clark rubs Lois' back and says, "Lois, are you awake?"

Lois kisses his chest, then looks up. "Yup."

"Do you think I'll ever be able to…"

"Clark Kent, don't even say it! I thought we agreed to stop worrying and enjoy each other as much as we can. I truly wish that I could make it better for you, so that you could understand how wonderful you made me feel."

"Lois, I…you're the one I worry about."

"Clark, I married you, not your body. If this is all we ever have, it's still more than most find."

Lois and Clark discuss the final draft of a story. A man walks up behind them carrying a small device in his hand.


Lois grabs Clark's arm, and they both turn to look at the stranger.

Clark says, "I'm sorry, you must have me confused with someone else. My name is Clark Kent. Is there anything I can do to help you?"

The man looks at his scanner again, then puts it in his pocket. "Whatever you call yourself, the time has come. I have brought Her Highness, and the ceremony is in two weeks. I have searched the galaxy for you, and I finally traced you to this planet."

Lois and Clark just stare at the man. Finally, Clark stands up and motions toward the empty conference room.

"Let's continue this discussion in private."

The man shrugs and all three go into the room.

"Your father thought that he could protect you from your destiny by sending you away, but my people are persistent."

Clark says, "What is your name, and what are you talking about?"

"I am Rham-Ar. I am a member of the security squad of the royal family of the planet Neon. Your home planet, Krypton, was at war with the Neonians shortly before your birth. In order to unify the planets, it was decided that you would marry the next female child born to the Neonian royal family. Your twenty-fifth birthday is in two weeks, by the Kryptonian calendar, and soon you will be sexually mature. Jor-El sent you away to protect you from this marriage, but I have found you just in time. The homing rock which you call Kryptonite changes emission frequencies when exposed to a member of you race. Your bride awaits you. Are you ready to leave?"

"Whoa, whoa. Why me?"

"As a member of the ruling Science Council, your father had a responsibility to preserve the peace. He and your mother paid a high price for sending you away, but they will be released now that you have been found."

Lois breaks out of a state of shock to say, "His parents are still alive?!?"

"Very much so. They can go back to their old lives after the marriage. The war has long past, but will resume if the contract terms are not met."

Clark looks at Lois, then grabs her hand. "I'm already married."

"Nonsense. You may love this woman, but you are not old enough yet to have possibly consummated a marriage. Our laws only recognize marriages after copulation."

"We need to think about this and talk to each other. Is there some way that we can contact you?"

Rham-Ar gives Clark a small beeper-like device. "Just hit that button, and I will come to you."

"What happens if I decide not to come?"

"You will come. You have no choice. However, if you do try to run, it will mean certain war between our planets. Your parents will be eliminated. This city will also be destroyed. Have I made myself clear?"


"Good. Be ready to go in one week. I'll not take the chance of you mating with someone else. If that happens, the contract will be voided, and we will have to find a new way to maintain the peace."

"So, if I run, you will retaliate. However, if I mate with someone besides…"


"…Zara, the contract is just void? What will happen to my parents?"

"They will be released, of course. Physically, you won't be able to void the contract, so just resign yourself to leaving this…"

Rham-Ar looks at Lois.

"…planet. I will await your transmission." Rham-Ar leaves.

"You don't look very worried, Clark. What do you have up your sleeve?"

Clark reaches for the phone.

"Mom, Dad. Can we come down this weekend? We need some private time away from the city. We may also need your help."

"You said that we could talk to you about anything. We have good news and bad news. You know that I have been impotent since our marriage. Well, we found out that the problem is that I am not mature enough for … marriage."

Lois and Clark explain the strange story of what really happened on Krypton.

Jonathan looks stunned. "Why did your parents even send the globe, if it was all a lie?"

"I have no idea."

Martha says, "I still don't understand, Clark. How can you overcome your own biology?"

Lois' head snaps up as she realizes what Clark has planned. "No!"

Clark looks into her eyes. "Yes. It's the only way."

Martha looks at Lois questioningly.

"He plans to use Kryptonite. I won't do it."

Jonathan asks, "How will Kryptonite help?"

"He thinks that it will make him just human enough to…It's too dangerous!"

"Well, it is your choice. I'll understand if you can't." A tear falls down Clark's cheek. "I will truly miss all of you."

Jonathan gets down on his knees in front of Clark and whispers, "Will you run?"

"No. I have a responsibility. I will not cause a war and leave my parents in prison. I'll have to marry her." Clark looks into Lois' eyes. "Don't forget me, Lois. Please. But don't live alone. Dan…Dan might still be available. Be happy, please."

Lois gets up and looks out the window. She whispers, "Do you have a piece here with you, or do you need to get it from Dr. Klein?"

Clark looks at Lois' back hopefully. "Mom and Dad keep a chunk here. Are you sure about this?"

"I'm not going to live without you, Clark. We'll get through this."

Jonathan stands up. "Martha, don't we need to go to town for something?"

"No. We'd better stay. That's why you wanted to come here, isn't it, Clark?"

"Yes. If I pass out or something, Lois may need help moving me."

Lois looks over her shoulder and says, "You know, Clark, romantic this isn't."

"Tell me about it. Are you sure?"

Lois walks over and holds out her hand. "Let's see what happens."

One hour later, Martha yells toward Clark's room. "You two all right in there?"

"We're just fine, Martha. You two can go to bed. Clark is *definitely* staying on Earth."

Rham-Ar knocks on the window. Clark gets up, leaving Lois sleeping, and lets him in.

"My sensors told me that the Kryptonite frequencies were fluctuating, but I never considered this!"

"I guess that takes care of my leaving."

"Yes. I doubt that the war will resume, after so many years of peace. Your parents will be freed. Do you have a message for them?"

"Please thank them for sending me here. If they wish to communicate with me, all they need to do is ask for Superman."

"I will pass along your message. Farewell."

Lois pushes herself up onto her elbows after Rham-Ar leaves. "Aren't you going to go visit them?"

"My life is here. You're here."

"You just wait another couple of weeks, buster, and I'll show you *real* living."


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