No Excuse

By Anna Botsakou <>

Rated: G

Submitted: September 2005

Summary: Lois challenges Clark about his disappearances… will she figure out where he's been?

A really short piece, set after the end of The Eyes Have It.

Thankies: To Carol, Dave and Jenni, for brainstorming with me, to Karen for coming up with a title, and to everyone who read and enjoyed when this was first posted.

See ya,



"No, seriously. Where have you been?"

There's nothing inquisitive in her voice. More like good-natured curiosity. After all, I'm her partner, and I *did* disappear for three days, while we were in the midst of a story, without even letting my parents know.

So, where have I been?

As the moments pass and I'm not replying, she grows more curious. I feel cornered, and I feel that it shows on my face. Damn.

"…Around?" I cringe.

She eyes me with disbelief. "Around where?"

I gesture around very lamely. Her expression has hardened; she has realized that I'm trying to keep something from her. And she doesn't seem to like this concept at all.

"See, I was… I had an accident," I invent wildly. "Friday morning. On my way here. They took me to the hospital. I was just discharged yesterday evening."

I can tell by the look she's throwing at me that she doesn't believe me. "And why didn't you let anyone know?"

"…I was unconscious." I feel stupid.

She shakes her head. "You were not." Although she's smiling, her voice comes out firmly, and a little… menacingly?

"Okay, I was not." Now why in the world did I say that? Wouldn't it be better if I stuck to my story?

On second thought, I wouldn't put it past her to call all the hospitals in Metropolis to find out if I had really been admitted in one of them.

"So where *were* you?" she insists.

"I wish I could tell you," I blurt out. How smooth of me.

"Okay, so why can't you?"

I hear an alarm go off, and voices. 'Fire! Fire!'

I'm saved. Or, I'm dead meat. Or both.

"I have to go," I say. She opens her mouth, probably to berate me, but I speak before she has a chance to. "Someday, I promise I'll tell you." And with that, I run off.


I blink and by the time I open my eyes again, he's halfway to the elevator. I hate it when he does that; we're in the middle of a conversation and suddenly he's running off like he's Superman to the rescue or something…

…Wait a minute, what did I just say?