Not-So-Split Decision

By angelic_editor <>

Rated: G

Submitted: January 2007

Summary: Lois checks her mental laundry list and makes a surprising discovery. Or is it truly a surprise?

Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine; the words are. Please don't take legal action, as lowly copy editors aren't worth suing, anyway.

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Author's note: Just for reference, this is set midway through season two.


Because he was intelligent.

Because he was kind.

Because he was thoughtful.

Because he just made sense.

These were only a handful of the reasons Lois Lane chose Clark Kent. Clark — her partner, her best friend.

Not the superhero in blue spandex and a red cape.

Not the man who could fly her to Paris in four minutes.

No. She chose Clark. Dependable, ordinary, near-sighted Clark.

Because she loved him. His smile. His wit. His character. Even his unfortunate taste in neckwear.

She loved Clark.

The realization still left her a little weak in the knees.

If only she could work up the courage to tell him.

He'd won, even if he didn't know it yet.

Clark Kent had beaten Superman.