New Year’s Eve Season 4

By Carrie Rene <>

Rating: PG

Submitted: June 2023

Summary: Lois and Clark try to spend their first New Year as a married couple together.

Story Size: 809 words (4Kb as text)

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Notes: This has been a fun series, and I am surprised no one had thought of it before. Thank you to SuperBek, who beta read the last two parts of the series for me.

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Part 1/1

She stood near the dance floor in her long, drape-style sleeveless dress with a high choker-style neck. The black dress had a cinched waist and a long slit at the front that revealed a pop of leg. It was an elegant look for the top reporter of the Daily Planet.

Lois had left her brownstone on Hyperion after Clark had already left. He had an emergency in Indonesia and told her he would meet her at the New Year’s Bash. She had been at the party for three hours; now it was almost midnight, and her husband had still not arrived. Lois took a sip of the champagne in her flute, the third glass of the night. Clark hadn’t even seen her in her new dress. She had bought it on a whim right before Christmas.

Clark and Lois had been invited to the Metropolis Museum of Art Charity Ball on New Year’s Eve. After the events of Christmas, Lois and Clark thought it would be a great idea. William Caldwell had even shown up earlier in the night and written a sizable check to the museum.

“Ms. Lane,” William Caldwell said solemnly, walking up to her. “Where is your husband tonight?”

“He had to meet a source later than usual. He should be here soon,” Lois stated, hoping she was right.

“Well, I look forward to talking to him about the orphanage renovations,” Mr. Caldwell explained. “I hope he makes it by midnight.”

Mr. Caldwell stepped away as Lois looked up at the clock once again. She had looked up at the clock every couple of minutes since eleven. She couldn’t believe that once again she would miss her midnight kiss with the love of her life. This was the fourth New Year’s they had shared, and yet they hadn’t shared a kiss at the stroke of midnight since that first year.

“Looking for someone in particular, Mrs. Kent?” a male voice whispered in her ear. She felt his arms go around her waist and a kiss on her neck.

After the kiss, she turned around in his arms.

“You made it before midnight,” Lois stated enthusiastically, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“I know I’m cutting it close,” Clark replied with a frown. “You wouldn’t believe what I had to go through to get here in time.”

“As long as you were here at midnight, I don’t care how close,” she commented, putting her hands on his chest.

“You look amazing. Is this the new dress you kept hidden from me?” Clark wondered as he stepped back and admired his wife.

Lois giggled as Clark took her hand and had her twirl around for him.

“How did you know I was hiding it from you?” Lois wondered as he pulled her back into his arms.

“Lois, you told me not to go into the extra bedroom unless I wanted to sleep on the couch for a week,” he laughed, tilting his head back. “I do tend to listen to you when it comes to our sleeping arrangements.”

“So you only listen to me when it comes to the bedroom,” Lois teased, wrapping her arms around his neck once again and gliding her hands through his hair.

Suddenly the crowd started counting down. However, Lois and Clark ignored the crowd and just stood there, gazing into each other’s eyes. At times like these, they knew they were very lucky to have one another. This past year had been one of their toughest yet, but they had gotten through it together. Now they were as happy as newlyweds could be and couldn’t wait to spend the next year together. It would be a great year. As the countdown ended, Lois and Clark kissed each other with such passion that they didn’t even hear the cheering and singing around them.

“Happy New Year, Mr. Kent,” Lois murmured in his ear.

“Happy New Year, Mrs. Kent,” Clark replied, nibbling her ear. “Now that it’s after midnight, let’s go home and celebrate and get you out of this amazing dress.”

Lois shook her head and smiled, tilting her head back slightly. She couldn’t get enough of Clark, and she knew he felt the same way. They left the party together, touching and kissing as they made their way to the cab. Their celebration would continue at home, with their own fireworks. It was going to be one New Year’s they would never forget.


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