No Harm

By Catherine Bruce <>

Rated: G

Submitted: January 2007

Summary: Seventy years ago, curiosity almost killed the librarian. Now, it just might kill the reporter, as well.

Author's Notes: This is a ridiculously short story (I guess a drabble?) that is exactly 100 words long that I wrote for Psychofurball. I guess it's a crossover, but I won't say to what until the end. (Of which, you've probably already read…)


The shipment of Egyptian artifacts to the Metropolis museum made for an interesting story during a slow news week. The famous team of Lane and Kent were sent to cover it. After the interview, they looked around.

"What do you suppose is in that book, Clark?" It was black, held together by a unique lock. Paying no attention to what her partner said, she picked up the key.

"Lois, don't."

"Come on, Clark. No harm ever came from opening a book."

She opened it, and convinced her multilingual partner to translate it for her.

She jumped when the lights went out.


(So, did anyone here guess 'The Mummy'?)