The Truth Revealed

By Sara Kraft (

Summary: The morning after Lois and Clark have finally confessed their love to one another, they get stuck in a Daily Planet elevator. Clark decides the situation makes a great opportunity to confess something else.

Author's note: I'm a 16 year old high school student and a very obsessed FoLC. I immensely enjoy reading the fanfic of other devoted FoLCs. I decided to write down one of the many ideas floating around in my head about Lois' new found knowledge that Clark is Superman. Any and all comments and constructive criticism would be welcome at Please be kind as this is my first attempt at fanfic.


Lois strolled into the lobby of the Daily Planet with her head resting on Clark's shoulder and her arm draped over his shoulder affectionately. Clark held Lois' hand and gently rested his head on hers.

"Clark," Lois started as she pushed the button for the elevator.

"Yes, Lois," Clark replied, urging her to go on.

" I'm glad we had that talk last night, got things out in the open." Lois said softly.

"Yeah, you *finally* admitted that you loved me," Clark teased as they stepped into the elevator, hand in hand.

"Well, what about *you*? What took you two years?" Lois questioned, taking the defensive. She pushed the button for the fifth floor.

"Lois," sounding serious, Clark turned Lois to face him, "You don't know *how* long I have wanted, waited for the right time to tell you that I love you. Last night was perfect…" trailing off for a second, "except that I didn't get a chance to tell you…"

The lights flickered and dimmed, and the elevator jerked to a halt. Lois looked up and observed that they were stuck between floors.

"What on earth was that?" They both said in unison.

"I don't know," Clark said, answering his own question, "but the elevator is *definitely* stuck." He concluded after pushing all the buttons and getting no response.

"Oh well, Clark, I 'm sure Superman will be here any minute." Lois said, sure of her statement.

"Yeah, sure. Superman will be here soon." Clark agreed, thinking to himself, "If she only knew."

"Now," Lois started as she pulled Clark close to her body and gave him a soft, passionate kiss. "You were saying, what did you want to tell me last night?"


Perry bellowed across the already busy news room, "Where the Sam hill are those two?"

"I don't know, Chief," Jimmy answered, " Maybe they went out to get a bite to eat before they come in." he suggested.

"Well they know better than to come in late, especially when they *both* have stories to finish." Perry said, yelling at Jimmy.


"Come on Clark, spill it," Lois begged. "It's not like we'll be going anywhere anytime soon." She persuaded him with an short, unfinished kiss.

"Okay, Lois," as he pulled his lips away from hers, he started to speak hesitantly, "Last night, I meant to tell you…I've been meaning to tell you for a long time…I…I…"

"Uh, oh," Lois said as she pulled away from Clark, "This doesn't sound good."

"Well, actually, Lois, this might be *good* news," Clark said.

"No, nope, I know that tone, this is definitely bad news." She said, starting to babble, "I knew it, you're going to take back everything you said last night, aren't you? You're not going to cancel our date tonight too, are you?"

"No, Lois…" Clark protested, trying unsuccessfully to get a word in edgewise.

"You know, I thought you meant what you said last night." Lois continued, "Now you're changing your mind. Sometimes I think that I don't even know you at all, Clark, you might as well be a strange visitor from another planet." Lois turned away from Clark with tears in her eyes, hurt and upset.

"No, Lois, I'm not going to cancel our date," Clark said reassuringly, "…but what you just said, well…" Clark tried, stumbling on his words.

Lois turn back to face Clark, wiping a tear from her cheek, "Well, what?" she asked impatiently waiting for an answer.

"It…It's true" Clark managed to get out.

"True!? You mean you *are* taking back what you…" Lois asked, sounding hurt again.

Clark interrupted, " No…the *last* thing you said, I'm…"

"Ha ha, very funny, Clark," Lois said, obviously not amused, "An alien…Yeah, right. Next thing I know, you'll be telling me that you're Superman."

"Lois, I know this will be hard to believe…it will be easier if I just show you."

Clark pulled off his glasses, gently loosened his tie, grabbed at his shirt, and stepped into his famous spin. Lois stared blankly at the man in red and blue before her, her hair blowing from the small breeze.

"I *am* Superman."

"Huh, Clark?"

Lois' eyes rolled back into her head and began to fall. Clark reacted quickly and gently guided her the rest of the way to the floor of the dimly lit elevator and tried to revive her.


"That's it!!," Perry screamed, fed up, "Olsen, go out and find those two and haul their butts back here."

"Yes, Chief, right away," Jimmy said as he ran off obediently.

Jimmy pressed the button for the elevator, but it did't light up. He tried it again, this time more forcefully. Still no response, he realized that the elevator must be stuck. "Chief," Jimmy yelled across the news room at his boss, "the elevator is stuck! I'll bet that's where Lois and C.K. are. You should call for help."

"Well what are you waiting for? Hop to it, Olsen." Perry said, indicating that Jimmy do the calling himself.


Back in the elevator, Clark finally succeeded in reviving Lois. She opened her eyes and started to focus on the man in front of her. "Lois, are you all right?" Clark asked, concerned.

"Oh, Clark, where am I?" Lois said groggily. Her eyes finally came into full focus, "Clark, I…Superman?!?" she questioned in surprise. Then she remembered the conversation that had taken place just before she had fainted. "Oh…oh right," She said, somewhat disappointed, as she looked at the man she thought she knew.

"Lois, if you just let me explain…" Clark started to say.

Lois cut him off before he could finish. She stood up so she could see him face to face. "Explain? How could you?…No, wait, you don't need to explain." She looked away for a second. Then turned back to punch him in the chest, "How could you do this to me!?"

"Lois, I had to, to protect…" Clark started but then trailed off for a second.

"Protect? What?" Lois asked, sounding just slightly less angry.

"Lois, just *please* let me finish."

"All right fine, go ahead."

"I had to protect everyone from all the people that would take advantage of the fact that *I'm* Superman. If people knew that I was Superman they would try to hurt the ones I love, like you. I had to do what was best for everyone." Clark explained with hope that she would understand.

"But you kept it a secret from *me*, even after last night," Lois said sounding more hurt than mad now.

"I knew I had to tell you when I realized that I love you, which was since the first second I saw you," Clark added the latter with a smile then turned serious again, "I just didn't know *how* to bring it up."

"Well, when exactly *were* you planning on telling me?"

"Last night, but I had to go save the orphanage from a fire."

Lois got a look of insight and understanding at that statement, "So that's why you're always running off to return books to the library at odd hours."

Clark continued to account for all the times he'd run off, "I've tried to tell you so many times, Lois, but we were always interrupted…"

"By someone that needed Superman's help," She finished for him, "I understand, Clark, it was perfectly logical and practical to use two identities."

"I want you to know, Lois, I still love you."

Lois' eyes watered with tears of joy, "Oh Clark—uh—I mean—Superman. Uh— Clark?"

"Here, this will make it easier," he changed back into the mild-mannered reporter before her eyes and tightened his tie. "Clark will be just fine."

Lois hugged Clark, "I love you, Clark"

They started into a long, slow kiss. The elevator lights flickered back on and the elevator doors opened up to the Daily Planet news room. The entire staff of the Planet smiled at the couple, who were oblivious to everyone but each other. Jimmy whistled and said, "Way to go, C.K.!"

Clark, not taking his eyes off Lois, reached blindly for the elevator buttons. He smiled and kissed Lois, as the doors closed in front of the happy couple.

The end of the story, but the beginning for Lois and Clark.