Trick or Treat: The Littlest Hero

By Classicalla <>

Rated: G

Submitted: November 2006

Summary: Eight-year-old Lara Kent is a powerful telepath, and she is really excited about Halloween. She decides to dress as the Super Ballerina and while trick-or-treating gets to play hero.

This is a mini sequel to A New Hero which is a work in progress.

For the most part, this is told from the point of view of an eight year old.

I'd like to dedicate this story to Olympe. The character of Lara is mine, but the idea is Olympe's. She asked me to write this story. Thanks, Melanie. Hope you enjoy this little hero tale.

Note: Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with one's mind.

Disclaimer: The familiar characters and settings belong to DC Comics, Warner Bros., December 3rd Productions and anyone else who may have any legal right to claim them. I am not profiting by their use. The new characters are all mine.


Lara Kent was terribly excited about Halloween this year. Lara was a big girl now — all of eight years old, and she had designed her own outfit. Her daddy had rolled his eyes, but he just hugged her and told her how much he loved her. Her sister Jama had sewn the special outfit for her. Her outfit consisted of what one would call a girl's Superman outfit. But she was adding a little twist. She loved her ballet classes so she was wearing a little red tutu with the outfit. This year, Lara would be the Super Ballerina. She was also wearing a blond wig and a red mask that just covered her eyes.

She was prancing about the room and was impatient to get going. Why did an adult have to go with her and her friend Melanie anyway? They were big girls after all. Melanie had decided to dress like the White Tiger. Hmmph. If she only knew that Hannah was her sister-in-law. But her daddy had informed her that she wasn't allowed to tell Melanie about the family secret regardless of how badly she might want to.

While her mommy and Mellie's mommy, Caroline, spoke and readied themselves for the evening and while Mellie was in the bathroom, she decided to practice her telekinetic abilities. Her daddy was so proud of her telekinetic abilities. So far, she seemed to be the only one of his kids that could do this. He told her that some of them might need to be older before they could do that — if they ever could. He reminded her that he hadn't known he could do it until he was well into his 40's. She made the couch float and giggled as she set it down gently. She'd been able to do this with bigger and bigger objects.

The mommies called, "Come on girls. Let's go."

After an hour of trick or treating they dropped Mellie and her mommy off at their house. On the way back to the Kent home she and her mommy heard a terrible car crash. The car was pinned between a tree and another car. The person in it was trapped. She heard someone saying, "We have to get her out. The other car looks like it might explode."

Her mommy stopped to see if she might be able to do something. Lara wondered if she could help, too. She ran into the street and stood near the car. She heard people telling her to get back, but she didn't listen. She thought really, really hard and moved the other car. Then she moved the car with the lady in it away from the tree. She started jumping up and down excitedly. She ran back and smiled at her mommy. "I did it! I did it!"

Mommy said, "Yes, you saved that lady. And your daddy will have a cow." Lara giggled at that. Mommy sighed, "Well, the paramedics and Jon and Zared are here."

Lara interrupted and whispered, "FireWind and Steel Lightning, mommy. That's who they are right now."

"Yes, I know sweetie." She gave Lara a big hug. "Let's get out of here." They hopped in the car and went home.

When they got home, Clark was watching the news. In this day and age, things ended up on the news very quickly. And with people carrying around mini computer phones with fantastic recording capabilities, there were often great pictures to go along with the news. Fortunately there didn't appear to be any recordings of their car. It wouldn't be good if someone had seen their license tag. Clark sighed, "Okay, my precocious little hero. You want to tell me why you did that?"

She crawled in her daddy's lap and smiled her heart-melting smile at him. He hated to see what was going to happen when she was old enough to date. "Well, people were saying they thought that other car was going to 'splode, and that lady was trapped and Jon or Zared or Hannah or Chloe or Claire… none of them were around. I thought I'd try to save her." She grinned broadly and started bouncing on Clark's lap. "I did it, too!"

"Yes, you did, my Super Ballerina. My littlest hero. They are calling you Supergirl on the news."

"Really? I always thought I'd call myself Superwoman when I was older. Supergirl will do for now." She giggled.

"Lara, how about you wait 'til you have some super powers before you try anything like that again?" He smiled at her and hugged her tightly.

"Well, if you ask me, telekinesis *is* a super power. Right?"

"Yeah, maybe. Just… don't do it again 'til you're invulnerable, okay?"

"Hmmmph…" She smiled at him and skipped off to play with the cat, Meowoof. She whispered to Meowoof. "We'll see about that, won't we girl?"

Meowoof just purred happily and agreed with Lara wholeheartedly. "Meeeoow."