Tomorrow Never Comes

By Mary Potts aka Queen of the Capes <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: March, 2005

Summary: Something's wrong with Clark - but what? Why is he so confused when he wakes up next to Lois? Read on and find out!




Just five more minutes, please! He wasn't ready yet. But that didn't matter, did it? Morning wouldn't wait. Nightfall wouldn't wait.

He had to stop Nightfall.

He heard a soft moan next to him. Soft skin was pressed against his. Clark sat up and stared at the figure lying next to him. Lois? What was she doing here? Was he dreaming?

Lois stirred and opened her eyes, giving him a sleepy smile. "Morning, Clark."

"Lois? What are you doing here?" Clark reached a hand up to his face. His glasses! He began frantically searching the top of the night stand.

"Clark, it's okay. I know."

"You…know?" Just what *did* she know?

"About you. Superman. Everything."

This had to be a dream. Or a nightmare. Clark wasn't sure which. Lois was in his bed, and she knew his secret? What exactly was going on here?

Clark shook his head. It would have to wait. "Lois, I don't know how you got here or how you found out, but right now is not a good time to talk about this. I have to go stop Nightfall."

Lois sighed and leaned back into the pillows. "Okay, Clark. I'll be here when you get back. We can talk then."

"I think we have a lot to discuss."

She nodded. "We do."

Clark spun into the suit and headed toward the window. He turned back. Lois was watching him. She was so beautiful! He still had no idea what she thought she was doing in his apartment. She'd probably stumbled upon his secret somehow and broken in to teach him a lesson. She was probably going to kill him when he came back. *If* he came back…

He chewed his lip. "Lois, before I go, there's something I want to tell you. I know you're probably mad at me for not telling you, but in case I don't come back, I want you to know that —-"

"I know. I love you too."

Clark stared at her, bewildered.

"Go. We will talk later, I promise."

Clark reluctantly turned away from her and took off into the sky. Nightfall beckoned.

Lois watched him go. When he was gone, she rose from the bed and slowly got dressed. They had a lot to discuss, and she would explain as best she could. She'd given up being angry long ago. She'd given up crying long before that.

The one thing she hadn't given up was hope.


He landed at the appointed meeting place and frowned in puzzlement. The general was not here. There were no military personnel. No team of EPRAD scientists. Only one lone figure in a lab coat sat in a folding chair at the site, as though he had been waiting for him.

"Morning, Superman!" the figure said, cheerfully. "I'm Dr. Bernard Klein. I realize you have a lot of questions, but first, let's talk about something called Anterograde Amnesia."