The L&C 'Trix' Story

By Ranica (

Summary: Breakfast cereal and early-morning cartoons result in an epiphany for Lois. A cute story the author confesses was written as a joke.

Author's note: This story was written as a joke, following a suggestion from, Jeff, an on-line friend. Don't take it too seriously, but as always, comments/constructive criticisms/complaints are appreciated. Enjoy!


The alarm by her bed went off at 6 AM. Opening one eye slowly, she quickly shut it again and groaned. "Another long day," she thought as she fought an urge to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. Swinging her legs over the side of the bed, she padded her way, barefoot, into the bathroom, grabbing her robe and towel on the way.

Once in the bathroom, she quickly turned on the water and undressed. Testing the water with her hands and being assured that it would neither burn or freeze her, she stepped into the shower. After about fifteen minutes in the steady stream of water, Lois was awake. She finished rinsing her hair of any remnants of her shampoo, turned off the water, toweled herself off, and grabbed her robe.

She finished tying a neat knot on her robe as she ventured into the kitchen. She opened the cupboard and scanned the many multiple colored cereal boxes that she had. After staring a few moments, she settled on one.

"Haven't had this in a while," she muttered as she grabbed the Trix box and opened the fridge for the milk. She set the cereal box and the milk on the table as she looked for a clean bowl and spoon.

Finding everything that she needed for her breakfast, she gathered everything up and brought it to her couch. She found the remote between two sofa cushions and turned on the local news. A quick glance at the clock said that it was 6:45.

"Oh, what the heck," she said, and turned the television to the Cartoon Network. An old episode of the Smurfs was on. Lois settled back to watch as she quietly munched on her bowl of Trix.

She watched as Brainy Smurf and Smurfette were rescued by Hefty Smurf from Azriel. She sighed as she saw Hefty's strong little blue arms reach down from a make-shift ledge/hiding place and grabbed both Brainy and Smurfette, pulling them to safety and away from the chasing cat.

"Kind of like Superman," sighed Lois. Then giggled at the absurdity of it all.

Just then, a Trix commercial came on.

"Gee," giggled Lois, still in a silly mood. "Must be a theme this morning," she said looking down into her half-empty bowl. She watched as the Trix rabbit dressed up as an old lady in order to try to get a bowl of Trix.

"Oh, please," muttered Lois. "Like nobody's gonna be able to see it's really the rabbit just because he has his ears folded on top of his head underneath his granny hat. He still has the same face!"

There was a knock at her door just then. Straightening her partly open robe, she walked towards the door, still munching on Trix straight from the box. She looked through the peephole, and opened the door.

"Hi Clark," she said. Suddenly, the images of Hefty Smurf and the Trix rabbit popped into her head as she studied her partner's face.

"Hi Lois," returned Clark. "I know that I'm early, but I thought that maybe we could go to breakfast." He glanced at the box in her hand. "But I can see that you've taken care of it already." He reached for the box for some cereal.

Suddenly, Lois was hit by a realization. She avoided his grab for her Trix and seized his glasses off of his face.

Clark was too stunned by her maneuver to prevent his cover from being snatched off his face. Knowing that it was too late to change the past, he just stood there waiting for Lois to say something — anything.

Lois, too, was stunned, but only for a moment. Reaching into the cereal box, she popped a few cereal bits into her mouth and giggled. "You can't have any! Trix are for kids!" She looked at him more closely and shut the door behind him. "Not for you," she grinned, "Superman."