The Tragedy of Contact

By Poison Ivy

Summary: The last scene of the episode "Contact" as Shakespeare might have written it.


Introduction This is the last scene of "Contact" (Lois abducted by "aliens") written in relative Shakespearean terms. If you're young (elementary school) and you've never read Shakespeare before, just bear in mind that his big thing was using lots of different terms to mean the same thing. For those youngsters, I'll tell you now that a towne crier is a REALLY old-fashioned term for a news reporter (kinda. Criers walked through the street yelling the news, ergo the name.) There is no Act I because you've already seen it! And so I bring to thee two hours traffic across your screen (well, 5 minutes), I shalt tell thee of the fate of our star-crossed lovers…

DRAMITAS PERSONAE Clark of the Kents: A Daily Planet towne crier. The Man of Super Powers: Clark of Kent's alter ego. Lois of the Lanes: Also a Daily Planet towne crier. Stella: Friend of Lois

SCENE: Metropolis

"The Tragedy of Contact"

ACT II, SCENE I [Metropolis. Apartment complex of Lois of Lane, dwelling of Lois of Lane's friend, Stella.] [Enter Clark of Kent, incognito as his alter ego, The Man of Super Powers.]

CLARK I apologize to thee for this gives me no pleasure, But I must say this to thee before mine enemies cause you any further strife. We, the two of us, can no longer be. My presence doth present unto your hearth much danger.

LOIS My love, what doth thou mean? No longer does my heart beat in yours? Does thou fancy the lady before thee cannot keep herself?

CLARK Nay, my life, for thee I still am true And it is in my head that thou art a strong combatant But thee must understand, the man thou loves causes your life jeopardy. Supposing another zealot taketh thee to taunt me The act shall be heavy upon this crier's breast For it is the fault of me that thou was so extraordinarily inconvenienced.

LOIS Please, amore`, let my words touch your ears And may you truly feel them. Thou maketh my heart to beat and my sun to rise—

CLARK And thee mine—

LOIS And so if that ring true, How dost thou toss me from your soul and not mourn?

CLARK, [rising to leave] Fair maiden, believith me when the words form on my lips My heart doth weigh heavy to take this course But it is a path that must be turn'd. I commit this act for the sanctity of thee Not to indulge my own desires. [exit Clark of the Kents]

LOIS [calling after him] Crier, thou knoweth of paths once chosen! If thou doth not wish to further pursue a way with me Thou shall not ever again! Thee hath made your choice! Never again shall thee be welcome on my doorstep! [quietly, to herself] I break charity, for my lips doth not speak the tongue of my heart. T'was a sin to share soul with a man whom I did not truly know But this day I know who dwells inside him And still I wish for my sin again!

[exunt. Act II, to be finished at a later date (namely 2 weeks!)]

What'd ya think? I'll look forward to any comments on my Shakespeare-eese! I've only seen Romeo & Juliet twice and Hamlet once, so please be kind!