Time Will Heal the Pain?

By Sammie <lcfanficlover@msn.com>

Rated: PG-13

Submitted: February 2007

Summary: They said time would heal the pain, but did it really? Warning: deathfic


6 years… 6 long, tearful years it had been since Lois Lane Kent died.

She had told Clark that she was going for a walk. But that had been a lie. Lois had in fact been going to investigate someone who had rung her earlier that day. He had said that he knew Clark was Superman, and that, if they didn't meet him, he would tell the Dirt Digger their secret.

Not wanting to put her loving husband in any danger, she had gone to meet him alone. She hadn't told Clark where she was going, knowing he wouldn't let her go alone.

What a mistake that had been. It had been a trap for Lois, and as soon as she had walked in the warehouse door, a shot had come from behind one of the crates, killing Lois instantly.

Clark, becoming worried when she hadn't come back an hour later, had gone in search of her. He had found her in the middle of a warehouse, blood pooling around her. Leaning down beside her, he hadn't found a heart beat. He had held her close, sobbing for the one true love in his life.

Clark had found Lois' murderer, and had had the satisfaction of putting him in jail for life.

Thousands had turned up to her funeral, mourning half of the best investigate team: Lane and Kent, the hottest team in town. Over the next six years, Clark continued to work for the Daily Planet. Perry White was still the editor, having refused retirement. Jimmy Olsen had married Lois' sister, Lucy.

Now, six years later, the pain was still fresh in Clark's heart. People had told him that time would heal the pain. But it never had. Never would. His parents had tried to help, but nothing could have helped that massive hole that had formed in his heart. His parents had died 2 years later. His dad had gone first, when he had a heart attack one afternoon. About a month, later his mom had died. His parents had been married for 53 years, and had never lost the love that had been between them.

It was sixth anniversary of Lois' death, and Clark could take it no longer. Going to see her grave for what would be the last time, he told her he would soon be with her. Heading towards home again, he went in his top drawer and got out the lead bag in which was the kryptonite he had taken from STAR labs earlier that day. Lying down on the bed, he picked up a picture of Lois that he had always kept on his bedside, got the kryptonite out of the bag, and let it fall on the bed next to him.

Perry, Jimmy, and Lucy were at Lois' grave, where they had gone every year on the anniversary of Lois' death, at the exact time when she had been buried. Clark would normally be there, and Perry started to worry when he didn't turn up an hour later. He told Jimmy and Lucy of his worries, and they hurried to Clark's apartment. They rushed inside, to find there was no sound at all. Jimmy and Lucy looked in the kitchen while Perry checked the bedroom.

Hearing Perry's gasp, they ran into the bedroom to meet a tragic scene. Clark lay on the bed, as white as a sheet, Lois' picture on his chest. Finally breaking out his trance, Perry walked up to the bed and laid two fingers on Clark's throat. Not feeling a pulse, he tried his wrist. A tear fell down Perry's face, and that was all that was needed by the other two for confirmation that he was dead. None of them wondered why Clark had needed kryptonite, as they had all found out his secret somewhere along the line. Lucy buried her head in Jimmy's chest as sobs overtook her. She had lost her sister and now her brother-in-law, and Jimmy felt the tears build up in his own eyes until they finally slipped and made their way down his face. Holding Lucy close, he guided her out the room. They sat on the couch. Perry came out minutes later, his eyes red and puffed from crying.

The following Saturday, they held Clark's funeral. Just as they had for Lois' funeral, thousands once again turned up for the second half of the Lane and Kent investigation team. Clark's gravestone was placed, of course, next to Lois'.

"Lois, I have loved you from the beginning."

"And I'll love you till the end, Clark."

They kissed passionately, glad they had once again found each other. And away they walked, hand in hand, through the fields of daisies, their hearts intertwining with their loved ones' once again. Together forever, and nothing to get in their way.


~author's note~

I decided to write this while listening to the song 'I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight' by Foreigner. Comments would be nice. Thanks for reading. I'm sorry if I didn't meet your expectations.