Christmas Eve

By Anonymous

Summary: Lois and Clark spend a romantic Christmas Eve alone in their apartment.

[This is one of my first attempts at fanfic.. be kind. I have read so much great fanfic in the past year it inspired me to try. The usual disclaimer.. characters are the property of Warner Bros and December 3rd Productions.. but the story is mine. I hope you enjoy it]


Lois planned a surprise for Clark since they had decided to spend Christmas Eve in Metropolis together and then fly the S express to Smallville tomorrow .

The apartment was decorated festively with the tree lights giving a warm glow to the living room. Christmas music was in the background as Lois tackled the kitchen. After making sure everything seemed to be going OK Lois went to change. She decided on the little black dress he loved so much.

Minutes later she was back in the kitchen checking to see if everything was still under control when the door opened. Clark came down the stairs and into the kitchen and stopped suddenly. "Lois… you're cooking …" he said cautiously moving to wrap his arms around her waist and nuzzling his lips against her neck.

"Don't act so surprised, Clark… I'm getting better aren't I?" she said before turning her head to his for a kiss.

"Mmmmm … well, it does smell delicious — but how am I supposed to want to *eat* with you in that dress. Lois — you know what that dress does to me," he said softly into her ear.

She smiled playfully "Well, then the evening will be enjoyed by all. Did you finish your Christmas shopping?" she asked moving out of his arms to put the pasta dish on the table. "Clark, can you get the wine?"

"Yes, I just had to pick up something," he said as he opened the wine and poured it into the glasses.

"What did you have to pick up?" she asked curiously while removing the salad from the fridge.

Clark who was slightly distracted by Lois leaning into the fridge in the short black dress eventually responded with, "Nothing important."

Lois put the salad on the table and was not misled by Clark's nonchalant tone. "Was it something for me … sweetie?" she asked wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Maybe … maybe not," he responded before moving to pull out her chair for her. Lois didn't sit down but ran a finger down his cheek, neck and into his opened neck shirt "Clark…"

"Lois… no — you will just have to wait, and if you *want* us to eat this dinner stop doing that." Lois sat down and they ate their dinner by candlelight. When Lois moved to get dessert Clark pulled her into his lap.

"Wanna neck?" he said with that devastatingly sexy smile.

"Anytime… handsome," and she leaned down for a kiss. Clark picked her up and moved to the couch where they snuggled ,kissed, and listened to favorite carols by the firelight.

"Clark…" she said softly as she played with his fingers.

"Yes …" he answered

"Since we have been together Christmas is so special to me. *You* have made it special to me," she said turning to look up at him. Those soft brown eyes gazed into hers as he replied.

"Lois.. You have made my Christmas even more special, my *every* day more special just by being in it."

"Oh, Clark…" she whispered as she met his lips in a kiss.

"I have something to give you… I hope you like it," he said shyly handing her a small box.

Lois sat up as she opened the box. "It's beautiful, thank you," gazing upon the gold necklace.

"Lois, I was going to give you a different necklace with just one heart symbolizing my heart which you will have for eternity but this was more appropriate… two hearts together for eternity."

Lois eyes filled up with tears " Clark, that is so beautiful… I love you." Their lips met in a tender kiss. After parting Lois asked, "Will you help me put it on please?"

"Of course," he said as he put the necklace around her neck.

Lois jumped up and turned around, 'How does it look?"

"Beautiful," he said as he looked at her.

"Clark… you are *not* looking at the necklace."

"Lois.. it is only beautiful because you are wearing it and for what it symbolizes to *us*," he said sincerely.

Lois looked at him tenderly. Sometimes this man who gets tongue tied when expressing his feelings just overwhelms her with his love. Lois remembered her gifts for him. "Wait… I have to get your gifts," she said as she dashed to the bedroom. Seconds later she was back and handed him two gifts.

Clark carefully unwrapped the first one, "Lois… this is so thoughtful… a picture of my parents and us for my desk! Thank you," he leaned over to kiss her. He started to unwrap the other one, carefully removing the bow… until Lois couldn't take it anymore. "Clark …" she said impatiently. He ripped open the gift. "Lois — what a great tie…Thank you," and he leaned over to kiss her again.

"Clark, there is a story to the tie. See the navy background is covered in tiny sun, moon and stars. That is what you mean to me and every time you wear it you will be reminded of my love for you." she said emotionally with tears in her eyes.

Clark's eyes glistened as he replied, "Lois — you mean the world to me and I couldn't face tomorrow without your love or you. Here is another gift from my heart," he said handing her another small box.

Lois opened the box, "It's gorgeous!" she exclaimed as she took the crystal ornament out of the box. The light showed the etched world on the crystal. "When you say the world you mean the world…" she smiled at him. "Let's put it on the tree." They moved over to the tree. Finding an empty spot Lois hung the ornament on the branch. She stood back and he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"So are you happy that we bought * this* tree?" he said softly with a smile.

"Yes, I love this tree and I *really* enjoyed watching you try to fit all the lights on it," she said with a laugh.

"Hey… that's the hardest part!"

"I know… and our tree looks beautiful … especially the lights," (she smiled), "but I still wish we had brought home that little tree. It looked so lonely."

"Come with me." Clark said pulling Lois by the hand up the stairs and into the bedroom. There by the window , the little tree stood all decorated and lighting the room with soft light.

Lois turned around, eyes jumping with delight, in his arms. "Oh, Clark …" she sighed running her hands down his chest.


"You are the best!" she said with a smile before reaching up to kiss him .

Lost in each other's arms they almost missed the carolers outside. The carols finally broke through and they walked over to the window to enjoy the music. With his arms wrapped around her waist Lois leaned back against Clark and thought * Christmas Eve has never been this magical * Snow falling gently, quiet night, carols in the air, loving arms …

Clark said, "Christmas Eve is so magical, isn't it?" softly against her hair.

"Clark! do you mind read too?… I was just thinking exactly that… " Lois looked up and whispered, "Why do you think it is so magical?"

"Well, I usually don't try to figure it out but this year we are spending it together and on Christmas Eve of all nights… I feel the hope in the world … that maybe … just maybe… peace and love will be shared by all," he replied gazing into her eyes.

"I feel that too… this Christmas Eve." she murmured.

"What.. Arbour Day lost its place in your heart…?" Clark said teasingly.

"Clark! she exclaimed, "OK, I give in… Christmas is more than just commercialism.. I've discovered the magic."

"Well, you have woven some magic of your own, Lois, around my heart."

"Reeeally…" she said with a seductive smile turning around in his arms.

"Really…" he said softly bending to kiss her. Lois pushed him back onto the bed.

"Ready for another dose of magic…? " she smiled

"Ready, willing .." he replied laughing.

"What else…?" she said tickling him.

"Lois… you know the last one… or do I have to prove it?" he said with pretend exasperation, rolling his eyes.

"Prove it…buster," she said before throwing herself upon his body.

Christmas Eve was filled with *very* magical memories.