Can't Help Lovin' That Superman

By Alicia U. <>

Rated G

Submitted September 1998

Summary: When Lois and Clark see "Showboat" on 'Broadstreet,' it leads to a very interesting dream for Lois.

This song holds a special place in my heart because I sang it for my senior choir solo, and whenever I sang it, I thought of Lois and Clark. The song is from the musical "Showboat," which is one of my favorite plays. I saw it when it came to Cleveland, and I've loved it ever since. The original song is copyright Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II, and Lois, Clark and Superman are copyright Warner Brothers and DC Comics.

This story takes place during the third season, somewhere around Don't Tug on Superman's Cape.


It was about midnight when Lois Lane came home one Saturday night. She had just spent a wonderful evening with the man of her dreams, Clark Kent. She walked around the living room, thinking about how romantic Clark was. He had planned the evening perfectly. First, they had dinner at a little Italian restaurant. She thought, 'That pasta sure had a strange affect on Clark. He transformed from the mild mannered reporter I know so well into… well, never mind that, I think I like him like that, maybe I'll have to feed him pasta more often …"

When she stopped daydreaming about Clark, she realized she was exhausted from her evening, and got ready for bed.

After dinner, they had gone to the Broadstreet premiere of the musical "Showboat," and Lois thought about it as she fell asleep.


Lois found herself on the shores of a river, and Clark had just flown away from her yet again to save the day. Lois wondered why she put up with him when he seemed to care about the world more than he cared about her.

A voice in her head asked, "Lois why are you still with him? He doesn't care about you. He always flies off to save the world and leaves you to fend for yourself."

She disagreed with the voice in her head, and said, "Don't talk like that! Listen here!" She broke out in song …

"Oh, listen, sister, I love my Superman, and I can tell you why. There ain't no reason why not to love that man. It's somethin' that the angels have planned.

He might leave me all alone, but he always comes back …

Fish gotta swim and he's gotta fly, but I'm gonna love that man 'till I die, Can't help lovin' that Superman of mine.

Tell me his excuses are stupid, They come a little slow, Tell me I'm crazy, Maybe I know. I just can't help lovin' that Superman of mine.

When he goes away, I know he'll return always. And when he comes back, that day is fine, The sun will shine.

He can come home as late as can be. 'Cause home without him ain't no home to me, Can't help lovin' that Superman of mine.

Fish gotta swim and he's gotta fly, I'm gonna love that man till I die, Can't help lovin' that Superman of mine.


Lois woke up. She thought, wow, what a strange dream. Then she called Clark to let him know how much she loved him.


This story is probably pretty bad, but what can I say? It's two o'clock in the morning, and I got sick of studying, and I had to find some way to occupy my time. =)