Chocolate or Rocky Road?

by Michele Garnier (

Summary: A "missing scene" from the episode "Target: Jimmy Olsen" in which Lois weighs the pros and cons of Clark (chocolate) against Dan Scardino (Rocky Road).

Here's my contribution to the missing scenes from Target: Jimmy Olsen. As always, I love feedback!! <gg>


Lois sat on the couch in her apartment and stared at the black screen of the television set. She'd been sitting this way quietly crying for two hours.

"What am I going to do?" she said quietly.

A hesitant knock on her front door brought her to her senses. She quickly sat up, wiped the tears from her eyes and turned on a light.

"Just a minute!" she yelled as she ran into the kitchen to splash cold water on her face. As she dried her face on her sweatjacket, she ran to the door and opened it.

Lois found Clark on the other side of the door. Her first impulse was to run into his arms, but instead she said with a hint of ice in her voice, "Hi." She moved aside so he could come in.

"Lois, I'm sorry. Um, I brought a peace offering." Clark said, motioning to the brown bag he held.

Lois snatched the bag out of his hand and wordlessly peeked inside. It was a pint of ice cream. Her heart lurched when she saw it was chocolate.

"Thanks." She said smartly & put it into the freezer, bag and all.

"Lois, I'm sorry." Clark said quietly.

"Seems like you are always saying that." Lois snapped walking to the couch and sitting hard.

He sat beside her and took her chin into his hand, forcing her to look at him.

"I really and truly mean it. I … can't control when I leave. Someday you'll understand and I hope when that day comes you'll forgive me. But please … for now, just trust me. Even though I leave at, um, bad times, I never truly leave you. Lois, I ..

"Do you want some ice cream? I suddenly have a craving for ice cream." Lois abruptly got up and went into the kitchen.

"Sure." Clark said, confused.

Lois opened the freezer and there in that freezer was her choice.

Chocolate or Rocky Road?

Rocky Road or Chocolate?

Chocolate or Rocky Road?

"Lois, are you trying to freeze the whole apartment?" Clark asked bringing her out of her reverie.

Lois looked back at Clark trying to weigh her decision, but knowing in her heart it was already made. She turned back to the freezer and grabbed the bag of chocolate. Her decision made, she smiled and closed the freezer.