Chance Meeting?

By Lola McClellan (

Summary: Lois and Clark reminisce about their teen years while covering a human interest story on an old museum.

After reading many great stories on the Fanfic list, here is my first attempt to write a story. Thanks to my husband, David, who gave me the main idea for this story and Renee Charles for her input. Comments are very welcome.


Lois sat at her desk in the Daily Planet newsroom, fanning herself with a copy of yesterday's edition of the Daily Planet.

"I don't think I'll be able to stand it around here if they don't fix this air conditioning soon", she thought. She looked over at Clark, who was busy typing away at his terminal.

"Farmboy", she muttered to herself. He doesn't even seem to be feeling this heat. He probably grew up without air conditioning on his farm."

"Clark," Lois called.

Clark, lost in thought, looked up from his monitor.

"Yeah, Lois?" Clark looked over at Lois. Beads of perspiration made her face slightly damp. Clark was amazed how she always looked so beautiful, even without trying. "What is it?" Clark continued.

"Since you're so fond of running out for food, why don't you get us a couple of frozen yogurts from the vendor on the corner," she said with a playful bit of sarcasm.

Clark smiled at her. "I'd be happy to," he said, glad that she could think of his constant habit of running out on her without anger. Clark rose to his feet and turned to the door when Perry came from his office.

"Listen, I've got a story I want you two kids to get busy on. The old Metropolis Museum of Natural History is going to be shut down and I want you two to get down there and do a piece on it for the human interest page. And besides, Perry smiled, The museum is air conditioned and you can cool off a bit."

"Well, I guess we'll have to take a rain check on those yogurts," Clark said teasingly.

"Stop it, Clark. I can't believe they're going to close that museum. I went there on a school field trip when I was seventh grade and I had a really good time."

Clark sobered. "Yeah, I know what you mean. When I was 14, Mom and Dad and I took a short vacation to Metropolis and we visited there. I really loved that place."


At the museum, Clark and Lois walked around looking at the exhibits. "Things sure haven't changed around here." Lois commented. She smiled as she remembered her visit as a seventh grader.


"Lois!" Linda King called to her friend. "Lois, take a look at those guys over there! Aren't they cute?"

Lois wrinkled her nose at her friend. "Linda, you are so immature. Is that all you think about?"

Linda squeezed Lois's arm. "Yeah, right. And I suppose you don't think that guy on the front row of our journalism class is a fox."

Lois blushed deep red, remembering her attempts to get his attention to no avail. "Well, we're not here to look at guys. Besides, I think I might do a story on this place for our school paper."


As Clark and Lois walked by the dinosaur display, Clark grinned as he thought back to his first trip to Metropolis.


Jonathan and Martha Kent handed their son Clark the money for his admission to the museum.

"I think that you'll really like this place, Clark," Martha said as she hugged her 14 year old son.

"Yes, Clark. And maybe you could write an essay on the museum for school." Jonathan Kent was feeling slightly guilty for taking Clark out of school for their outing to Metropolis.

"Sure, Dad." Clark responded. He loved his dad, and was always anxious to please him.

As his parents went to look at the art exhibit, Clark walked by the giant skeleton of the T-Rex. Clark said aloud to himself, "I feel so much like you dinosaurs." Clark looked at the stuffed animated dinosaurs in the next display. Their jerky movements made them look less life like as well as a light bulb that was flashing from within the display as if it was ready to burn out at any moment. "So much of my life is still a mystery to me. Why am I so different?"


"Lois, the class is going to the art exhibit now. You better stay with us or you're going to be in really hot water with Mrs. Reed again."

Lois looked at Linda and pressed a finger to her lips. "Shhh. I've got to get a closer look at these dinosaurs. Go on, I'll catch up with you and she'll never know I was gone."

Linda rolled her eyes at Lois. "Okay, but don't blame me if you get caught."

Lois walked over to the Dinosaur exhibit. "Stupid things would look more real if they slowed their movements down." she thought to herself. She looked up and saw a light bulb going on and off at the top of the display. "At least they could fix the lighting over them. It's probably just loose." she thought. Impulsively, she climbed up on the rail of the exhibit and balancing herself against the wall, stood on the rail and reached up to tighten the bulb. As she reached up for the bulb, her foot slipped. Lois let out a little squeal as she felt herself falling. Bracing herself to hit the floor, she suddenly realized that she wasn't lying on the floor but resting in the strong arms of a very handsome young man. He looked down at her through his glasses and smiled a shy smile.

"She's beautiful!" he thought. He just held her for a moment, both of them forgetting where they were or even the people around them.

Lois looked up at him. She seemed drawn to him somehow. There was something about him she couldn't put her finger on. Suddenly she reached up, drew his head down and kissed him.

"Thanks, " she smiled at him.

Clark, never having kissed a girl before and liking it very much, bent his head down and kissed her again.

"What am I doing?" Lois thought to herself. " I've never even kissed a boy before and now here I am making out with a total stranger."

Clark put her down and took her hands as she looked up at him. Most boys her age were shorter than her, she already being the tallest in her class, but this boy was almost a head taller than her.

"Lois Lane! Where are you?" The disapproving voice of Mrs. Reed floated across the museum.

"Sorry, I've got to go." Lois whispered. Their fingertips lingered a moment and then she turned and hurried away.

Moments later, Martha and Jonathan walked up.

"Having a good time, Clark?" Jonathan asked his son.

"You could say that." Clark answered with a big grin.

"I'm glad." said Martha.

"You know, Mom, I think I would like to live here in Metropolis someday. And I would help people. I mean, really help, using my powers."

Martha hesitated a moment, not wanting to think of her son leaving home. "We'll see, Clark. You never know what the future holds."


Lois and Clark walked up to the stuffed dinosaur exhibit.

"I always felt sorry for those poor dinosaurs." Lois said. Looking up, she saw a light blinking as if it was loose. Without thinking, she climbed up on the rail to try to tighten it. Suddenly, she felt herself falling and the next thing she knew, Clark was cradling her in his powerful arms. With her arms around his neck, she looked up at him with a stunned look on her face. Clark's expression mirrored Lois's and suddenly they both began to smile. Lois pulled his head towards hers and they joined lips, awakening the longings that she had been holding back for so long. His grip on her tightened as the kiss they shared became more passionate, forgetting where they were or who was around them.

After their lips parted, Clark smiled down at Lois. "I always did love this place!"