A Christmas to Remember

By JJ (rja055@airmail.net )

Summary: Lois prepares to deliver her baby.


Lois and Clark were about to start another day at work. They had been happily married for almost three years and were expecting a child in a little less than two months. Lois's stomach by now was huge. It was about five times bigger than normal. She had trouble getting up and down, couldn't walk or stand for long periods of time, got food cravings 24 hours a day, and worst of all, had mood swings.

"Clark," Lois said sweetly, "will you go down to the bakery and get me a chocolate donut?"

"Honey, we just ate breakfast," Clark said.

"I know, but I'm hungry again. Come on, I'm eating for two now, sweetie," Lois said, smiling pathetically. Clark just melted when she smiled like this.

"I'll be back in ten minutes, don't go anywhere either," Clark ordered her. He ran down to the donut shop, got Lois her donut, and ran back, in ten minutes. When he came back and gave her the food, her face wrinkled up like she was in pain. "Lois, are you OK?" he asked sitting on her desk.

"Clark, it was just a little pain, I'm OK," she promised him. "Go back to your desk and get some work done. We have a big story to cover before we leave this evening." Clark, still worried about Lois, went to his desk. Lois felt bad about lying to Clark. Her "little pain" wasn't so little. Her stomach had been killing her since Clark had come back. She figured it would go away. By noon, it hadn't gone away. Lois couldn't bear the pain. She clutched her stomach and fell to the ground. "Ooohhh!" she screamed as she hit the floor. Clark saw and heard this and ran to her side.

"Lois!" he screamed as he knelt beside her. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, Clark I'll be OK," she said.

"No, Lois. Something is really wrong with you. Tell me!" Clark yelled.

"OK," Lois agreed. "My stomach is killing me!" she burst out crying. "I can't take the pain! Clark take me to a hospital, please!"

"OK, you're going to a hospital, honey," Clark promised her. He carried her to the car, and rushed her into the hospital. After Lois was examined, the doctor talked to both of them.

"Mr. and Mrs. Kent, Lois went into premature labor. Her contractions were 15 minutes apart and she was dilated 1 centimeter, but we gave her a shot to stop the labor. Mrs Kent, what's your work schedule on a normal day?" the doctor asked.

"Well," Lois said, thinking, "we arrive to the office at about 7:30 in the morning and stay until about 7:30 at night."

"From now on, you are to leave at 3:30," the doctor ordered. "It's safer on your baby."

"WHAT?!" Lois screamed. "I'm not leaving at 3:30."

"Mrs. Kent, what's more important, your work or the health of your baby?" the doctor asked.

"My baby of course," Lois confirmed.

"Then you must not overexert yourself," the doctor said. Lois and Clark left the doctor's office.


One Month Later, Christmas Eve


Lois and Clark went into the Daily Planet, Lois was nine months pregnant, and not planning to stop working until she went into labor. It was Christmas Eve, which meant the Daily Planet was busier than ever.

"Look at this!" Lois cried. "The Planet's a circus." Lois tried to sit, but her body wouldn't bend that way anymore. She looked at Clark for help.

"OK I'll help you sit down. You're so helpless now," he said grinning.

"You're not funny," Lois said. Clark shrugged, put a loving arm around her waist, helped her sit down, and kissed her. "You sure can kiss," Lois commented. She pulled his tie, so that he bent down near her and they kissed.

"OK, that's enough," Perry said, "after all, that's why Lois is pregnant." Clark and Lois blushed.

"We'll focus on work instead of our love life from now on," Lois said.

"That's what I like to hear," Perry said and walked off.

"Clark, I've been thinking, and I want you to promise me something," Lois told him.

"What?" Clark asked.

"While I'm in labor, you cannot fly off to help someone," Lois said with a pleading look in her eyes.

"Lois while you're in labor, I will not ever leave your side," Clark promised. Around 3:30, Clark got Lois' coat, ready to go home.

"Honey, I can't leave now," Lois said. "I've got a ton of work to do."

"Lois you know what the doctor said. I don't want you to put your health or the baby's health in jeopardy," Clark said sympathetically.

"Just 30 more minutes, please?" Lois pleaded. Clark gave in. At 3:45, Lois looked really pale.

"Lois, we're going home," Clark said sternly.

"No we're not. We're going to the hospital. I'm in labor!" Lois cried painfully, squeezing Clark's hand. "Ohhh!" Clark rushed Lois to the hospital. At 1:45 Christmas morning, Lois was delivering.

"GET IT OUT!!" Lois screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Mrs. Kent, I want you to push!" the doctor said. Lois squeezed Clark's hand, and pushed.

"Ooooowwwwwww!!" she screamed. "Clark! This HURTS!"

"Push once more!" the doctor commanded.

"AAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!" Lois screamed. And then she heard the baby cry. Lois cried. She and Clark were parents.

"What are you going to name her?" the doctor asked as he handed the baby to Lois.

"It's a girl!" Lois cried. "I've got the perfect name. It is Christmas you know. How about Holly Angel Kent?"

"That's beautiful," Clark said. They were the happiest people on Earth now.