Embraced by Love

By Anonymous

Summary: A short, tender fanfic in which Lois and Clark have a parental chat with their daughter about boys, girls, love and sex.


Lois and Clark cuddled on the couch watching "Love Affair" — the classic version.

"This is my favorite movie," she murmured as she rested her head against his chest and draped her arm across his waist. "I know," he replied with a soft smile before he planted a soft kiss on her forehead as his arm around her pulled her closer.

SLAM! Both Lois and Clark turned around to watch their daughter as she threw her coat on a chair and ran up the stairs before they could say a word. Then they looked at each other … time to be parents. Clark stood up, reached for Lois' hand, pulled her up against him tightly and kissed her deeply.

As his lips parted reluctantly from hers, he whispered a promise — "We'll pursue that line of thought in more *detail* later" — with a sexy wink. "Come on, Mom and Dad duty calls."

They went upstairs and cautiously approached their daughter's bedroom. Knocking on the door first, they entered the bedroom.

Their daughter, Leia, was crying on the bed clutching her pillow for comfort. Concerned, both went over and sat on the bed, one on each side. They both said, "Leia — what is wrong? Honey?" prompting her to reply. Lois' hand softly rubbed her daughters back in a soothing pattern.

The sobs turned to hiccups and Leia turned around facing them with a tear-stained face. A face framed by dark curls. She was only 13 but she was still their little girl.

Clark reached out to brush one of the last tears away . "Honey — please tell us what is wrong. Did something happen at the birthday party?"

Leia looked down and twisted her hands. "Matt and I had a fight and I flipped him." Lois and Clark looked at each other … she was definitely their feisty daughter.

"Oh, sweetie … I'm sorry to hear that … is it something we can help with? What was the fight about?" Lois asked. Her hand reached out to brush some of the curls back.

Leia bit her lip, still not looking at them. "Well, Matt kissed me … " She looked up at them.

Lois smiled encouragingly. "But … ?"

"Well, he's my best friend! Why did he have to ruin our friendship!" she asked emotionally as tears filled her eyes again.

The parents looked at each other … it was definitely time for *that* talk and they had agreed to do this together. They thought Matt was just a good friend but it looked like it was heading in another direction — a direction their daughter wasn't ready for.

Clark reached for his daughter's hands, enfolding them into his gentle hands. "Honey, you know that talk we had about your powers?" Leia nodded with understanding. "Well, your Mom and I need to talk to you about something else. Boys and girls, love and sex."

"Daaaad … I *know* about sex and boys and girls. I did take that in school biology." Leia rolled her eyes.

He smiled "Honey … it's a little more complicated that that … and we want you to know everything before you get into a situation you aren't comfortable with so you'll know how to make the decision for yourself, not because some boy wants something."

"You mean like Matt?"

"Yeah, like Matt. You understand that both you and Matt are growing up and, as you know from biology, your hormones and sexuality start to develop in your teen years. A sense of curiosity is normal but it can lead down roads you aren't ready to travel. It is OK to say no to anything you aren't comfortable with." Clark paused and Lois picked up the thread.

"There is nothing wrong in kissing boys and going on dates. Although your father and I think you are still a little young to date. When they want more than that you have to decide if you are ready to go farther. It is a big decision and usually made under pressure from peers and boys. Kisses are just the beginning. The most important thing to remember is it is your body and sex can be a physical act or a loving one. Some boys just want to have sex with you. You are worth more than that — you *deserve* more than that. Your first sexual experience should be with someone you love and who loves you. When you are with someone you love — you make love — not sex. Do you understand, honey?"

Leia nodded. "So, did you wait, Mom?"

"I *thought* I was in love but I was wrong — I never knew love until I met your Daddy and *that* is a long story." Lois smiled and Clark mumbled under his breath, "Tell me about it." Lois gave Clark a firm look then continued. "True love isn't easy to find, and if a boy really loves you he will wait until *you* are ready for the next step no matter how old you are. Trust me on this." Lois looked over at Clark.

Clark smiled tenderly at Lois and then at his daughter. "Leia, I waited for true love . You and I share some special powers and we have to be a little more careful when we decide to be with someone and make love. When you fall in love you will have to tell that person your secret about the powers. It is important you understand that until you fall in love and you *know* you will be with this person for the rest of your life you can't tell them the secret about you and me. If you do tell the wrong person, they could tell others and people we love like Mom, Grandpa and Grandma will get hurt. OK?"

"OK, I understand. I don't think I am ready for this boy/girl stuff yet. I'll tell Matt tomorrow at school. I just want to be friends. But I will wait for my true love . Like Wesley and Buttercup in the 'Princess Bride'. But how do you know if you are in love?" Leia asked curiously.

Lois reached out and ran her hand softly down Clark's arm as they looked at each other with love. After that brief moment, she turned back to her daughter.

"True love … well, that is when you meet someone who shares your soul — your soul mate. When you have a connection that is not physical — it is deeper. You love this person so much that you can't picture life without him. When you feel this love you *know* it. But trust me, it isn't easy to find, but it is worth the wait. Don't settle for anything less — I almost made that mistake. When you find him — he is the person who will be there through good and bad times, love you and your faults, makes you a better person just by being in your life — he will drive you crazy sometimes but he is worth it. This person would breathe for you, do anything for you because he loves you so much. When you find him hold on for dear life and love him with all your heart."

"Wow — so Dad is your true love?" Leia asked looking back and forth from Lois to Clark.

Lois looked over at Clark, reached up to caress his face, and his eyes met hers in a melting moment which needed no words. Heartfelt emotions were conveyed wordlessly.

A moment later, Lois replied softly but intently, "Oh, yeah — he's the one — and the only one I can ever imagine being with for the rest of my life."

"Loisss …" Clark murmured still looking into her eyes.

"Mom … Dad?" Leia sighed. There they go again, geez, you think after 15 years of marriage they'd be tired of this stuff, she thought to herself. Of course, she was secretly pleased that her parents were still together unlike so many of her friends' parents. She let them have a few moments, then waved her hands between them to break the trance they seemed to be in … before it got too mushy for her eyes.

They turned back to her.

"Did you say something, Leia?" Clark asked teasingly with a wink.

"Daaaaad … " She rolled her eyes in exasperation. Lois smiled warmly and thought to herself how different her family was from what she had growing up and how happy she was about it. This is what she wanted *her* daughter to remember. Love and happiness.

Clark released Leia's hands and reached up to cup the side of her face in that familiar caress he used. "You know what honey … I am glad you aren't ready for boy/girl stuff because I don't want to lose you to any boy just yet. You are still my little girl … even if you are growing up. Once you start dating … you'll forget all about old Dad and then I'll have to rely on your mother to play basketball with … don't do that to me just yet … OK?"

"Hey — I'm not that bad. I get some goals sometimes," Lois protested. Leia and Clark looked at each other and sighed … when would she get the lingo right? Leia smiled.

"OK Dad … " Leia promised. Clark leaned in for a hug. Leia hugged him back. Clark whispered, " I love you sweetie."

Leia replied softly, "I love you too Dad."

Lois' eyes teared up at the tender sight. Clark was such a good father. She missed seeing Clark's arm move. He pulled her into the family hug. Nothing felt like this, she thought, being embraced by love.