The End!

By Elizabeth Penter <>

Submitted October 25, 1997

Rating: PG

Summary: What might the last episode of Lois & Clark be like had the show run for 8 seasons? This author gives her suggestions.

This episode takes would have taken place in the 7th or 8th season of Lois and Clark, it would have been the series finale. Lois and Clark are happily married and have two children, Jonathan Samuel Jar-El, and Lucy, and the third is on the way. She is obviously pregnant by 8 months. In my little Lois and Clark World the fact that they can't have children does not exist, Perry and Alice are together too.


Jonathan and Lucy were babbling as usual in the back to their own language.

"Sometime I wish I understood what they were saying," Lois giggled.

"Well, they are talking in that twin language you or I will never understand," Clark laughed back. Like every morning drive from the suburbs to the city, Lois and Clark were on their way to Perry White's house. Alice loved taking care of the twins as she enjoyed their company everyday.

"Hey mommy, hows come the new baby gets to go to work with you every day?" asked little Lucy.

"Honey, that is because she is inside Mommy. She can't come out yet."

"Why not?"

"She has to stay there until she is done growing into a baby."


"Because otherwise she won't be ready."


"I don't know, Lucy. Just because," Lois said getting a little annoyed.

"She is becoming more like you everyday. She has to know everything." Clark laughed.

"Yeah, I guess so. It looks like we are raising a reporter and a little Superman," Lois laughed.

"Lois, we don't know if they have superpowers yet. If so, they might be limited!" Clark exclaimed.

Just as those words came out of his mouth Jonathan broke the restraints on his car seat which he had been working at for days. "Okay, guess that answers that mystery," Clark chuckled.


Lois and Clark stepped off the elevator into the newsroom. "I am glad to be here today. It's been a long morning," Lois sighed.

"LOIS! CLARK!! MY OFFICE NOW!!!!!" Perry belted out across the newsroom.

"Looks like it's going to be a long day," Clark chuckled.

"What in Graceland are these?" Perry asked as he threw on to his desk two envelopes.

"Envelopes?" Lois chuckled.

"I know they are envelopes, but why are they here? Why are my two best reporters resigning?" Perry asked.

"Well Chief, you better sit down," Clark said.

They all sat and Perry said, "Okay, so tell me. Is it more money? The Gotham Gazette? What is it?"

"We are moving to Smallville," Clark said. "We are building a house on my parents farm and we're going to help with the farm."

"What about you Lois? Hon, I know you. What are you going to do in Smallville?" Perry asked Lois.

"Well, I got offered the job of Editor-in-Chief of the Smallville paper." Lois said.

"In all of Graceland, I never thought I would see Lois Lane-Kent in Smallville writing for the, and I quote, 'The Hickville Gazette'" Perry chuckled. "I just wonder what I am going to do for investigative reporters. Is there anything I can do to change your minds?" Perry asked.

"Well, chief, no. We want our children to grow up in Smallville."

"Well, I hate to lose you both. Lemme she what I can do. Maybe I can have a reporter in Smallville. The extra money would come in handy," Perry said. "But what I want to know is what about Superman? Is he going to leave Metropolis, too?" Perry asked. Clark looked dumbfounded and so did Lois. How did he know?

"H-Ho-How did you know?" Clark asked.

"Boy, there are some things you still don't know about Perry White! I knew since you saved Lex's life, during the Dragon Eddie scam. I saw you use your heat vision to stop Lex's bleeding," Perry said.

"Why didn't you say anything?" Lois asked.

"Well, I didn't think Clark wanted anyone to know!" Perry explained.

"Thanks, Chief" Clark said. "Speaking of which, I have to go."

"That boy, does he ever talk about himself in the third person?" Perry asked Lois jokingly.

Lois giggled "Yeah, he does."

"Well, get to work. I have some work of my own to do. I have to replace my best reporters," Perry said.


"Hey, Lois! Where's CK?" Jimmy asked.

"He's out. I don't know where."

"Oh, I have a question for him."

"Is it about that girl you've been dating for six months, is it now?"

"Yeah," Jimmy said.

"I wanted to ask him how he knew you were the one."

"Jimmy, you just know. You know it when you think about them every day, every moment you breathe, every time they smile, laugh, take you fl-. You just know"

"Thanks, Lois. You're the best!"

"You're welcome, Jimmy"

"Do you want to see the ring I bought her?"

"What?! You're asking her to marry you?" Lois said, surprised.

"Yeah!!" Jimmy said. "I know I love her, I think about her all the time…"

"OLSEN!!!!!!!" Perry's voice boomed again.

"Coming!" Jimmy shouted back "Lois I have to go." Lois smiled and thought *Jimmy Olsen in love, getting married. I never in Graceland thought I would see this!*


It was 4 a.m. and the phone rang. "Hi, CK. Is Lois there?" It was Jimmy. *Why is Jimmy calling at this time of night?* Clark thought.

Lois in a mumble said "Clark, who is it?"

"It's Jimmy. He wants to talk to you." Clark handed Lois the phone.

"Hey, Jimmy. What is it?" Lois asked.

"She said yes!!!!!!!! She wants to know if you will be her maid of honor and tell Clark I want him to be my best man."

"What?!" Lois said.

"We need witnesses. We're getting married this weekend and we would like you to be at our wedding," Jimmy said.

"Just a second," Lois said as she put her hand over the receiver. "Jimmy wants to know if you will be his best man."

"What?! When did Jimmy propose to her? I didn't know he was even thinking about it?"

"Oops! I forgot to tell you. You were off saving the day when he asked if he should ask her or not."

"What?! Tell him yes, but when is the wedding?" Clark asked.

"Jimmy, when are you planning on getting married?" Lois asked.

"This Friday!" Jimmy said.

"Friday, Clark…Clark?" He was gone.

"Friday sounds good. We'll be there," Lois said.

"Goodnight Lois and thanks."

Everything seemed to be right with the world. Jimmy getting married. Lois and Clark moving to Smallville and Clark being Superman.

*SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!!!! What was Clark going to do about Superman!!!* She said straight up in bed. She sat there for awhile thinking, *we are going to have to think fast. We're moving on Saturday.* Lois, now not being able to sleep got up and went to the kitchen. *I wonder if we have any Rocky Road?* Lois opened the freezer and there it was. *Ahhh there you are! You always help me think!*

Just then Whoosh… "Lois, what are you doing up?" Clark asked.

"What are we going to do about Superman? Is he going to stay here in Metropolis? Is he just going to disappear? Or what?!"

"Well I have been trying to get in contact with Zara and Ching to see if they might help."

"To have them help get rid of Superman?" Lois interrupted, "Just get rid of him like that?"

Clark said, "Well, yeah, it is going to be hard in Smallville. If Superman just picks up and leaves and ends up in Kansas, people are going to find out."

"I never thought of it that way. But the world needs Superman," Lois pleaded.

"I know. I have thought of ways and this is the only good one — saying that Superman is needed in New Krypton, and having Superman disappear is the only way I could think of to keep you and the kids safe."

"We'll have to discuss this, Clark. Right now I'm going to bed."

"Lois…what do you want me to do? Tell the world that I'm Superman?"

"No. But Clark, you won't be whole without him, you and I both know that."

"I know. But it's something I'm going to have to live with," Clark said.

"Well, WE both should make this decision. WE both are in on this and WE both have lives that this will effect. Can't Superman retire to just stopping nuclear reactors? The crime rate is down but if Superman leaves you know that things will go back to the way it was before you ever got here."

"I never thought of it that way."

"See Clark, you always don't think of everything."


It was Friday morning — Lois and Clark's last day at the Planet. "Lois! Clark! Why are you here? I thought you two would be on your way to Smallville by now," Perry shouted.

"Chief, we came to say goodbye to everyone and congratulate Jimmy on his new job.

"CK, Lois! Hey, you guys will be there tonight, right?" Jimmy asked coming from Clark's old desk.

"Can you believe I'm a reporter now, just like you guys?" Jimmy said, very proud of himself.

"Jimmy, you earned it," Clark said.

"You'll make a great investigative reporter," Lois added.

"Thanks guys, but not as good as you," Jimmy added.

"Well we have a wedding present for you, Jimmy," Lois said. "Here is Clark's and my rolodex. Tt has our number in Smallville in it too, feel free to use it. All of our contacts are in there. If you have any problems let me know!"

"WOW!!!" Jimmy said. "This is cool! You really trust me with all of your sources and contacts?"

"Jimmy, you earned the job. We're just giving you the edge," Clark smiled.

"Perry??" Clark said. "Lois and I have a surprise for you, too."

"What is it?" Perry asked.

"The Superman Exclusive and out last story for the Daily Planet," Lois said with a tear running down her face.

Jimmy butted in "CK, are you going to tell the world that you're Superman?"

"What?" Clark asked.

"You know you're moving to Smallville and all. I was wondering what was going to become of Superman?"

"How did you know?" asked Clark.

"I've known for a long time. Remember that time when you saved Lex Luthor's life?"

"Yeah, did you find out then?"

"Yeah, and then I suggested it to the Chief. He said 'no that was impossible' but I always knew I was right. It's okay, CK, I won't publish it" Jimmy explained.

"Well, I better hit the streets. I have a story to write." Jimmy then took off.

Perry then blushed "Now you know how he got the job. He pointed it out to me and has persisted all of these years, giving me examples and proof. I still didn't know until last week when I confirmed it with you," Perry chuckled. Lois and Clark laughed along with Perry.


Epilogue — Saturday morning.

"CLARK! I think it's time!!!"

"What?!" Clark screamed from the outside where he was packing up the moving van.

"The baby is coming!!!"

Lucy Lane then came around the corner. "What, sis?! Are you sure?" Lucy asked.

"Yes, I'm sure. Can you take the Jeep and the kids and meet us at the hospital? It doesn't look like we're moving today," Lois laughed.

The Kents and Lanes, thanks to the Superman express, were waiting in the waiting room with Lucy and the twins. The doctor came in and said, "Its a girl! Lara Kent. A healthy seven pounds and one ounce."

*Lara. His birth mother's name.* Martha smiled.