Evening Delight

By Pam Jernigan and Chris Mulder <ChiefPam@nc.rr.com> and <mulders@mindspring.com>

Rated PG

Submitted October 1999

Summary: Clark comes home to a pleasant surprise. Set somewhere in Season 6 continuity, between crises.

This is what happens when two fanfic writers are best friends and spend way too much time on the phone together…


Lois and Clark liked to coordinate their schedules so that they came home at the same time, but it wasn't always possible. This evening, Clark had stayed late to finish an assignment, while Lois had collected Laura from day care and taken her home. Clark entered his home with a sigh of satisfaction. It wasn't that he disliked his job — although it was less fun to work by himself — it was just that he loved being home with his wife and daughter. Their time alone was limited, and precious.

"Lois, I'm home," he called up the stairs, and heard her moving about in the bedroom.

"Oh good," she replied, trusting him to hear her even from a floor away. A moment later, she came down the stairs.

Clark stood still, watching her in appreciation. She looked terrific. Her businesslike suit of earlier was gone, replaced by a slinky black dress, and her hair was freshly styled.

She smiled smugly at his reaction. "Laura's playing in her playpen for a few minutes," she reported.

"Oh," he replied, distracted. "I was going to ask. But what's — this?" he asked, his bemusement evident as he gestured towards her and her … outfit.

"You like?" she pirouetted, causing the skirt to flare out, revealing a slit.

His breath caught in his throat. "Oh, yeah."

She strolled over to him, a sultry smile on her lips. "That's good." She reached out to fiddle with his tie. "You see, I was hoping to get lucky tonight."

He reached for her, but she danced away, shooting him a teasing look. "Honey, believe me, you can get anything you want tonight."

"Ooh, I like the sound of that." She licked her lips, quite deliberately, watching him to make sure he got the message. "Because I have something … unusual … in mind. See, I've heard that sometimes," she purred, coquetting in front of him and looking up at him through her lashes, "it's fun to go to a dark, smoky bar … find a good-looking stranger…"

A most provocative smile was on her lovely mouth and Clark found himself unconsciously licking his own dry lips as he listened to her sultry voice.

"… and, ah, seize the … moment. Do you know what I mean … honey?"

Clark swallowed hard, envisioning her across a smoky room, smiling warmly at him, flirting in public… Oh, this could be good. "I've never done it … but it sounds like fun."

"Oh, I think it will be." She smiled, then gave him a look of limpid innocence. "So, then … you'll watch Laura while I go out?"

He stared at her, too lost in a sensual fog to make immediate sense of this, his brows coming down in confusion. She didn't mean…?

Her sultry look dissolved into giggles as she watched him trying to process this.


She laughed harder, but moved closer. "You should have seen your face!"

He pulled her into a hug. "That was *not* funny!"

"Oh yes, it was!"