Eye in the Sky

by Saori Tanaka [strawberrysayo@yahoo.co.jp]

Rated: G

Submitted: May 2010

Summary: The GPS people know all.

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At the Global Positioning and Imaging System Headquarters in the Pentagon, a hundred or so operators and controllers were doing their job guiding planes, buses, and cars to their destinations using up-to-the-minute satellite photo and video footage.

One of these hundred-or-so people, a man named Phil, spotted Superman carrying Lois Lane as he flew in the general direction of Smallville, Kansas.

Phil sipped his coffee from his Superman mug. "He still has no idea that ALL of us here at the GPiS HQ know he's Clark Kent, does he?" he mused to no one in particular.

Billy Ray, a man with a heavy Southern accent seated in the next cubicle, answered Phil anyway. "Clueless like a 'coon 'bout to be road kill. Not that we would, of course. The man's a taxpayer."

"Well," Phil said. "Let's go back to work. We'll need to block all signals towards and from Roswell. Elvis is coming to visit."