Everyone Here But Me

By Benjamin McElwain <benmc@nbnet.nb.ca>

Rated: G

Submitted: September 2001

Summary: A short story in which Clark contemplates his different identities.

I give permission for this story to be made available to the public on www.lcfanfic.com.

Standard disclaimer: I don't own the characters of L&C and no money is being made. Just think of this as insuring an audience for the next movie or series. However if you don't want the licence anymore let's start the biding. I bid one dollar.


Clark finished his first draft of a story on the migratory habits of the pigeon hawk. Perry had told him, when handing out the assignment, it may not be front page, but a newspaper is composed of more than cover stories.

Yawning, Clark sat back in his chair and waited for his computer to catch up.

/ I wonder what Mom and Dad are doing right now? /

He could of course fly to Kansas to visit but he didn't want to make a pest of himself.

Once the computer had finished, Clark rechecked his work and then e- mailed it in to Editing. Clark retrieved a Coke from the fridge and settled in to watch some TV. The top story was the heat wave that the city was currently suffering through.

Glancing down at his own attire, Clark realised that he should probably change out of his shirt and tie. Changes in temperature didn't bother him but being conspicuous did. The lessons his parents had drilled into his head as a teenager about the importance of not drawing attention to his alien nature had stood him in good stead since his arrival in Metropolis.

On his way to change, Clark thought about the things in his apartment he didn't actually need. The razor and half-full container of shaving cream he kept in the bathroom. The fan that sat beside his bed. Thanks to his heat vision, the stove was also merely window dressing that he used only when he had company.

Clark's stomach twisted. He was trying so hard to appear to be something he wasn't. He had even created another identity so he could do the things he wanted with his powers. But he was still acting, even as an openly alien persona. Superman was not Clark. Superman could never lie, something Clark was being forced to do time and again so he could get out of the office or away from Lois so he could answer a call for help. He was sure that the mass of lies would come back to haunt him someday.

/That day will probably come soon. My excuses haven't exactly been air tight./

The Cheese of the Month Club was an outstanding example of lame excuses, which had been further damaged by the lateness of the hour.

/ It is a wonder Lois doesn't think I'm crazy./

The screech of tires seized Clark's awareness. But when the sound of an impact was not forthcoming he relaxed. Clark had learned that he couldn't leap out the window every time someone got cut off in traffic.

Living two lives was a strain especially when neither was entirely his own. Clark Kent was the closest but Clark didn't have Super Powers because having them would change they way people acted towards him. Lois's statement to Superman that she would love him even if he were an ordinary man burned across Clark's consciousness.

/ Having perfect recall is not always a blessing. /

Finishing off his Coke, Clark rinsed the can out before tossing the can in the recycling bin behind his apartment.

/I wonder what life would have been like if I had grown up as Kal El. Did all of my people have super powers? / Shaking himself Clark brought his mind back to the present.

/ That's enough introspection for one night. /

Clark stood and spun into his Superman costume.

/ I'll do a patrol of the city and then stop in at Lois's. /

He could use the warmth of her gaze tonight, even if she was only looking at part of him.