Everything's Right in the World

By Jennifer Allen <jma1026@hotmail.com>

Rated PG

Submitted September 1999

Summary: Desperate to have a child of their own, Lois and Clark decide to try an unorthodox method of accomplishing that.


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"Lois … I'm home," Clark yelled as he walked through the front door of their brownstone. When he received no answer, he walked up the stairs and into the master bedroom. What he saw there took him by shock. There lying on the bed was Lois, weeping uncontrollably. Clark was by her side in the blink of an eye.

He gathered her into his arms and held her tightly, just letting her get it out, whatever it was. "Oh, Lois. What's wrong, sweetheart?" She just kept sobbing. "Tell me, baby. What's going on?" Clark asked, now almost pleading.

Lois pulled away from him and tried to stop crying, but to no avail. "Oh God, Clark! I don't know how much longer I can take this," Lois said.

"What, honey? What can't you take?" Clark asked. "Did I do something wrong? Is it Superman? Is it me?"

"Oh no, Clark. You are great. You are just wonderful," Lois replied, shaking her head.

"What then? Please tell me." Clark pleaded.

"I just don't understand the world, Clark." Lois said. The tears had stopped streaming from her eyes, but a lone tear now slid down her cheek.

"I'm sorry … I'm not following you, sweetheart." Clark replied.

"I mean, what kind of world allows a woman to give birth to a baby and then leave it lying in a alley or in a dumpster. Then, here I am, wanting a baby so desperately, and I can't have one," Lois said as she burst into tears again.

"Oh, Lois. Come here," Clark said, holding her tightly once again. Through Lois's sobs, Clark could still hear her mumbling 'it's not fair' over and over again. "I know it's not fair, and it's all my fault. Please don't cry." Clark pleaded.

"It's not your fault. It's my fault that we can't adopt a baby. Just because I dangle from the jaws of death." Lois said with a slight smile.

"You know that isn't true, sweetheart. Maybe we should look into adoption again. It was a year ago when we tried. Maybe there is someone other than Ms. Bailey working there now," Clark said.

"I know it sounds selfish, but the more I think about it, the more I don't want to adopt a baby. I want one of my own. My very own. Well, yours and mine," she replied.

"You know that it isn't possible," Clark said, frowning.

"Now listen to you. You were the one who convinced me that it was possible. Remember? You said that if making a baby was the result of love, then it could happen," Lois said. "Don't you believe in us anymore?" Lois asked, hanging her head.

Clark reached for her and took her chin in his hand and raised her head to look at him. Smiling, he said, "Of course I still believe in us. Sometimes I think that us is all I have left. I love you so much." Leaning toward her, his lips met hers, and they shared a slow passionate kiss.

"I'm sorry, Clark," Lois said, pulling her lips from his.

"For what?" Clark asked.

"For not wanting to adopt a baby. I know that it is probably the easiest way for us to have a child, but I am just so selfish, and I'm not thinking of what you want. No wonder they won't let me adopt a baby. They probably think I wouldn't love it because it wasn't really mine. Would I love it? I mean, I don't know." Lois babbled.

"I understand completely, honey. It would just seem so much more natural if we had our own child." Clark said.

"I love you, Clark," Lois replied.

"Ditto, my little tornado." Clark said as he lay down beside her on their bed.

(Two weeks later)

Lois was sitting at her desk, typing on her computer when Clark approached her. A feeling of de ja vu came of her when she saw the look on his face.

"Lois … can I talk to you, in private?" he asked.

Lois stood up from her chair, and Clark ushered her into the conference room. "Well, the last time we did this, you had the same look on you face, and you told me that we couldn't have children," Lois said as she leaned against a table.

"Well, I guess what I'm about to tell you runs along those lines. I just got back from STAR Labs," Clark replied nervously.

"Oh, ok. What is it?" Lois asked.

"Um, Dr. Klein and Superman have been looking at some possible scenarios that could possibly result in Superman and an Earth woman having a child together," Clark said as he sat down in a chair in from of her.

"And … ?" Lois said.

"Well, we came up with two possible ways," Clark said with a slight smile.

"Cut to the chase, Clark. Tell me," Lois was getting very impatient. "But if either of these 'scenarios' involve Kryptonite, I refuse."

"Well, then. There goes the first one," Clark said.

"And the second is?" Lois asked.

"Well, remember the Newtritch sisters?" Clark asked.

"How could I forget?" Lois said.

"Well, when I was hit with that laser beam, my powers were transported to you, rendering me powerless," Clark said. "I was human, Lois."

"I don't think I am following you completely. Do you want to try conceiving a baby while I have you powers?" Lois asked, baffled.

"Well, almost. I want to transfer my powers to someone other than you. This way, we will both be human, and it will be more likely that we will conceive a child," Clark replied.

"That seems like a very good idea, Clark, but just because you don't have your powers, it doesn't mean that your physiology will be completely human," Lois said.

"I realize that, sweetheart, but Dr. Klein thinks that this is our best bet, if we want to conceive," Clark said, smiling.

"I would love that more than anything in the world," Lois said. "But who can we trust to take over your powers?"

"It will have to be one of my parents, Lois. They are the only two who know the secret," Clark replied, now standing from his seat. "I'll call them and invite them to dinner this evening. That is if you want to do this."

"I do want this, Clark." Lois said, and then kissed his cheek.

"Good. Um … Lois? I had thought that you would be a little more excited about this than you are acting," Clark said, concerned.

"I'm sorry, honey. I just don't want to get my hopes up, that's all." Lois said.

"Ok. I understand," Clark said as he took her hand. "I'll go call my parents, and you get your coat so we can leave, all right?"

"Ok, and Clark?"


"Thank you," Lois said as she walked out of the conference room and to her desk.

(Later that Evening)

Lois and Clark, along with the elder Kents were all sitting in the living room of Lois and Clark's brownstone.

"That was an excellent meal, Lois," Jonathan said with his hands resting on his stomach.

"Thank you, Jonathan," Lois replied smiling. She didn't really like to cook, but when someone complimented her cooking, she always felt very proud.

"Um … Mom, Dad … Lois and I have something we want to discuss with you," Clark started.

"Yes … you know that last year, Clark and I found out that we are unable to have children," Lois replied placing her hand in Clark's.

"Yes, we remember," Martha replied. "Are you trying to tell us that we are going to be grandparents?"

"I wish that were the case, mom, but as for right now, Lois and I are still unable to conceive a child," Clark replied with a frown.

"What are you trying to tell us, son?" Jonathan asked.

"Well, I have been working with Dr. Klein on some possible ways for Lois and I to try to get pregnant … " Clark said.

"And … " Lois interrupted, "they have come up with one idea that Dr. Klein thinks could possibly work."

"What is it?" Martha asked cheerfully.

"Do you remember when my powers were temporarily transferred to Lois?" Clark asked.

"Of course, Clark," Jonathan said.

"I think that Ultra Woman costume I made was my best creation yet." Martha said with a broad smile.

"Yes, it was pretty striking," Clark said smiling at Lois.

"Ok … back to the point," Lois replied. "Dr. Klein thinks that if we can transfer Clark's powers to someone else, then Clark will be human enough for us to conceive a child."

"I wish that didn't sound so awful," Clark said shaking his head. "Human enough?"

Lois leaned her mouth to Clark's ear and whispered, "It's not like I said man enough. Believe me, sweetheart. You are definitely man enough." Lois smiled at the blush she caused to come over Clark's face.

"So, we are asking if one of you will take on the responsibilities of being the superhero in the family," Clark said matter of factly.

"One of us? We are too old to go flying around the world, Clark," Jonathan replied.

"Speak for yourself, Jonathan," Martha said with a smirk.

"I'm sorry, you two, but I just wouldn't feel comfortable taking on that job," Jonathan replied with a hint of sadness in his voice. "Besides it could get a little scary … seeing me in spandex and all."

"That's all right, Jonathan. We understand," Lois replied.

"I'll do it!" Martha exclaimed.

Both Lois and Clark were a little shocked and grateful all at the same time. "Are you sure, Mom?" Clark asked.

"Well, not completely sure," Martha said, smiling. "But I am sure that I want a grandchild." Martha stood from her seat and began pacing the length of the room. "Ok … so I'll need some material to make a costume, and I'll need to get my sewing machine from Kansas, and wow … what colors do you think I would look good in?" She asked, stopping to ponder the thought.

"And you said that only the Lanes had the babble gene," Lois said looking at Clark. She stood and crossed the room to Martha. Reaching her hand to Martha's Lois replied, "Thank you so much for this, Martha."

"Mom, if this works … I don't know how we will ever be able to repay you," Clark said as he hugged her.

"Well, when this works, there will be no payment necessary," Martha said.


Rousing from his sleep in the spare bedroom of his son and daughter-in-law's brownstone, Jonathan looked toward the other side of the bed for his wife. Not finding her there, he put on his robe and walked down the stairs in search of her. Walking into the kitchen, he heard the hum of a sewing machine.

"Martha! It's 3:00 in the morning. What are you still doing up?" Jonathan asked.

"Oh … I couldn't sleep, and I wanted to get this thing done," she said, motion toward the silver spandex in her hands.

"Let me see … is it finished yet?" He asked.

"Almost, I just need to think of a name, and then come up with an emblem for it," she replied.

Sitting down in the chair beside her, Jonathan picked up a piece of paper with some names scribbled on it. He then read, "Super Granny, Ultra Lady, Awesome Woman … "

Looking at the smirk on her husband's face, she replied, "I know, they are all bad."

"No, they aren't bad. They are really bad," Jonathan said smiling.

"Help me out here, Jonathan," she replied.

"Let me see, how about something simple," Jonathan said. "Something like Lady Krypton."

"That's not bad, Jonathan. I'm impressed," Martha said.

"Well, I have my moments," Jonathan replied. "Martha, I know I didn't say much earlier, but for what it's worth, I just want to let you know that I am very proud of you for doing this."

"It is worth a lot, Jonathan. Thank you," Martha said and then kissed his cheek. "Ok, I'm almost finished," she said as she sewed the gold 'L' and then the 'K' onto the suit.

"Come on. You have a long day ahead of you, tomorrow," Jonathan replied, as he took her hand and led her up the stairs.

(The Next Morning)

As Lois awoke from her sleep, she was aware of two things. Clark wasn't in the bed beside her, but she could hear his voice. Opening one eye, she saw him sitting on the edge of the bed talking on the phone.

"Dr. Klein, I'm glad I finally reached you. My mother has agreed to have my powers transferred to her. Do you have the laser ready?" he asked.

"Ok, good. When would you like us to come in? Lois and I have the day off, so any time will be fine." After a pause Clark replied, "All right, we'll see you then." Hanging up the phone, he let out a sigh.

"Clark, what's wrong?" Lois asked as she slid across the sheets to get closer to him.

He turned his head toward her and replied, "Lois, I just hope this works."

"So do I, Clark, so do I."

(STAR Labs)

The four Kents arrived at STAR Labs around 1:45 pm that afternoon for their 2:00 pm appointment with Dr. Klein. Walking into Dr. Klein's office, they were all shocked at what disarray the room was in. Papers were thrown everywhere. Old take-out containers scattered the floor, and in the middle of his desk sat a laser with the words 'confidential' printed along the side of it.

"I'm glad he takes good care of these kinds of things," Clark said, pointing to the laser.

"Makes me feel really safe," Martha replied.

"Don't worry, Martha. You won't feel a thing," Lois said.

Behind them, they heard the door open and in walked a very disheveled scientist. His lab coat had stains all over it, and he was wearing goggles with the stains on them. "Oh, is it 2:00 already? I'm sorry, I just had a little mishap. Give me a minute to get cleaned up." Dr. Klein said.

"Um … sure," Clark said.

"Are you sure everything is going to be safe with this man, Clark?" Jonathan asked.

"Sure, Dad. Everything will be just fine," Clark replied, nervously.

The four stood in silence as they heard Dr. Klein humming to himself from the bathroom connected to his office. When he emerged, he replied, "So … are we ready?"

"We are, but are you?" Martha asked, a little agitated.

"Uh … oh … yes Mrs. Kent," Dr. Klein said. "I think it will be the safest and most secretive if we perform this procedure right in here. Mr. Kent, Lois, you two might want to wait outside, just in case." Lois and Jonathan looked at each other speculatively and then walked out the door.

"Now, Clark, you know how this works. Hug your mother while I aim this thing and shoot," Dr. Klein said.

Clark smiled and hugged his mother. "Thanks so much, Mom." Just then Dr. Klein turned on the laser and pointed it toward the two hugging figures. They both closed their eyes as the laser beam struck Clark. Moments later, Dr. Klein turned off the laser and walked toward Clark and Martha.

"Well, I think we're finished," Klein replied.

Martha and Clark looked at each other and with a gleam in her eyes; Martha took Clark by the arm and effortlessly lifted him into the air. "Wow! This is neat," she practically yelled.

Hearing those words, Lois and Jonathan came running through the office door, and they both laughed at what they saw. With one hand, Martha had Clark balanced high in the air.

"All right, Mom. You can put me down now," Clark chuckled.

"Oh, sorry," Martha said sheepishly as she gently put Clark back down on the floor.

"Now, Mr. And Mrs. Kent, if you don't mind, I would like to speak to Lois and Clark in private," Dr. Klein said.

"Sure, we'll be right outside," Jonathan said as he ushered his wife out the door.

"Ok, now that the first step in our plan has been completed, I want to explain to the two of you about what you need to do," Dr. Klein said.

"Um … I think we know what we have to do," Lois replied.

"Oh, yes, well, I guess you do," Dr. Klein said, blushing. "But I want you to come see me every morning around 7:00 am, Lois, so that I can administer a pregnancy test. The sooner you get pregnant, the sooner we can get the real superhero of Metropolis back to his job."

"Ok, Dr. Klein," Lois replied. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow morning, then."

As they walked out the door, Clark shook the doctor's hand and said, "Thanks for everything."

(Back at the brownstone)

"This is all so very weird," Martha said as she started setting the table.

"I know. When I first got Clark's powers, I thought I would go insane. I don't know how he does it all the time," Lois replied.

"It must take a special person," Martha said.

Just then, Clark walked through the kitchen door with a tissue in his hand. "Do you need any help?" Clark barely asked before he sneezed into the tissue. "This is crazy, I've only been without my powers for three hours, and I already have a cold."

Lois looked at him with a sad expression and then said, "Oh, poor baby. We don't need any help. Actually, you can call your father in here. Dinner is almost ready."

The conversation throughout the entire dinner was based on Clark trying to explain the ins and outs of the use of superpowers to his mother. They had discussed everything but the flying, and Clark promised to explain all about that after dinner. While Jonathan and Lois cleaned up the dishes, Clark took his mother into the living room and tried to explain.

"Now, Mom. Be careful and don't knock anything over in here," Clark replied. He first explained to her how to levitate and then moved on the full-fledged flying. She flew up the stairs and down and around the rooms. She was enjoying herself very much.

When Lois and Jonathan heard a crash, they ran into the living room. "What happened?" Lois asked.

"I'm sorry, dear. I knocked over one of your lamps. I'll buy you a new one," Martha said.

"It's ok, Martha. No harm done," Lois replied.

Walking toward Martha, Jonathan took her arm, and then replied, "Well, honey. I think it is time that you and I check in to the Metropolis Hotel. I'm pretty sure that these two will want to be alone."

"Oh, gee. I had almost forgotten the point of me getting these powers," Martha said as she started toward the door.

"Call if you have any questions about those powers," Clark said.

"I will, son," Martha said as she and Jonathan walked out the door.

(Later that Evening)

Clark was lying on the bed when Lois emerged from the bathroom, wearing her robe. "Clark, are you sure that your mom will be all right with those powers? I mean she could cause some major damage if she can't control them," Lois said.

"I think she'll be fine, honey. But right now, I have some more important things to think about," Clark said.

"What things would those be, Mr. Kent?" Lois asked as she seductively walked toward the bed and sat beside him.

"Well, for starters, the fact that you are wearing absolutely nothing under that robe," Clark said, smiling.

Lois laughed and then placed her hands on either side of his face and pulled him toward her. Their lips met in a passionate kiss with an intensity that kept escalating. Lois moaned into Clark's mouth and let his weight lower her onto the bed. Her hands caressed his back as his lips explored her face and neck. Suddenly, to Clark's surprise, Lois pulled away.

"What's wrong, sweetheart?" Clark asked.

"Oh, it's silly," Lois said.

"What's silly?"

"I just feel so awkward, Clark. For the first time ever, I feel nervous about making love to you," Lois replied, with a hint of a blush on her face. "I mean, what if this doesn't work?"

"Stop thinking about that. As a matter of fact, don't think at all. Just feel," Clark replied as he kissed her again.


At that moment, at the Metropolis Hotel, Martha Kent sat straight up in bed. "What is it, Martha?" Jonathan asked. "A fire in a building along Hob's Bay," Martha said. "I have to go." Martha quickly left the bed and in a whirl of colors, spun into her alter ego, 'Lady Krypton.' "Wow," was all Jonathan could manage to say. "I'll be back soon," Martha replied as she kissed Jonathan on the cheek and then flew out the window, leaving an astonished Jonathan sitting in the middle of the bed.

(Daily Planet: The Next Morning)

When Lois stepped out of the elevator, she was almost knocked down by a clumsy Jimmy Olsen. "Sorry, Lois. I'm kinda' in a hurry," Jimmy said as he breezed past her.

When Lois reached her desk, Clark was at her side immediately. "So … " Clark asked.

"Nothing yet, sweetheart," Lois replied. "What's going on around here?" Lois asked, motioning toward the reporters and copy boys running around the newsroom like chickens with their heads cut off.

"Well, it seems that there is a new superhero in town," Clark said smiling. "Her name is 'Lady Krypton,' and she is taking out bad guys left and right." Lois let out a chuckle as she patted Clark on the shoulder.

"Lane … Kent … in my office, now," Perry yelled.

When they reached his office, Lois sat in the wingback chair and Clark stood protectively behind her. "What is it, Chief?" Clark asked.

"Well, this new superhero has Metropolis all abuzz. I want an exclusive on her, pronto. I don't want one of those rags scooping us," Perry said.

"Chief … I sent the story to you about 5 minutes ago. Didn't you get it? Jimmy is developing the pictures in the darkroom, as we speak," Clark said, a bit smugly.

Clicking the mouse of his computer to his inbox, he saw the file that Clark had sent him. "How did you … ? Well, I don't want to know. Forget I even called the two of you in here," Perry said. He was absolutely astonished that the story was already finished. 'Lady Krypton' had just emerged a few hours ago. All he knew and all he cared about was the story was finished and that these two reporters were on his team. They were the best team he had ever had the privilege of knowing and working with.

Lois's question brought him out of his reverie, "Can we go now, Chief?"

"What? Sure, get out of here, but if we get any more tips of sightings of the 'Lady Krypton,' I want the two of you on it.

"Got it, Chief," Clark replied as he and Lois walked back to their desks.

(One Week Later)

Clark was sitting at his desk, thinking about the way the previous week had unfolded. His mother had taken very well to the role as the superhero in the family, and was doing a better job than he thought would be possible. He had gotten over his cold, and Lois had kept her early morning appointments with Dr. Klein. Every morning when she walked into the newsroom, he expected to see a glimmer in her eye, and each morning he was disappointed. He was starting to doubt that it was ever going to work. He and Lois were just going to have to accept the fact that they were not going to have children. Ever. The thought made his heart sink. He glanced down at his watch, 8:05 am; Lois should have been there by now. Just then he heard the elevator ding and turning his head, he saw his beautiful wife. He searched her face, but saw little expression.

As she settled herself into the chair at her desk, Clark watched as she picked up the phone and dialed a number. He shook his head. 'It must not be good news again, today' Clark thought. Then Lois looked up at him, and he immediately recognized something different about her. There was a twinkle, or was it a glimmer in her eye. He walked to her, without breaking their gaze into each other's eyes. "Lois?" Clark said.

"Yes, Clark?" Lois replied.

"Lois?" Clark said again.

All Lois did was nod her head yes, and Clark grabbed her into his arms and lifted her off the floor. Lois squealed, and Clark gently placed her back down on the floor. He held her tightly and captured her lips in a hard and passionate kiss.

This type of display was not unusual in the Daily Planet newsroom, but it always seemed to attract onlookers. Perry saw the commotion outside his office door and exited the door, heading straight for the kissing couple. "Come on, you two. This is my newsroom, not the bedroom of your house. Now what you do in that bedroom, on your own time, is none of my business, but when you are in this newsroom, you are on my time. So if you would kindly unhand each other, we could get some work done around here," Perry bellowed.

Lois and Clark were still in their own world and kept kissing. Then Perry yelled, "GET BACK TO WORK!!" Everyone in the newsroom scattered to get out of the wake of their editor-in-chief. Well, everyone excluding Lois and Clark.

"Is there a problem, Chief?" Lois asked, with a smile on her face.

"Well, yes, you little jezebel. This is a newsroom, not an X-rated movie theatre. If it wouldn't be any trouble, could the two of you get back to work?" Perry asked sternly.

"Hey!" Clark protested with a smile on his face. "You better watch what you call my wife and the mother of my child."

"What are you gonna do ab … " Perry's words were silenced when he realized the meaning of what Clark had just said. "You mean, you two are gonna have a baby?"

"Yes, Perry. I'm pregnant." Lois said, smiling. Perry hugged her tightly and kissed her on the cheek. "I'm so happy for the two of you."

"Thanks, Chief," Clark said.

"You two get out of here. Go celebrate," Perry said.

"Perry, it's only 8:30 am," Lois replied as she pretended to take his temperature with the palm of her hand.

"I don't care. Now get out of here before I change my mind." Perry bellowed.


As Clark navigated the Jeep through the streets of Metropolis, Lois sat beside him, leaning her had on his shoulder. "Lois?" Clark asked.

"Yes, sweetheart?" She answered.

"Who did you call this morning when you came into the Planet?"

"Oh … I tried to get ahold of your Mom and Dad at their hotel to tell them that we wanted to meet them at STAR Labs. I think the sooner we bring Superman back to Metropolis, the sooner we can get everything back to normal," Lois said. Clark nodded his head and then heard Lois' cell phone ring. She sat up from where she was leaning against him and answered the phone. "Lois Lane." "Oh hi, Jonathan," Lois said. "Where is Martha?" After a pause, Clark heard her say, "She is really getting into this superhero thing isn't she." Lois chuckled. "Well, will you leave her a note to meet us at our house?" "Ok, see you in a few minutes." "Apparently you mother is trying to divert a tsunami from the coast of Japan," Lois replied. "That's my mom," Clark said, smiling.

(The brownstone)

When Lois and Clark walked through the door of their brownstone, they saw a deflated superhero sitting on their couch.

"Mom! What's wrong?" Clark asked, walking to sit beside her.

"Oh, Clark. It was just awful. There was a tsunami in Japan and then I heard about a plane crash in New York. I diverted the tsunami, but by the time I got to New York, I was too late. I'm sorry, Clark. I don't want to do this anymore," Martha replied, sadly. "I'm so sorry."

"It's all right, Martha," Lois said. "But, you have to realize that you can't be everywhere at once, even with those powers. It just isn't possible."

"It sounds to me like you have given that speech before," Martha replied.

"Well, a few times, to a certain lunkhead son of yours," Lois said as she smiled at Clark.

Clark returned her smile and then replied, "Mom, there really isn't any need for you to carry on being 'Lady Krypton,' now."

"But I know how much the two of you wanted to have a baby," Martha said.

"Like I said, there really isn't any need for you to carry on being 'Lady Krypton," Clark replied with a smirk.

"So … so … so … I'm going to be a grandma?" Martha asked with a huge smile on her face.

"Yep, I just found out this morning," Lois replied.

Martha jumped up from her seat and hugged Lois tightly. "Careful, Martha. You still have a pretty deadly grip," Lois chuckled.

"Oh, sorry," Martha replied. "I'm just so excited."

Just then, Jonathan walked through the front door to see his wife embracing their son. "What did I miss?" He asked.

"Can I tell him?" Martha asked Lois and Clark.

"Sure mom, go ahead," Clark said, as he put his arm around Lois's shoulder.

"Jonathan, I have decided not to be 'Lady Krypton' anymore," Martha started.

"But what about Lois and Clark having a child?" Jonathan asked.

"Well, these two just explained to me that there really isn't any need for me to keep up with the job," Martha said.

"But … " Jonathan said,

"Jonathan, we are going to be grandparents. Lois is pregnant," Martha interrupted.

"Oh boy," Jonathan replied. He then came to his senses and hugged Lois tightly, and then moved on to his son.

"I hate to break up this beautiful scene," Martha replied, "but I would really like to get these powers switched back to Clark, so that I can start wearing some normal clothes."

"Oh, sure, Mom. Dr. Klein said that he could meet us as soon as possible," Clark said.

"Let's go, then," Martha said.

"You three go ahead. I'm going to stay here and make some phone calls," Lois replied.

"All right, sweetheart, we'll see you in a little while," Clark replied and then kissed her.

After they left the brownstone, Lois sat on the couch and started to cry. She wasn't sure why she was crying, but she was positive that they were tears of happiness and not despair.


When Clark arrived home about almost two hours later, he saw Lois asleep on their couch. He walked over to her and knelt down in front of her. He just stared into her adorable face. Looking at her, he could help but notice tear stains on her cheeks. This worried him a bit, but he didn't have the heart to wake her. Kissing her cheek as he rose, he noticed her move slightly and the open her eyes.

"Hi, daddy," Lois replied as she sat up.

"Well, hello there, mommy," Clark said, smiling, and then he moved to sit beside her.

"So, are your powers back now?" Lois asked.

"Yep, every thing is back to normal," Clark replied. "I'm flying Mom and Dad back to Kansas later this afternoon. Mom mentioned something about baby preparations and insisted they leave today."

"I love your mom, Clark. I hope I am able to be as great a mother to our child as she was to you," Lois said.

"You will be, sweetheart. Trust me," Clark assured her. "Um, Lois. I couldn't help but notice that you have been crying. What's wrong?"

"Nothing, Clark. Absolutely nothing. I guess I was just so happy that I started to cry. It was a good kind of cry, not a bad one," Lois replied and then kissed Clark.

"I'm glad to hear that," Clark said.

"This is just so wonderful. Everything is right in the world. You and I are going to have a baby, and the real superhero in the family is wearing his tights again," Lois said as she started to laugh.

Clark too began to chuckle and then pulled Lois in for a kiss. "It is so good to see you smiling again," Clark said.

"Well, thank you for making me so happy," Lois replied. She then pressed him down onto the couch and started kissing him passionately. Then to Clark's surprise Lois stopped her exploration of his mouth and started tickling him.

"Lo … please … Lois … stop," Clark managed through his laughter. Lois then started to laugh as he grabbed her and tickled her.

Anyone on the street below could hear the laughter coming from the townhouse above. 'Yes,' they would think. 'There is a happy couple in there, and everything is right in the world.'