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Uploaded on 12/28/98

All I Want For Christmas Is You
A short story about Lois and Clark's first Daily Planet Christmas party.

Shadow and Sun
IRC Round Robin
What should have been a regular journalistic outing for Lois and Clark at a LexCorp lawsuit, leads to them finding out about their former nemesis. In order to get to the bottom of things, the couple travels to a remote island -- with Jimmy and Dr. Klein in tow.

Tell Clark ... That I Love Him ...
Richards, Wendy
In the episode "And the Answer Is ..." Lois volunteers to be frozen in order to help Superman rescue Clark's parents. But is this an easy decision for her? What goes through her mind as she waits for the freezing breath that will render her unconscious?

Uploaded on 12/19/98

"Lois, I'm Super--"
Tanz, Jill
What would have happened if the telephone hadn't interrupted Clark at the beginning of the episode "And the Answer Is"? This story gives you a chance to find out.

A Love So Long in the Making
Richards, Wendy
Referred to by the author as a possible sequel to her fanfic "A Ring on his Finger," this story deals with the inevitability of aging as we are taken twenty years into the future of the lives of Lois and Clark and their children, and to their daughter's engagement to ... (you'll never guess who!)

Only You: Recall
Brignell, Margaret
The Clark Kent of the Alternate Universe starts work at the Daily Planet. Will life in Metropolis with Lana be enough for him? Or will a visitor show him what he's been missing? This is the third part in the author's "Only You" series, and a continuation of Part 2, "Only You: Promise."

Plenty to Be Thankful For
IRC Round Robin
Lois and Clark host Thanksgiving Dinner at their house.

Uploaded on 12/12/98

The Defense Rests
Thiher, Lee
Lois and Clark conspire to end Dan Scardino's meddling once and for all, but when the plans go awry, how will the new couple cope?

The Secret That Wasn't
Spear, Anne
Lois and Clark have a surprise for Dr. Klein. Or do they?

Who, What, Why Am I?
Who, what, and why am I: these are the great questions of mankind, whose answers are most of the time more academic than not. But this time, the answer to these questions is a matter of life or death for Clark Kent.

Uploaded on 12/5/98

City Woman ... Country Boy
Scibetta, Mary
What would have happened if Clark hadn't gotten the job at the Daily Planet when he first came to Metropolis? This alternate beginning lands Clark on another Metropolis paper, making him and Lois bitter rivals for the top news stories. What will it take to get them to work together?

Disquiet Nights
Shawn V.
Clark says in "Honeymoon in Metropolis" that if something were to happen between him and Lois, it wouldn't be impulsive. What if it was?

Not a Part of the Stars
Hafner, Donna
Clark spent several years after college travelling the globe, never staying in one place for long. This story takes a look at his reasons for wandering and what might have influenced his decision to move to Metropolis.

Uploaded on 11/28/98

The Darkness Within
Clark Kent becomes trapped in a world where the dark Lord Kal-El has left Metropolis in tatters, and Lois running for her life. Clark must find a way to correct a horrible wrong and bring Luthor to justice. (The missing text has been restored.)

Happy Anniversary?
IRC Round Robin
"Happy Anniversary?" is a look at our favorite couple's attempts to have a romantic and *private* celebration of their wedding anniversary and the *little* things that keep getting in their way.

Murder, They Wrote
IRC Round Robin
Lois and Clark put their investigative skills to use when someone decides that a charity masquerade Halloween party at the Daily Planet is the perfect place to get away with murder.

Perfectly Not Normal
Lois and Clark's eldest daughter, Kaylie, discovers that growing up isn't all that easy. Especially when you have siblings and another one on the way. And even more so, when you find out you're the daughter of Superman.

Uploaded on 11/22/98

Ever Heard The Whole Story?
Rachel M.
Ever wondered about some of the experiences Lois had growing up? Lois tells all in "Ever Heard The Whole Story?"

Fear of the Unknown
Following an accident, Clark has difficulty coming to terms with the consequences of his actions. Can Lois convince him that as long as they are together, they can overcome any obstacle?

Lois and Clark have waited ... and waited ... for their honeymoon night. Finally, tonight's the night.

Hickory Mxyery Dock
IRC Round Robin
Lois and Clark find their world has been turned upside-down when Mr. Mxyzptlk, fifth-dimensional master of magic, snappy dresser, and all-around pain in the posterior, returns.

Just Another Manic Sunday
IRC Round Robin
Lois and Clark's business trip to colorful New Orleans takes a dangerous detour into the realm of the supernatural when Baron Sunday returns with a new plan.

Let's Have A Super Halloween
Lois and Clark take their four-year-old son shopping for Halloween costumes.

Lois + Clark + Lex = TROUBLE
They thought he was dead, but just when Lois and Clark thought they could bury Lex for good -- he turns up again. He's determined to have his revenge and Lois, being pregnant, is slightly more vulnerable than usual.

Miracle Child
Smith, Carrie
A continuation of "The Family Hour" in which the question of where the baby came from is answered.

A Night For Healing
Why didn't Clark reaffirm his love for Lois after she said "I don't" to Lex? This well-written, emotional story gives us some insight ... and hints of the romance to come.

Prelude To A Kiss: Part 2
Ayotte, Jennifer
In an unexpected return, a nemesis from Lois' past is holding her against her will. Meanwhile, Clark has scoured the earth but still can't find Lois. Will our favourite couple ever be reunited? Find out in this sequel to the fanfic "Prelude to a Kiss."

Web of Steel
Wiener, Paul-Gabriel
Clark Kent makes a new friend and in the process makes an important decision as Spider-Man travels to Metropolis with news that his and Superman's nemeses are collaborating.

Uploaded on 11/15/98

It's Genetic
Can a "cookie thief" help Mommy make an important decision? She can when it involves chocolate!

Late Night in the Grocery Store
Shawn V.
Set right after "The Phoenix," Lois and Clark are doing some serious thinking about their "almost first date." But are they more in tune than they thought?

Uploaded on 11/7/98

After the Fact
Forbes, Allison K.
In this "what if" story, Clark decides not to tell Lois he's Superman until after the wedding. How will she react?

My Lover's Faithful Love
What might have happened if Clark had been unable to get out of the Kryptonite cage and Perry had not shown up in the nick of time?

Small Steps
What if Zara and Ching hadn't found Kal-el until after Lois and Clark were married? A prequel to the author's fanfic "AKA Daddy."

Uploaded on 11/1/98

The Best Birthday Present
Hale, Juli
Lois's father comes to Metropolis for Lois's birthday. Will he stay around for long?

Hell Hath No Fury ...
Shawn V.
Lois makes creative use of her partner to get back at Lex ... but does she have an ulterior motive for her method of revenge?

Patching Things Up
Fawcett, Chris
Does Lana really know Clark is Superman? Can a mysterious man actually make an army of Supermen? Read this follow-up to the fanfic "Kissing Booth" to find how Lois and Clark fight the bad guys.

The SoulMates Chronicles: The Tai
IRC Round Robin
When the souls of Lois and Clark find each other in 17th century Japan, will their newfound love be doomed upon facing the combined forces of this era's incarnations of Tempus and Lex Luthor? Find out in this new spellbinding installment of the SoulMates Chronicles.

Uploaded on 10/29/98

A "Horror"ible Evening
Scibetta, Mary
There is a Halloween costume party at the Metropolis Opera Hall, but who is the mysterious benefactor behind the party? A "Phantom," of course.

Uploaded on 10/25/98

Clark's Decision
Barrow, Joseph
Clark Kent agonizes over a decision about a promotion. What does he tell Perry ... and why?

Happy (Weird) Birthday, Clark!
The author says this story "starts out weird ... and continues into weirdocity." Get ready for a very strange birthday party for Clark!

Kissing Booth
Fawcett, Chris
Superman gets recruited to man a kissing booth at the Metropolis Fair, and Lois is not happy about it. But could there be some dastardly plot behind the scenes that puts Lois and Superman in trouble? Could Lana Lang possibly figure out that Clark is Superman? Part one of a two-part story, which will be continued in the author's next fanfic, "Patching Things Up."

Legal Weapon
Richard, Mobile
Lois and Clark explore a politician's shady past -- both separately and then together.

Uploaded on 10/18/98

Lois and Clark Meet The X-Files
Mulder and Scully arrive on the scene to determine if our favorite alien is *really* an alien.

What Do You See?
When Clark strands her yet again, Lois seeks comfort in the arms of another. So why is she still thinking about Clark?

Uploaded on 10/11/98

Can't Help Lovin' That Superman
Alicia U.
When Lois and Clark see "Showboat" on 'Broadstreet,' it leads to a very interesting dream for Lois.

Star-Spangled Superman
IRC Round Robin
Lois and Clark travel back in time to the Revolutionary War period to help H.G. Wells discover who or what has altered the course of American history and with it all of time.

What's In There, Anyway?
Glover, Tracy
Will curiosity get the best of Clark? Find out in this delightful little vignette.

Uploaded on 10/4/98

Blood Is Thicker Than Fire
A visiting writer turns out to be someone Jimmy knew long ago, and Jimmy finds he will have to face some painful memories.

Epic (Confusion)
Culpepper, Robert
Spider-Man returns to Metropolis on the trail of a deadly criminal genius just as Robin and Batgirl arrive looking for their own villain. Soon everyone is caught up in an epic of confusion that brings Clark face to face with some personal issues, while Jimmy fights for his life. A sequel to the author's fanfic, "The Spider and the Fly(boy)."

Only You: Promise
Brignell, Margaret
What was the Alternate Universe Clark's life like before joining the Daily Planet? The second part in the author's "Only You" series, and a continuation of part one, "Only You: If Only."

Uploaded on 9/27/98

My Adventures with Superman
Kent, Kathryn Ann
A young girl invites Superman to Thanksgiving dinner, only to find she has more in common with him than she realizes ... Written from a refreshingly different perspective, this story will charm you.

Tomorrow's Past
Ward, Karen
A story that continues where the series finale, "The Family Hour," leaves off. A baby left in Lois and Clark's house turns out to have family connections. But to keep the child -- and themselves -- safe, Lois and Clark must find a way to cure their Tempus problems for all time. (An updated version of the author's original submission "Another Family Hour.")

Uploaded on 9/20/98

The Best Present
Lex Luthor has kidnapped Lois Lane again, this time determined to marry her once and for all. An episode intended to replace the fourth-season Christmas episode.

The Day Off
Clark plans a romantic day out for himself and Lois.

It's Us
IRC Round Robin
Lois and Clark move house and discover some surprising new things about each other.

Jigsaw 1: Everything Fits
Ward, Heather K.
Working late one night, Perry begins to piece together a puzzle.

Purple Haze
Shawn V.
Clark and Lana get jobs at the Daily Planet and are teamed up with Lois and Claude! Lana and Claude look into a suspicious murder while Lois and Clark try to track down the inside scoop on a new mind-altering drug being developed by STAR Labs. This is an alt-beginnings story full of action and surprises.

Torn Between Two Lovers
Williams, Jacqueline
Lois calls a radio show to ask advice on how to tell which man she really loves.

Uploaded on 9/14/98

All the stories from Season 5, aka S5, have been added to the archive! Catch all the stories in the "virtual seasons" in ebook format.

Uploaded on 9/13/98

Andrew's Life
Junieth, Samantha
Chapters in the life of Lois and Clark's adopted son, Andrew.

I Only Have Oz For You
IRC Round Robin
This story is a flashback to the second season episode "The Phoenix," and the night of Lois's and Clark's almost first date. In it, we explore what happens in Lois's subconscious when that really rotten Chinese dinner from Ralph's Pagoda mixes with her anxieties about her changing relationship with Clark and her concerns about the reappearance of Lex. The result is story that is funny and *way psychological*, to quote Jimmy Olsen. ;)

Jury Duty
IRC Round Robin
Lois tries to fulfill her civic duty ... but it may be more of a trial for Lois than those she is set to judge.

The New Adventures of Ultra Woman
Tack, Clint Chan
Ultra Woman's adventures weren't limited to what we saw on the screen. This story tells us more.

Schnall, Carolyn B.
A mysterious stranger, with her own secret to hide, visits the Daily Planet with surprising news for Clark ... and Superman.

The Return of the Morning Stubble
Rachel M.
Cuddling in bed is all very well, but how do you deal with steel-hard stubble scratching your face? If you're Lois, you play dirty ....

A Ring on his Finger
Richards, Wendy
Superman seen wearing a wedding ring?? It can't be! But there it is ... all over the tabloids. How can our favorite couple get out of this one?

Uploaded on 9/7/98

The Kents
Junieth, Samantha
A day in the life of the growing Kent family, set in the 7th or 8th season.

Uploaded on 9/6/98

A Guest from the Blue
Richards, Wendy
With Lois away on an assignment, Clark is surprised when Lucy shows up on their doorstep. Sensing something is wrong, he invites her to stay, and in the process all three of them learn more about each other -- and themselves.

In a Child's Name
The reporters' investigation into an unsolved murder forces them to rethink their definition of "justice." But their involvement in the emotional case could cost them their relationship ... or even their lives. Set directly following the episode "Don't Tug on Superman's Cape," this outstanding story will have you on the edge of your seat.

Lois and Clark's Vacation
Alicia U.
The stress is getting to Lois as she and Clark embark on a vacation -- and none too soon!

Sex, Lies and Photographs
Richards, Wendy
In this short continuation of the episode "Sex, Lies and Videotape," Jimmy finds the answer to several questions which have been nagging him for some time.

Sins of the Past
IRC Round Robin
"Sins of the Past" focuses on Dr. Klein and his connections to a deadly enemy from Lois's and Clark's past. Can the trio work together to save themselves?

IRC Round Robin
Lois and Clark are up against a mysterious foe who is intent upon uncovering Clark's secret identity.

Uploaded on 8/30/98

All the stories from TUFS, The Unaired Fifth Season, have been added to the archive! Got an ebook reader? Get them all in ebook versions on our virtual seasons page.

Partners, Friends, And...
Nicole Wolke
In this sequel to the author's fanfic "The Other Lois," Clark discovers that there's more to his Lois than a damsel in distress.

Uploaded on 8/16/98

Doubtedly True
Some unexpected news threatens the harmony in Lois and Clark's personal life and erodes their mutual trust.

Fear of Flying
Arianna Carlin's plan for revenge has a surprising emotional impact on the lives of Lois, Clark, and Superman.

The SoulMates Chronicles: The Sea Hawk
IRC Round Robin
This "enhanced" IRC round robin (the story has been added to and edited off-line) continues the "SoulMates Chronicles." The setting is late 18th century Cuba, where H.G. Wells discovers that the local slave traders have an implacable enemy -- the Sea Hawk!

Superman v. the In-laws
IRC Round Robin
Ellen Lane tries to impose some *togetherness* on her unruly family by inviting them all to the beach for a weekend of fun in the sun in this well-written, humorous story.

We're Having a Baby, My Baby and Me
IRC Round Robin
A WAFFy tale that recounts Lois's attempts to break the news of her pregnancy to Clark.

A Whole New World
IRC Round Robin
No A plot at all <g>. Just Lois and Clark on a mini-vacation exploring the world and each other in celebration of the anniversary of Clark's arrival on Earth.

Uploaded on 7/27/98

In this poignant observation, we're inside Clark's mind as he watches Lois.

Just Another Day in the Life of Lois and Clark
Thiher, Lee
A mysterious woman is out to topple Intergang and a charity function. To take on these equally mammoth projects requires skill, smarts and a little bit of Super-help. But, it's a piece of cake if the key players are the Daily Planet's own Lane & Kent.

An Ode to Toy Story
Brown, Sharon
The episode "Toy Story" as seen through the eyes of an enraptured viewer.

Uploaded on 7/22/98

After the Thaw
Richards, Wendy
If you've always wondered what happened in the episode "And the Answer Is," between the time Superman revived Lois and the proposal in Centennial Park, read on ...

Commercial Break
Ellen Garnett and Debby Stark
If you didn't have a chance to tune in to the 1998 Kerth Awards Ceremony held on IRC, you missed a good time. But, never fear! Here are the commercial breaks, written with the FoLCs in mind. Get your tongue planted firmly in your cheek and get reading!

I Now Announce You ...
An IRC Round Robin
Set right after the episode "Ultra Woman," Lois and Clark travel to Smallville to tell his parents of the engagment.

The New Bed
Rempel, Audrey
Clark can't sleep; there's this bed spring that keeps poking him in the back. Unfortunately, since Lois mostly sleeps on *him*, she isn't very sympathetic to his problem.

The Perils of Clark Kent
An IRC Round Robin
A mysterious assassin is in Metropolis, but who is the target? One hint -- it's not Lois for once!

After too many days in a row of working too hard, Lois and Clark are both punchy from lack of sleep. But are their lowered barriers leading them to confess feelings they've kept hidden?

The Werewolves of Metropolis
An IRC Round Robin
A hair-raising tale <eg> of a Star Labs experiment gone wrong.

Uploaded on 7/12/98

Recognition (Justice)
In this sequel to the fanfic "Recognition (Truth)," Lois and Clark try to bring an old mystery to its necessary close while they discover the true depth of their love. Their future happiness depends on examining and understanding past events from the perspective of present truths.

Uploaded on 7/5/98

The House of ... Lane
Richards, Wendy
"Under the circumstances I don't see how I can ..." Superman, blaming himself for driving Lois into Lex's arms, decides to ensure that she finds out the truth about Luthor's criminal activities; an alternative sequel to "Barbarians at the Planet."

Uploaded on 6/28/98

The Huntress' Revenge
Debbage, Jenni
Lois and Clark's temporary marital troubles, brought on by a surprise second pregnancy, are put on hold when Clark is abducted by three of his old nemeses and must fight for his life with a little help from his friends.

Is He Or Is He Not?
What happens when Lois puts 2 and 2 together about Clark and Superman ... and gets 13?

Moonlight on the Potomac
An IRC Round Robin
It's flashback time to the second season, before "The Phoenix" but after "Season's Greedings" and "Metallo", when Lois and Clark were best friends and partners, but clearly on the edge of something *more*. This "in between" story speculates on what off-screen events might have triggered Clark to finally ask Lois out on a date, and Lois to accept.

Somebody to Love
L and C 14
The 'other' Clark still hasn't found his Lois. When ships start going missing in the Congo, he wonders if there could be any connection with Lois' disappearance.

Starlight, Starbright
Culpepper, Robert
Clark, unable to live without Lois, takes matters into his own hands. Or so Lois thinks ...

Uploaded on 6/21/98

Connected at the Heart
Lois contemplates life without her soulmate.

Lois and Clark's children are captured by New Kryptonians and must fight for their lives with some newfound friends.

Only You: If Only
Brignell, Margaret
From the author who has brought us several excellent fanfics about Clark's pre-Metropolis days comes a companion story -- the story of the Alternate Universe's Clark's childhood.

That Super Man of Mine
Richards, Wendy
What if, after Clark was shot in TOGOM, instead of flying to Smallville, he sought help a little closer to Metropolis?

Uploaded on 05/10/98

Identity Crisis
Richards, Wendy
One interruption too many makes Clark decide it's finally time for Lois to know the truth, but does the truth reveal one lie too many?

The Lady Vanishes
IRC Round Robin
Lois is off from work, taking it easy with a sprained ankle but still manages to find a body, upset her mother, get kidnapped, and help Clark take four showers! An IRC Round Robin fanfic.

The Lone Rider -- The Beginning
Round Robin - From the IRC
We return to the Old West to see how the Lone Rider came to be ... and how he met the love of his life. Another story in the continuing series, "The SoulMates Chronicles," in which HG Wells traces the souls of our favorite couple through time.

Let Downs and Love
Buckland, Jenny
Lois and Clark have started dating, but they each have something to say before the relationship can progress. Lois needs to get rid of Dan ... and Clark has a confession to make.

Red, Wanda, Lois and Clark
Jenny Andrasko
A story that describes what might have happened had Red decided to go the hospital after Wanda, and found Clark there!

Full Circle
Crystal Wimmer
Lois and Clark's son, CJ, has more to deal with as a teenager than do most boys. There's finding out that his father is Superman for a start, and the appearance of his own super-powers. What will that mean for his future -- and his relationship with his best friend, Kat? On top of that is the mystery of where he came from in the first place -- and how he can cope with his mother's serious illness after she becomes pregnant.

Prelude to a Kiss
Jennifer Ayotte
In this pre-revelation story, Lois's subconscious is struggling to understand her relationship with Superman and Clark. She feels an uncanny confusion, but before the answer comes within reach, a nemesis from Lois's past enters the picture.

Uploaded on 04/28/98

Meant to Be
Brown, Linda
Lois and Clark help each other recover from the disappointment of being told that they can't have children. But, a few months later, Lois has some very special news for her husband. Perhaps destiny doesn't agree with Dr. Klein's findings...

Top Secret
Jekel, Julie L.
A Lois and Clark/Quantum Leap/The X-Files crossover.

Worst Nightmare Come True
Lee Thiher
Just when we thought Scardino was gone for good, he returns to wreck havoc in the lives of our star-crossed lovers, bringing with him confusion and misunderstanding.

Uploaded on 04/06/98

Cruise Control
Why are the married Lois and Clark going on a singles' cruise? Trouble in paradise? No (okay, there's always a little friction), just hot on the trail of a killer ... with a little time for romance, too. Guest appearances by Ralph and everyone's favorite DEA agent.

The Ballad of Superman
Jessica Sweeney
This ballad traces "Lois and Clark" through four seasons of their relationship. Short, sweet, and well done.

The Spider and the Fly(boy)
Robert Culpepper
Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) and Mary Jane Watson-Parker come to Metropolis, following Wilson Fisk. When they run into Metropolis's own "Super" couple, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, crime doesn't stand a chance. Will these two superheroes discover each other's secret?

All I Need
"The perfect wedding and now the perfect reception. What surprises does Lois have for Clark to top off a perfect day?"

SoulMates Chronicles: The Falcon
Round Robin (Enhanced) - From the IRC
HG Wells is our guide as we trace the souls of our favorite couple through time. "The Falcon" takes us to Italy during the Renaissance, where a bookish young nobleman and his beautiful wife struggle to triumph over evil in 1507. This is the first story in a continuing series of fanfics called The SoulMates Chronicles.

The Last Goodbye
Pam Jernigan
Lois writes a letter to Clark, to be delivered after her death.

Life Without Clark
In this speculation on what might have happend after Clark left for New Krypton, Lois finds life without him quite a challenge.

You Can't Be Everywhere at Once
Clark feels guilty after a devastating car accident leaves Jimmy in a coma. While Lois tries to console him, she and Perry remember their first meetings with Jimmy.

Uploaded on 3/29/98

Montrose's Toast
Phil Atcliffe
Lois has just "bought" Clark at the Metropolis Bachelor Auction. As Lois tries to figure out her feelings -- and what she is going to do about them -- Clark plans a date that Lois will never forget. A sequel to the fanfic "Sold!" by Erin Dawn McInnis.

Doesn't Anybody Ever Stay Together Anymore?
Norman Mayes
A newlywed Lois awakens to the sounds of a menace which could destroy her new found happiness, and has to fight not only Clark, but herself.

Uploaded on 3/22/98

A World Without Superman
An IRC Round Robin Fanfic
Mxyzptlk is back and issues Lois a challenge: after traveling back four years in time to a different reality, she must convince a *non-superpowered* Clark Kent that he really is Superman, or be left, doomed, in Mxy's alternate reality. Will she succeed? By ChrisM, ChiefPam, Ckgroupie, CrystalW, DorDor, Eraygun, Kirshnera and Zoomway.

Always Something There to Remind Me
When Superman has to go out into space to save the world, he brings back with him the means to redeem his alternate self's lonely life.

Comfortable as an Old Shoe
Taylor, Lara E.
Shortly before their wedding, Lois worries that she and Clark have never truly let down their guards around each other. Clark's proposed solution? That they spend an evening in ... being truly comfortable.

A Superman Poem
A poem about Superman's life and love.

I Imagine You There
Taylor, Lara E.
A poem sprung from Lois's heart while Clark was on New Krypton.

Lois Learns To Fly
Taylor, Lara E.
A romantic poem about a wonderous love.

Uploaded on 3/15/98

Couch Potatoes
Atcliffe, Phil
Lois and Clark relax and watch a video together -- "Superman, the Movie"?!? First in an irregular series.

Uploaded on 3/9/98

Chief Suspect
IRC Round Robin Fanfic
The mysterious death of a close friend brings out the newshound in Perry again. Meanwhile, Jimmy, teamed with a new partner, and Lois and Clark try to solve the mystery and help out the Chief.

All in a Day's Work
An IRC Round Robin Fanfic
When Perry goes out of town, it's Clark that fills the Editor-in-Chief's shoes. With a little help from Lois, he takes on Ralph, The Daily Planet, Beverly the Caterer and just about every other job for Superman. By Anne, ChrisM, Doris, Eileen, Lansbury and Zoomway.

After "Glow"
An IRC Round Robin Fanfic
Lois and Clark's first visit to Smallville together gave us our first glimpse of what might be, and left us wanting more. What happened after Clark found himself in Lois's arms following his near-death experience? Here's a taste of what we hoped for in season one: a look into Clark's heart and Lois's mind as the seeds for their future start to grow. By Zoomway, ChrisM, DorDor, Eraygun, Mackteach and ChiefPam.

Uploaded on 2/22/98

Amber's in Love ... Again
Description: Lois and Clark's precocious teenaged daughter, Amber, has a knack of falling in love. And into trouble.

Recognition (Truth)
Lois and Clark attempt to unravel a forty-year-old murder mystery in Minnesota while, at the same time, they confront their mutually intensifying feelings for each other.

A Night Alone
Wimmer, Crystal
What really happened the night Lois rushed to Clark's apartment for protection from Dr. Trevino? This story helps us fill in the gaps in the episode from season one "The Witness."

The Other Lois
Nicole Wolke
Alt-Clark, returning to his own dimension to confront the emptiness of life without Lois, decides to do some research on Lois's disappearance. Could Lex Luthor be involved? Is Lois really dead?

Uploaded on 2/15/98

In the Grand Circle of Life
Wimmer, Crystal
In planning a surprise for Clark, Lois gets some information about his past that she wasn't expecting. As she reacts, it brings up some emotional issues for the couple.

TAG! You're It!!
Cain, GG
You never know what Lois will suggest when she's bored!

Much Ado About ...
Phil Atcliffe
Lois and Clark are fighting again, and it's all because they're both too nervous to try more than just friendship. Perry's fed up, and decides it's time to do something about the situation, with a little help from ... William Shakespeare?!

The True and Amazing Adventures of Wanda Detroit
"Wanda Detroit is my name. I sing for drinks down at the docks. But it wasn't always like this." The opening lines of a great work of literature? You be the judge. For the first time anywhere, the romance novel, written by Lois Lane's own hand, appears in its entirety. Oh, the drama! The passion! The histrionics! It's all here for your perusal.

It Really is a Wonderful Life
Clark experiences a crisis of confidence just before Christmas, but a new "friend" gives him a different outlook.

Uploaded on 2/8/98

A Battle of Wills 2: On the Other Side of the Door
Atcliffe, Phil
Lois has a heart-to-heart with herself (selves?) over her feelings for Clark in this cute story. A sequel to the fanfic "A Battle of Wills" by LadeeV.

A Different Hero
Lex returns with a seemingly unbeatable plan to get Lois and get rid of Superman, but help comes from an unexpected source.

Season's Noel
Leach, Amanda (
A sentimental peek at Christmas-future with the Kent family.

Taking Advantage
GG Cain
Lois is sick in bed with a bad cold, but her husband is the best medicine.

Uploaded on 2/1/98

The Neverending Battle for Sanctuary (The Pilot: Hope)
B. B. Medos
Set in the same L&C universe as the nfic SANCTUARY, this is the prologue installment of a series of regular fanfictions about various stages in Lois & Clark's developing relationship. Specifically, HOPE provides both mysterious background info as well as a different look at the pilot episode of L&C itself.

New Birth
Jenni Debbage
Lois and Clark investigate a series of child abductions that leads them to a new confrontation with the New Kryptonians -- and endangers the life of their first-born child. The first story in the author's "Kent Family" series.

Lex Gets the Clue
Andrasko, Jenny
Distressed that he can't win Lois, Lex calls Nigel for help.

A Broken Promise
Cain, GG (
A short story that tests Lois and Clark's "patience" on their wedding day.

Car Wash
Cain, GG (Gretchen Nathe,
Lois plays with fire---and water---when Clark finds her washing the car.

Great Shades of Mayson
Schwartz, Susan
A dream involving Mayson helps Lois discover the truth about Clark.

In the Office
Wong, Stacey
Lois and Clark are in love but still unsure of their next step. A few heated moments may help them make up their minds.

Kent Lost and Found
What if Clark spent 15 long years fighting on New Krypton? Clark returns to Metropolis to find much more than he thought he left behind.

Where, Oh Where, Do Supes' Clothes Go?
Klingler, Erin
Lois finds a mystery in the bushes outside the Daily Planet building -- Clark Kent's clothes. Is her partner running naked through the streets of Metropolis? What's going on here? Lois speculates in this humorous alternate ending to the first-season episode "Fly Hard."

Uploaded on 1/17/98

Relatively Complicated
Kat Picson
A newly married Lois and Clark consider parenthood when a surprise visitor shows up at the Planet.

The Next Step
An IRC Round Robin Fanfic
At the end of the episode "Whine, Whine, Whine", Lois and Clark are ready to take the next step in their relationship. It might have gone something like this. By Zoomway, ChrisM, CKgroupie, ChrisnDor, Eraygun, PeaceEv, chrispat, Mackteach and CiotolaAM.

Three Capes to the Wind
An IRC Round Robin Fanfic
Take one New Year's Eve party for Metropolis's rich and famous, add a well-meaning experiment by Dr. Klein and mix well. Result: Just another day in the life of Lois and Clark. A round robin fanfic by Zoomway, ChrisM, CKgroupie, ChrisnDor, Eraygun, and sharper.

My Best Friend's Wedding
What if Lois hadn't said 'No' to Lex in 'Fall of the House of Luthor' and Perry, Jimmy and Jack were an hour or so later in arriving with Inspector Henderson?

Uploaded on 1/11/98

Metropolis Blue
An IRC Round Robin Fanfic
Posing as SCU officers, Lois and Clark go undercover to unmask a traitor in the department. An IRC Round Robin fanfic.

A murder case inspires a quick friendship between Lois and the rookie journalist, Clark. Or: What happens when life turns out to be a movie?

It happens every Christmas, and this time it happens to Lois. Sometimes just taking a nap can give a person a whole new outlook on the holiday spirit.

Paul-Gabriel Weiner
Are you covered in the event of a "Super"natural disaster?

A Night at the Planet
Gretchen Nathe
A little ditty about what happens when Clark works late and Lois gets impatient.

New Year's Surprise
Gretchen Nathe
A vignette about a New Year's Eve surprise, six years into the lives of Lois & Clark.

The 12 Days of Christmas
Stacey Wong
The song "The Twelve Days of Christmas," sung Lois & Clark style.

Bureau 39
Joan (aka) dmj
A "what if" story which has an unwitting Clark being raised by Bureau 39 on the verge of a life-changing discovery, care of a certain investigative reporter from the Daily Planet.

Lois and James
The Lois and Clark - Bond crossover continues with a double date and a secret ... or two.

The Man of Steal
Rachel M
While Lois and Clark investigate murders in Metropolis, Kryptonite disappears from Star Labs and Lana Lang is back in town with a new man.

The Choice
What made Lois say "I can't" to Lex? What made her say "Lois Lane Kent?" The author puts forth her own theory in this fanfic which takes place amidst "The House of Luthor."