The Return of the Morning Stubble

By Rachel M. <LnCSwing@AOL.COM>

Rated PG

Submitted August 1998

Summary: Cuddling in bed is all very well, but how do you deal with steel-hard stubble scratching your face? If you're Lois, you play dirty …


Lois awoke with a start, with the feeling of a kneebone sticking into her lower back and an uncomfortable pricking feeling on her right cheek. She sighed with contempt for her partner. "Leave it to Kent to be a restless sleeper."

She managed to get the face with the prickly growth on it off her own, but the leg wedged between her back and the body beside her would not budge a millimeter. She pushed and shoved at it, and even tried punching it once or twice, but she only ended up with bruised knuckles and a rising feeling of frustration.

Clark, now awake because of the struggles going on beside him, was thoroughly enjoying the whole situation. To increase the temperature of Lois' already red-hot temper, he nonchalantly threw an arm around her.

Lois was beginning to tell herself that if she ever got out of this predicament, she would not be responsible for her actions. In the position she was situated in, she did not see the grin spread across her husband's face.

She gave up, letting her feeble attempts at moving the chunk of steel behind her fade away to nothing. Just when she thought her temper had returned to the normal 98.6 degrees, she felt the piercing stubble slide across her cheek again. Her temper took a jump shot for 110.0. She seriously thought she could feel her blood boil.

So she switched matters from the angelic side of her conscience to the devilish side.

Elbow in the nose. It was the only way. Now, a vulnerable man would surely be left with a broken nose, but not a Kryptonian man. Lois noted with satisfaction that she did succeed in getting the knee to move. She reached down to feel for the hole bored in her back that she knew that must be there.

Even Kryptonian men do have their reflexes, so Clark put a hand over his nose. As he did so, to complete her revenge, Lois gave him a knee where it counts … well, on most men.

As Clark lay there, gasping for breath, Lois reached over to run a hand over the morning stubble she knew to be there. Clark grabbed the arm that had almost found its goal and got *his* revenge, the only way he knew to affect Lois …

Let's just say it's a good thing that it was their day off …