My Lover's Faithful Love

By Tia <>

Rated PG

Submitted October 1998

Summary: What might have happened if Clark had been unable to get out of the Kryptonite cage and Perry had not shown up in the nick of time?

I wanted to write this story because as I was listening to Celein Dion's "I Love You", I started getting this great story idea to write. So I wanted to write this right now so I wouldn't forget it. Thanks.

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I must be crazy now Maybe I dream too much But when I think of you I long to feel your touch

Clark sat at his desk, furiously writing down the note he was going to give Lois. He had been thinking so much about her, that he just couldn't stand it!

He had been so angry at himself. Letting Lex Luthor win Clark's game! For crying out loud, Clark was Superman. But Lex just had to stick him in a Kryptonite cage. Clark remembered every tourturous second. Faintly hearing the destructive words.

To whisper in your ear words that are old as time words only you would hear if only you were mine

"And do you, Lois Lane, take Lex Luthor to be your lawful wedded husband … " the Arch Bishop said.

"I … I-I do," Lois said. Standing next to her was the devil himself. Clark would think angrily to himself. But when Clark finally got out of the cage, it was too late.

He screamed out his torment to the Antartic Mountains around him.

I wish I could go back to the very first day I saw you Should've made my move when you looked in my eyes 'cause by now I know that 'you' you'd feel the way that I do And I'd whisper these three words as you lie here by my side

I love you Please say you love me too These three words they could change our lives forever And I promise you that we would always be together 'Till the end of time

Finally, after 1 long, painful year of hell, he gathered his strength to write his feelings to her in just 3 simple words. It took him 1 year to write those 3 simple words. He knew it would change their lives forever. Praying that it would change their lives. Change it to his way.

So today I finally find the courage deep inside just to walk right up to your door

So now, he stood at the front door of the Luthors' home which hovered over him. He felt like blowing the whole building down, but he refused to use his power for revenge and hatred.

He silently knocked on the beautifully carved door of flowers, making a ripple of noise as he knocked. 1 … 2 … 3 times he knocked.

but my body cannot move when I finally get to it Just like a thousand times before

Finally, Lois answered the door. Just looking at her couldn't stop his racing heart. He just couldn't resist. He let out a loud gasp which embarassed him. His emotions came onto him so fast that all he could do was stand there helplessly.

"Clark!" she cried, happily. She threw her arms around him and hugged him with all the passion that she had locked away for years.

Clark painfully and lovingly pulled Lois's sweet and oh so very tight grip from him and simply handed her his letter. He then walked away, not wanting to look back.

Then without a word he handed me this letter Read I hope this finds the way into you heart

"Clark! Where are you going?" she called to him. Her words were as sweet and precious as gold and honey. He tried to savor every word, but couldn't.

"Clark! Don't go!" Lois cried, dropping the letter to the ground. She watched as he slowly made his corner and he disappeared from her sight.

She waited if he would return, but he didn't. She gradually picked up the soft blue envelope which simply read "Lois".

It said:

She brought it inside and opened it carefully, not wanting to tear anything. What she read made her cry out unmercifully.

I love you,please say You love me too,these three words they could change our lives forever And I promise you that we would always be together 'Till the end of time

"I Love You"

That's all it said. Simply that. Even though it is only 3 short, simple words, it meant far much more than that. It meant more than bars of gold. Meant more than the soft tears she cried every night thinking of him. She quickly ran out of the house and onto the street.

THAT was the most fatal mistake that she had ever made.

I love you

Clark was halfway to his home, when he heard his name being called. It was the voice of his life. His sunshine in the dark. It was the person he cared about more than his life. He promised himself that he would shed blood, he'd fight 'till the death for her. Her love. Her safety. But he couldn't turn around. It was tooooo painful.

Please say you love me too, Please say you love me too. 'Till the end of time. These three words they could change our lives forever And I promise you that we will always be together

He kept on walking until he heard her scream and a tire squeal. THAT'S when he turned around.

He ran swiftly to her side. Ran to Lois's wounded body. She lay there helplessly in his arms. Her blood matted hair clung to her head. Blood trickled down from her mouth.

"Lois? Lois? Are you still there? Speak to me!" Clark cried.

Weakly,Lois lifted up her fragile, pale hand and placed it against his cheek. Lovingly caressing it.

"Clark?" she whispered,weakly. Smiling weakly with the little strength that was left. "Clark," she moaned,fighting for breath. "Clark, it hurts so much…"

"Shh! Don't talk right now, Lois. Save your strength! Somebody, call an ambulance!"

She ignored him and went on. "Clark, I hardly have any strength left."

"No, Lois! Don't say good-bye now!" He cried. A tear slid down his cheek and onto her sweet, pale lips. She licked her lips and smiled at him sweetly.

"Clark, I came back to say…" She coughed violently, sending more blood down her chin.

"Lois, listen to me. You're-" She placed her finger to his lips. He stopped talking immediatly.

"Clark, I came back to say…" she whispered,taking a deep breath. "I came back to say that you're the only man I care for and that …" she slowly began leaving.

"I … love you ,Clark Kent," and then she was gone. She fell heavily into his arms.

Clark wouldn't accept the fact that she was dead yet. He felt for the pulse that was constant in his life. Feeling nothing, he started to cry.

"Lois? Lois? Don't you die on me now." There was no answear. He shook her roughly.

"LOIS! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Clark cried as he took her into his arms, hugging her.

She was gone. And she left to her eternal home in the light. Went to her final destination. Her last one. Where she would live forever and ever until she would call on Clark to join her in her sweet,lovely paradise. A place filled with true love and happiness. Not a fake love that she knew Lex was giving her.

And when she slipped to paradise, she watched sadly in the afternoon sky her one and only true love mourning his sorrow and agony. She wanted to return but she knew that this Place was far better than her own.

She lifted her chin up strongly and knew that someday, soon, Clark would finally join her in sweet harmony.

Epilogue- Clark was found in his apartment lying on his bed. He died in his sleep. He died exactly 4 years from Lois's death. He died on exactly the same hour from Lois.

They found him holding the proposal ring in his hand.

The funny thing is, is that how can it be possible for Lois's skin cell to be found on the ring if Clark never placed it on her??

The only explanation commented by others is that Lois came back to marry and claim her own …

Clark Kent

Oh, I love you please say you love me too please,please Say you love me Till the end of time Together together forever I love you I will be your light Shining bright Shining through your eyes My baby