The Defense Rests

By Lee Thiher <>

Rated PG

Submitted November 1998

Summary: Lois and Clark conspire to end Dan Scardino's meddling once and for all, but when the plans go awry, how will the new couple cope?

This is not anticipated sequel to my first story, "Worst Nightmare Come True." Just kidding. Enjoy everyone, comments are welcome as always.


Clark Kent awoke at 7:00 to tackle yet another day in the big city known as Metropolis. He did the same thing this morning he did every morning. He showered, got dressed, shaved, had breakfast and brushed his teeth. He liked to brush his teeth after breakfast because he wanted to get the breakfast out of his teeth before he left his apartment. He finished all this at the same time as he did every morning 7:12 am, barring a need of his services as Superman. Recently Lois had been picking him up at 7:30 and they would ride into work together, except for the previous day after the misunderstanding with Lois. Now that it was resolved, she would pick him up today. Since Clark had at least 18 minutes before she would arrive he turned on the radio to the new Metropolis all sports station owned by The Daily Planet, WTDP 1090AM. The station carried the call-in shows for sports fans to talk about what was going on in the world of sports. Clark had heard the station one-day while listening to the radio and was hooked. Clark was listening to someone talking about Shawn Kemp of the Cleveland Cavaliers and his seven-illegitimate children. Clark was engrossed in the show and didn't hear Lois come walking in the door. He had left it open for her.

"It's 7:30 in the morning what could possibly be so funny?"

"You scared me. They're talking about Shawn Kemp and his seven kids."

"That guy's got to start keeping his pants on!"

"That and stay away from the bars!"

"That's true. Anyway, ready to go to work?"

"Yep, want something to eat before we go?"

"No thanks."

They left his apartment and got in her Jeep. On the way to work they talked about what they were going to do today. One of the things on the agenda was to see how the police were doing about getting Clark's stuff back from the robbery. Clark could see that Lois's cheek was bruised and swollen a tiny bit from the punch that Scardino had thrown the previous night. Clark was surprised that it wasn't swollen much, much worse than it was.

"How's your head feel Lois, cause you look pretty good considering he sucker punched you."

"It's not as bad as I thought it would be pain-wise, but I look terrible." Lois knew that Clark would tell her that she did not look terrible, that she look beautiful and she did not feel beautiful right now. She decided to head that off at the pass so to speak.

"Don't tell me I look beautiful or I'll deck you."

Lois looked serious when she said this so he decided to say, "You don't look that bad really, to tell you the truth I thought it would be worse than it is because he got flush on the side of the head. I'm just glad that he did not break your cheek bone or any other bone."

"Maybe you're right, I didn't mean for it to sound like that."

"Don't worry about it, someone takes a swing at you in your own home you get upset, anyone would. Let's just try to forget about this whole thing."

"Sounds like a good plan to … Get out my way moron!"

Someone pulled on to the street in front of Lois and was driving very slowly.

"Lois, I got this one." Clark rolled down the window, and looked in front of the Jeep to make sure it was safe. Using his super breath, he blew the guy about 500 hundred feet ahead of them so that Lois could safely pass the person on the right.

"Very impressive Clark."

"Anything for you, Lois. Besides, I don't like to get passed by people on the sidewalk when I'm in a car."

This made Lois laugh in spite of how she felt.

"There we go, that's the smile I know and love. Hey look at this." Clark made a goofy face and Lois dissolved into laughter again, even harder this time. Fortunately they were at the Planet and Lois got off the street before she lost control of the Jeep.

As they got to the elevator Clark picked up something with his super hearing.

"You've got to be kidding me!"

"Clark, what is it?"

"Someone broke into my apartment again!" said an exasperated Clark.

"Again? Someone must be looking for something. Whatever they want they must not have found it last time."

"What do you think they want? They found the suits, what else could they be looking for?"

"Maybe someone is looking for the globe, or maybe some …"

Clark figured out where she was headed and they both said in unison, "… one knows everything about Superman."

"I had better go check it out, you tell Perry what's up and meet me over there, alright."

"Alright, see you there." Lois got on the elevator when it came and went to the newsroom.

When she walked into the newsroom everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at her. Only Perry knew that they had worked things out, so everyone was curious as to her mood. When the yelling had started the other day the few people who were in the newsroom had cleared out to avoid the fireworks. The people saw her walk in alone and thought this was not good. Then they saw Lois's head and they could not believe their eyes. No one in a million years would have guessed that mild mannered Clark Kent would ever hit anyone, let alone Lois. Lois and Clark had seemed all right the day before, but these people had seen this act from them before. Lois had seemed preoccupied yesterday, they had all assumed it was because of Clark. It was really because she was worried that Scardino might not get the message she wanted to send to him later that night. As it turned out he did and it did not make him too happy.

Lois could feel everyone's eyes on her as she walked to Perry's office to tell him what had happened. For the life of her she couldn't figure out what everyone was staring at then she realized what it was, her swollen face.

She said to anyone who could hear her, "Don't you people have better things to do then stare at me! As you were!"

Everyone looked everywhere but at her after she said that. Perry heard this and came out to see what was going on.

"You heard the woman, get back to work, nothing to see here!" Perry snapped. Quieter he said to Lois "Honey, will you come into my office for a minute." When Perry saw her face he wondered what had happened.

"Lois what happened to you, are you alright?"

"It's a long story, Chief. We ran into Superman in the parking lot and he heard a police call that someone had broken into Clark's apartment again, so they both went to check it out. I just wanted to tell you what was up before I went over there. We think someone must be looking for something that they did not find last time."

"Alright, but when you get back I want to know what happened to your face!"

"Sure, Chief." Lois left his office, got on the elevator and went to her Jeep to go to Clark's.

When Lois arrived, the police had just finished up their investigation and were heading out. Clark was on the phone and Lois caught the tail end of the conversation.

"I really appreciate it, Sir, thanks a lot." Clark hung up the phone and saw Lois. "Hey Lois, how's the office?"

Lois could see Clark smiling after he got off the phone and was curious. "It's fine. What was that all about?"

"I think I know where my stuff is, and I think I know who took it."

"Great! Who and where?"

"Some person named Eddie Janson and believe it or not it's at the swap meet!" Clark showed Lois a wallet that he had found in his secret compartment behind the door. "I do not know how we all missed it, but he must of come back looking for it. That guy on the phone was a police officer who is working the swap meet and said he saw a guy matching Janson's description selling what he claimed to be Super suits worn by Superman. Let's go down and see if he still has the rest of my stuff." Clark leaned over and whispered in Lois's ear "I'm tired of wearing the same suit the whole time, I feel funny."

When they got to the swap meet Janson was already under arrest by the cops and had confessed to the two break ins. It seems that he had no prior criminal record. Janson had been fired by LexCorp a month ago and had a large mortgage on his house with his wife and two young children. His wife had cancer and the medical bills along with the cost of living were just too much and he had gotten desperate. Janson told the police that he had broken in the second time to try and find his wallet. He was truly sorry for what he had done. Janson said he had remembered that Superman had once said that he kept his clothes at Clark's place and he figured he could get good money for suits actually worn by Superman. He didn't think that anyone would believe him when he tried to sell them. This was a lucky break for Clark as he was able to get all the suits that were stolen and most of the other stuff too. Janson had pawned a few things at a pawnshop. He told Clark which ones they were and gave him the money he had gotten for them so Clark could get them back.

"I'm real sorry about this, Mr. Kent. I really messed up big time."

"I know you are, Mr. Janson. Say, what was your job at LexCorp anyway?"

"I was in charge of the books, I am a CPA."

"You're a CPA? How many years did you work there?"

"Since the beginning of LexCorp. Why?"

"At the end did you still like doing it?"

"I love doing accounting!"

"You have heard of the Superman Foundation, right?"

Janson nodded.

"Well Superman told me that they are looking for someone to do the books because the person doing it now wants to retire. Would you be interested?"

"Are you kidding? Absolutely! But is Superman going to be able to wait until I get out of jail. I mean I did steal from him."

"Don't worry, I will talk to Superman, I'm sure he'll agree to it. Now as for you going to jail … Hey Inspector!" Inspector Henderson had just shown up.

"If I don't press charges will Mr. Janson have to go to jail?"

"Since you got all your stuff back, and he didn't hurt anyone or any property, if you don't press charges we will have to release him."

"Thanks, Inspector. Well that takes care of that. I will talk to Superman and set everything up. You call this number tomorrow and you guys can set up the details." Clark handed him a business card for the foundation.

Janson was so grateful that he could not contain his excitement. Clark and Lois left and went to the pawnshop to get the rest of his stuff.

After they left the pawnshop they took all of Clark's back to his place. He put it all back where it belonged in a matter of seconds.

"If we ever live together YOU'RE doing the cleaning!" Lois said as she went to use the bathroom

Clark said under his breath, "If we ever live together I am doing the cooking too."

"I heard that!" Lois shouted from the bathroom. She finished washing her hands and went back to the kitchen where Clark was and jumped on his back and started to tickle him all over.

"Say, 'I'm a good cook,' and maybe I will stop."

Clark said laughing, "Okay, okay, you're a good cook." Lois didn't stop. "Stop it, Lois! You said you'd stop!"

"I said I might stop. Now say, 'If we live together you can do the cooking.'" Lois said, still tickling him.

Still laughing, Clark said, "Alright, if we live together you can burn the … err, cook the food!"

Still laughing, Clark said, "Alright, if we live together you can burn the … err, cook the food!"

"Sorry, wrong answer!"

"Alright, alright, you can cook the food!"

"Good boy." Lois got off Clark and stopped tickling him.

After she had moved a couple steps away, Clark said, smiling, "I'm just not going to eat it." Before she could attack him again he zipped to the other side of the apartment.

"Hey that's so unfair, you know I'm not as fast as you are."

"Let's call a truce. I won't make fun of your cooking if you will stop tickling me."

"Alright. you got it. Besides, we should get back to work."

They left the apartment and headed back to the Planet. One the way back to work, Lois talked to Clark about what had happened with Janson.

"You're nicer than I would be."

"Well, I thought that the guy had enough problems that jail would not solve, all he needs is a job. Besides, we really do need a new accountant."

"Well at least he's not some evil genius who figured out who you really were."

Just then, they arrived back at the Planet and went into the newsroom.

When Clark walked into the newsroom he was getting nasty looks from all the women. For the life of him he could not figure out what was wrong. When they got to Lois's desk Clark whispered to her, "What's going on around here. Do my socks not match or something?"

"I think it has something to do with my face."

"Your face?" After a second, it dawned on Clark what she meant. "Oh shoot! I never thought of that. Were they giving you funny looks when you came in earlier."

Lois shook her head.

"I'm sorry, everyone must think you're nuts for hanging out with me."

"It's okay. Don't worry about it. You don't have to keep apologizing for something you did not do. I need to talk to Perry. I'll tell him what happened last night and it will find its way through the grapevine." Lois went into Perry's office and told him what had happened.

"I did not think Clark was that kind of guy, but you never know."

"Believe me, Chief, Clark does not have a bad temper. The guy who stole his stuff, he's going to try and get him a job!"

"What?" Perry said.

Lois told him the story about Janson and the swap meet.

Perry could not believe what he was hearing. Perry thought 'Kent must be the nicest guy in the world.' Just then Clark walked in.

"Sorry to interrupt, but that source I was supposed to meet with a few days ago wants to meet me in twenty minutes, so I'm going to go meet him. Maybe he knows who's behind these convenience store robberies."

"Alright, Clark. See you later." Perry said.

"Clark! Hold up a second. I need to talk to you before you take off."

"Sure, Lois."

The two of them went into the conference room. "I told Perry what happened. It should be all though the grapevine by the end of the day."

"I don't mind what they think just as long as they don't look at me like that! I felt like they think I just killed someone or something." Clark looked at his watch and realized that he had five minutes to get to the other side of town. "I've got to get going. Want to come with me?"

"I would, but I've got to wait for the phone call that should have come two days ago."

"That guy about Intergang?"

"No, the other story."

"Good luck! See you later. Love you!"

"Love you too, Clark!"

Clark went to the back of the newsroom to change and get to the interview while Lois went back to waiting by the phone.


Clark did not get back to the Planet until almost 8:00 pm. It was empty except for Lois and a few security and cleaning people. Lois was still there typing up Superman's exploits for the day. After an hour long talk with his source, he'd had a busy day. There had been a big fire in a tire recycling plant outside of town that had been burning out of control. The tire plant had been completely engulfed in flames by the time he had arrived. It had taken him and the fire department over an hour to put the fire out and get everyone to safety. He had spent the rest of the day helping get people to the hospital, cleaning up around the plant, and talking to the press, including Lois. After all the press had gotten their quotes and everything was under control at the scene, Clark had gone about the task of trying to get the pollution of the burning tires out of the air so it would not affect the entire city. The stuff had spread out over a large distance and it had taken him longer than expected to clear it all out. He had sucked as much into his lungs as he could and then blew it out into space. He had done this until he was sure he had gotten most of it out of the air. This had taken most of the rest of the day. Clark was in good spirits when he got back to the Planet, as no one had died either at the scene or at the hospital. When Clark came into the newsroom he saw that Lois was still there at her desk.

"What are you still doing here?"

"Working on the story about the fire. How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling good, I'm not even that tired. I stopped by the hospital everyone is going to be all right, which is great news."

"That is great news!"

"I got some more good news. I found out what caused the fire. This." Clark showed Lois what he had found at the plant buried under the burnt rubber.

"What is it?"

"It USED to be one of those handheld torches. Now it's a piece of charcoal. Someone must have started the fire with it and threw it in, hoping nobody would ever find it."

"Looks like that plan failed. Does anyone know about this except us?"

"Just you and me, Lois. I'll take it to the Fire Marshall tomorrow, but I figured you'd want to have the scoop on it before it becomes public knowledge."

"You know me so well."

"I figure if you get some good scoops you can get that raise you wanted before I came to town and stole it from you."

Lois smiled for a second and then remembered that was part of the reason she hadn't liked Clark at first and chided herself for being so petty. She went back to work finishing up the story on the fire and then wrote an outline for the story about Superman finding the torch. She told Clark that she wanted to be there when he went to the Fire Marshall, Clark said it was okay.

Lois finished up her work at about 8:45, but Clark was not done with his story about what had happened at the hospital. Lois looked over and watched Clark working at his desk. Now that everything had calmed down Lois was feeling like she had a few days ago before the whole incident with Scardino had happened. If someone were to ask her to describe the way she was feeling now, the best way she could describe it, without offending anyone, was frisky. She wanted to do what she had planned to do a few nights ago and she decided that tonight was going to be the night. 'I am not going to let him out of my sight, that way nothing can go wrong.' Lois decided that the previous approach that she had tried would not work because she did not want to remind him of what had happened. The truth be told, she did not want to think about it either. Lois decided on an approach she had tried before, but not when she was herself. They were now alone in the newsroom, so Lois did not have to worry about the rumor mill. She unbuttoned the two top buttons of her shirt and began to saunter over to Clark's desk. Clark was completely oblivious to what she was doing as he was deep into thought. Once she got to his desk she sat on it and put one leg up in a provocative manner, just as she had before. And in the same voice as she had the last time she tried she said:


"Just a sec, Lois. I'm right in the …" Clark looked up and saw what she was doing and stopped in mid sentence. He looked at her for a second and all he managed to say was, "Whoa!"

Lois continued her reenactment of the earlier event.

"What ya doin'?"

"I a … a … I was a … a … a …" Clark was moving his hand and arm in a circle trying to get his brain to function. Clark's arm looked like it was turning a crank in hopes that his brain would find the words to let his mouth speak. He was not having much luck as the only thing his brain would let him do was stare at her leg and mumble. Finally, after what seemed to him like forever, he just said, almost in a shout, "Typing. Yeah, that's what I'm doing. Typing. Yeah, typing. That's it!" Lois could see what she was doing to him and realized that her plan was working like a charm.

"Just curious." She said this in the same tone of voice as before. She noticed that Clark was sweating, so in the same tone she said, "You're sweating. Are you warm?"

Clark nodded his head.

Lois thought to herself, 'Any willpower he had before is gone now, YES!' but said out loud, "When you're done, will you take me home?"

"Sure, Lois." With that she went to her desk and got on the Internet to pass the time. Once she left, Clark's brain finally reengaged. Clark shook his head vigorously trying to refocus. He thought to himself 'I hope she's not just pulling my chain, because, if she isn't, tonight will be very interesting.' He decided that he would speed up the process of finishing his story.

Lois could hear Clark typing and knew without looking that he was going at super speed. She started packing her stuff to prepare to leave when he was ready. And by what she was hearing it was not going to take him very long.

Clark was just about to finish up his story when a man emerged from the elevator that Clark had never seen before. The man walked up to Clark's desk and addressed him.

"Are you Clark Kent?"

"What can I do for you?"

"I'm looking for Clark Kent, are you Clark Kent?"

"Yes, I am Clark Kent. What can I do for you?"

"Clark Kent, you've been served."

"Served? For what?"

"Mr. Kent, you are being sued for damages in the amount of five million dollars."

This caught Clark by surprise.

"Who's suing me?" demanded Clark.

"It's all in the document, Mr. Kent. Have a nice evening."

"Have a nice evening!" Clark read the front of the summons and saw that it was Dan Scardino who was suing him.

Lois walked over, looked at the front, saw Scardino's name and could not believe it. They both quickly lost any sensual feelings that they had before the guy had served Clark. Clark was getting really mad, real fast. He felt the urge to scream or something.

Lois was the first one to speak.

"That no good son of a … I should have let you choke him to death. He breaks in to my house, attacks us, and then has the nerve to sue you!"

"Yeah, welcome the 90's, if you literally can't beat'em, sue'em. I am so mad Lois. Will you help me figure out what to do next?"

"Absolutely, you don't even have to ask."

"Thank you, Lois"

Lois and Clark made it to her place in record time. Lois could not believe this was happening. When she hatched the plan for getting rid of Dan she never envisioned the events that had taken place in the aftermath. 'This is all my fault, if I had just looked before I leaped none of this would have happened' Lois thought. 'My three brilliant plans in the last few days have turned into disasters. Now it could cost Clark five million dollars because of my stupidity. This is a disaster.'

Clark sat down beside her on the couch in her living room after he shut the door.

"Let's see what it has to say." Lois took the summons out of Clark's hand and started reading it. When she got to the part about what Clark was being sued for she said, "He's suing you for quote, 'physical harm, lost income and intentional infliction of emotional distress,' unquote. What does that mean, intentional infliction of emotional distress?"

"Probably just some fancy lawyer jargon. Guess this means I've got to get a lawyer again."

"Are you going to use the same one you used when that musician sued Superman."

"I'd like to, but I don't know if she can, ever since then she's been bombarded with cases. I'll have to go talk to her tomorrow, since it's my day off." Clark really did not want to be alone tonight or tomorrow at the lawyer's office. He was feeling kind of down and need an ally.

"Lois can I ask you for a couple favors."

"Sure, Clark, anything."

"First can I crash on your couch tonight, I'm too tired to fly home and can you ask the Chief if you can have your day off tomorrow and go with me to the lawyer. We can stop by the Fire Marshal's office and give him the torch, then go to Hunter's office from there.

"You want me to go with you tomorrow?"

"Definitely. Why? Don't you want to go?"

"I absolutely want to go, I just figured you did not want my help, you didn't last time."

"Things are different now. Now that you know everything I don't feel like I have to do everything on my own anymore."

There was a long pause and as they both gave each other loving looks. Lois finally leaned in and gave Clark a very nice kiss on the lips.

After the kiss Lois said, "Now as for sleeping on the couch I would rather you sleep in the bed with me and I will not take no for an answer."

"Okay. Besides I am too tired to argue with you."

Lois went into the bathroom and got ready for bed. While she was in the bathroom, Clark got ready for bed. He turned down the bed and got in. Just forty-five minutes ago he had all the energy in the world, now he could barely keep his eyes open. Despite this, he was really tense. He did not know where he was going to come up with the money if he lost.

Lois came out of the bathroom ready for bed, turned the light off and crawled in. Clark was lying on his back, so Lois just went and put her head on his chest. She found this to be a very comforting position to be in. She could hear Clark's heart beat and breathing. Lois wanted to reassure him that everything was all right.

"Don't worry about it, Clark. We'll get through this no matter what happens."

She rubbed on his shoulders gently trying to get him to relax. After a minute she felt him start to relax and he let out a contented sigh.

"Mmm, good night, Lois," Clark said right before he fell asleep with a smile on his face.

"Good night, Clark." Lois fell asleep seconds later.


Clark awoke at 8:30 to the sound of Lois on the phone. She had called Perry to tell him what had happened and to tell him that she needed the day off. Perry told her to take as much time as they needed to get this straightened out. Clark walked out to the living room and waited for her to get off the phone.

"Morning, Lois."

"Morning. Feeling better?"

"Little bit. How are you doing? Your bruises are going away."

"Pretty good considering everything. I got a hold of Miss Hunter she can see us at 10:00, which gives us enough time for you to go get ready, go to the Fire Marshal's and get there with time to spare."

"Be back in a sec!" Clark spun into his suit, went home and was back in a matter of a few seconds.

"You weren't kidding were you, about being back in a second?"

"We've got a lot to do today." Lois decided to tell him about what else was on the schedule for the day.

"Yeah, our day just got a little busier, Clark."

"What's up?"

"We have to be at WTDP at 1:00."

"We've got to do that promo today?"

"Unfortunately. I tried to get us out of it, but Perry said we, quote, better do it today or we'll be covering the auto show next year, unquote."

"Guess we'd better do it. I know how much you love covering the auto show. Besides, Superman promised to do a promo for the station if they agreed to donate some money to local charities. They did, so, I will live up to my part of the deal because they did their part." With that Clark spun into the suit and they headed for the Marshal's office to give him the torch.

Everything had went well at the Marshal's office, the torch had helped the fire investigators figure out what started the fire, but not who. Superman had no idea either, as the torch had no prints on it and he found no other clues. Lois got the exclusive on the torch as well as some quotes from the Marshal and the investigators. The whole meeting took about forty-five minutes and after they were done they went straight to the lawyer's office.

Once they arrived at the office they were shown in immediately.

"Good morning, Mr. Kent, Miss Lane. I'm Constance Hunter. Mr. Kent, it's a pleasure to meet you. I wish it were under different circumstances. Nice to see you again Miss Lane."

"Likewise, Miss Hunter. Call me Lois."

"Pleasure to meet you, Miss Hunter. Just call me Clark."

"Let's get down to business shall we?"

Lois and Clark both nodded.

"Alright, after you called me this morning Lois I did some checking and found out that your civil trial, Clark, starts on Monday."

"On Monday? How did that get done so fast?" Lois asked.

"I don't know, but I will find out, I promise you that. Do you have the summons with you?"

Lois took it out of her briefcase and gave it to Hunter. Hunter looked it over and then asked Clark to tell her what had happened. Clark told her what had happened leading up to the incident in Lois's apartment. After he had explained what had happened, he said, "What was I supposed to do? Just stand there and let him beat her up. Just between us three I might have overreacted a little, but I wanted to make sure he could not hurt her anymore than he did. If he had not broken into the apartment in the first place none of this would have happened."

"That's true and I will use that in my defense, that he had broken in once already and, like you said, he threw the first punch. What you did was self-defense. I also found out that his injuries were a fractured left shoulder blade and a strained neck. My guess is that the neck happened when you picked him up and the shoulder must have happened when he hit the wall. We need to get some pictures taken of your face Lois to use as evidence against Scardino." Hunter pulled out a Polaroid camera and took several pictures of Lois's face where she had the bruise. Lois looked at her watch after all the pictures had been taken and saw that it was 12:30 and they needed to go.

"We've got a 1:00 appointment we can't miss, so what is the plan?" Lois asked.

"I'm going to call Scardino's lawyer and see what I can find out from him. Since you two are investigative reports see if you can find out what the neighbors heard or saw. Maybe someone can give us something we can use to help build our case. I'll meet you hear in three days at about this time and we can go over what each of us has found and then plan the defense. Sound good?"

"Sounds good to me." Lois said.

"Me too," said Clark.

They all shook hands and Lois and Clark left the building and headed for the radio station.

They arrived at the radio station at five minutes to one. They had stopped to get her jeep and some lunch before getting to the station. Clark had changed into the Superman suit because he wanted to do the Superman promo before the one with him as Clark, with Lois, to not raise suspicion. Lois told the people in charge that Clark would meet her here as soon as he could. This was all right with the sound people since Superman could go first and be done so he could return to fighting crime.

"Okay, Superman, just sit there at the microphone if you would, and just say what it says on that piece of paper right there. Just put the headphones on so you can here us if we need to stop or something. We're ready to start whenever you are."

"Mr. Kent, Miss Lane, we're ready for you now," said one of the sound guys.

Lois had a funny look on her face and Clark knew what she was thinking.

"Never thought you'd hear that truth and justice quote on a radio promo did you?"

"I have to admit I never did."

"You know you broke one of the cardinal rules of journalism that day," Clark said jokingly.

"What rule was that?"

"The rule that says you don't make up quotes!"

"Hey, you weren't exactly a fountain of information that day, Mister. I believe, when I asked you why you were here, you said, quote, 'to help,' unquote. We couldn't exactly sell a lot of papers with that! And as a reporter, you should have known that my story would have been really great with an outstanding quote."

"Sorry, couldn't think of anything else."

"It's okay. It all worked out for the best. Well let's get this over with so we can go home and relax." They both entered the sound studio and sat behind the microphones.


When they arrived at his place in her Jeep, Clark spun into shorts and a T-shirt. He sat down on the couch with Lois and put his feet up on the coffee table.

"I need to relax before we go talk to your neighbors, Lois."

"I'll talk to the neighbors, you just sit here and relax and listen to this." She pulled out a tape she had gotten at the radio station. "It's a copy of today's morning show. You need to relax, you've had more stress the last few days than some people get in their whole lives." Clark started to argue but she did not want to hear it. "Don't argue with me or I'll start tickling you again."

Clark, not wanting to go through that again, closed his mouth and put the tape in the tape player.

"Thanks for everything, Lois."

"You're welcome. It's the least I can do, since I'm way behind in the favor department."

"You don't owe me any favors, Lois, you never did. Will you come back after you get done with everything?"

"Yeah, I will. See you later."


Lois left to do the interviews and to file the fire story.

Lois returned at around 7:00 with Chinese take out in tow. She'd had a very productive time since she had left Clark. She had gotten the story about the torch in the late edition of the Planet and had talked to some of her neighbors to see what they had seen or heard. They did not see much, but some had heard what had been said. The person who lived under her said that she heard two thuds coming from her ceiling at about the same time that the incident had happened. The two thuds were most likely Lois hitting the floor and Clark slamming Scardino into the wall. A few of her neighbors even agreed to give a sworn statement and Lois got them in contact with Hunter and helped make the arrangements.

She was about to say something as she walked in the door, but she noticed that Clark was fast asleep on the couch with his feet up on the coffee table and the tape still playing in the tape player. She looked at Clark sleeping and thought 'He must be tired if he fell asleep.' She was tired also and decided that she would eat a little bit before she sat down next to him and went to sleep. While she ate some of the take out, she listened to the tape. After she ate what she could, she put the rest of the food she didn't eat in the refrigerator. After she put the food away, she shut the tape off and got comfortable on the couch. She gently laid her head on Clark's shoulder and felt him unconsciously put his arm around her and sighed contentedly. Lois smiled and went to sleep.


Clark was sitting next to Lois and Constance Hunter waiting for Scardino, his lawyer, and the judge to arrive in the courtroom. The jury was already there. He was thinking about the events of the last few days. Friday's meeting with Hunter had been productive as they had gone over all the evidence she had acquired and the defense strategy she had planned to use. After the meeting, Lois and Clark had spent the weekend in Southern California as Clark, in his Superman suit, visited a kid named John who had contracted the AIDS virus form a blood transfusion and did not have many more days left. It was set up by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Superman and Lois spent over 4 hours with him playing cards, talking and they even watched one of the NBA playoff basketball games. While they were there, John had pulled Clark down and whispered into his ear.

"Is that your girlfriend?"

Clark glanced up at Lois and said "Yeah, she is."

"Man she's hot! Is she a model or something?"

After hearing this Clark started laughing

"No, she's a newspaper reporter," Clark whispered.

"She's a newspaper reporter! So brains and looks huh?"


"I won't tell anyone, I promise. Wow she's hot!"

Clark laughed again and said out loud for everyone to hear. "You got that right, John." Clark looked at Lois after he said this and smiled, then thanked God for having Lois.

A little while after that Superman and Lois had left the hospital. On the flight back to the hotel, Lois noticed that Clark had a huge smile on his face. She realized that she felt the same way that Clark did.

"Clark, thanks for letting me go with you today."

"No problem, I think you made John's day just as much as I did."

"He's a great kid. Seems he's decided to enjoy his last days on earth rather than be depressed."

Just then they arrived at the hotel and Clark landed behind it and changed.

"Looking at a kid like that makes my problems seem like nothing," said Clark

"I know what you mean." Lois could not stand the suspense anymore and she had to find out what Clark and John had been whispering about.

"What were you taking about in hush-hush anyway."

Clark started to laugh. "He wanted to know if you were my girlfriend."

"What'd you say?"

"I said yes."

"Then what?"

"He told me that you were, quote unquote, hot, and wanted to know if you were a model. I told him your were a newspaper reporter. That's why he wanted your autograph."

"Jealous, Clark" Lois joked.

Clark played along "Should I be?"


They spent the rest of the weekend seeing the sights of California until they had to be in court.


Scardino and his lawyer walking into the courthouse brought Clark back to the present. Scardino came in with his shoulder in a sling and a brace on his neck. Clark thought that if Scardino wasn't a DEA agent he could be a heck of an actor. His lawyer, James Frontero, was one of the lawyers that Clark had talked to as Superman when he had been sued before.

"Morning, Kent. Got my check made out yet?"

"No, Scardino, it's not. And I won't be making any out to you anytime soon either."

"Planning to stiff me, Kent?"

"No, he's not planning on having to pay you, Dan," Lois interjected.

"Morning, Beautiful. How's it going?"

After Scardino called her beautiful Lois made a naughty gesture at him, right before the Judge walked into the courtroom.

"All rise! First district court of Metropolis is now in session. The honorable Judge Jesse James presiding" the bailiff said.

"You maybe seated," James said. "Case number 785021, Daniel Scardino versus Clark Jerome Kent. I want both parties to know that I have reviewed the information from both sides and am familiar with the case. Is council for the plaintiff and defendant ready to make their opening statements."

"Yes, your Honor", said Frontero.

"We are, your Honor," said Hunter.

"Mr. Frontero, your opening statement please."

"Thank you, your Honor. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. We intend to prove that my client, Daniel Scardino, was the victim of a vicious premeditated attack by the defendant, Clark Kent. We will prove this beyond a reasonable doubt. We will provide evidence that Mr. Kent was jealous of the relationship between my client and Lois Lane and that jealousy and hatred of my client that provoked the attack. These will all become clear to you as the trial unfolds. Thank you very much."

"Thank you, Mr. Frontero. Miss Hunter?"

"Thank you, your Honor. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Ladies and gentlemen, the story you have just heard from Mr. Frontero is the plot of a best selling novel. It's fiction, ladies and gentlemen. The defense will prove that the alleged attack on the plaintiff was not motivated by jealousy, but out of self-defense. We will prove that Mr. Scardino attacked Mr. Kent out of jealousy, not the other way around. After all the evidence is presented we are confident that you will fine in the favor of my client. Thank you ladies and gentlemen."

"Mr. Frontero, call your first witness."

"I call Mr. George Tracewski to the stand." Tracewski walked to the stand and the bailiff swore him in.

"Mr. Tracewski, what is your current place of residence?"

"1058 Carter Avenue, apartment 102."

"Is that on the first floor Mr. Tracewski?"


"Do you have a window that faces Carter where the front stairs are?"


"Objection, your Honor! Where is this going if anywhere?" Hunter said.

"Mr. Frontero, make your point, and fast!"

"Yes, your Honor. Did you witness, Mr. Tracewski, an argument between my client and the defendant, Clark Kent, on the 22nd of this month?"

"Yes, I did. I could not hear what they were saying but it was clear by their actions and body language that they were arguing about something. I had head the rumors Miss Lane had dated the two of them."

"Thank you, Mr. Tracewski. Nothing further, your Honor. Your witness, Miss Hunter."

"Miss Hunter, do you wish to cross examine?"

"Yes, thank you, your Honor. Mr. Tracewski, did you know of what had happened in the apartment of Lois Lane before you saw Mr. Kent and Mr. Scardino talking out front."


"Did you know at the time that Miss Lane and Mr. Scardino had been broken up for weeks before you saw Mr. Kent and him talking."


"Did Mr. Kent ever put his hands on Mr. Scardino."


"Ever make any threatening gestures toward the plaintiff?"


"Nothing further, your Honor."

"Thank you, Mr. Tracewski. You may step down. Mr. Frontero, call your next witness."

"I call…"

"Your Honor, it's my understanding that Mr. Frontero is going to call every single person who had a window facing the front stairs and saw the conversation between my client and the plaintiff," Hunter said.

"In light of the fact that Mr. Kent attacked my client an argument between the two …"

"Your Honor, the defendant will stipulate that every witness saw the two of them out on the stairs. If the plaintiff will stipulate that none of them was present, or knows what happened in the apartment before seeing the two of them on the stairs."

"Plaintiff will stipulate."

"Mr. Frontero, call you next witness then."

"Your Honor, I call Mr. Bart Case to the stand."

Lois did not like this at all. Case and Lois had a history and it was not a good one. Lois couldn't help but remember what had happened whenever she saw him.

Bart Case has worked at the Planet for the last nine years in the advertising department. Perry White had hired at him and Lois about the same time. Case had a crush on Lois after he saw her leaving Perry's office after being hired. He had tried a couple of times to get her to go out with him, but she did not want to. After the last time he tried to ask her out, Lois lost her temper and made a big scene in the middle of the newsroom and, in no uncertain terms, told him where he could stick it. She had embarrassed Case, and he vowed to get even with her. He was not a violent man, one time when someone had gotten mad at him and started to punch him he did not even punch back. Case just protected himself as best he could and was beaten pretty bad. When asked later why he didn't fight back he said that he could never physically hurt anyone.

Clark saying, "What does that guy have to do with any of this," brought Lois back to the present.

"Your Honor, I must object. This witness was not on the list."

"This witness has been out of town for the last few days and was just found by my office today. I have not even had a chance to depose this witness."

"Alright, Mr. Frontero. We will take a 3 hour recess so you can depose the witness and for lunch. We will reconvene at 2:30 pm. Unless you have an objection, Counsellor?"

"No, your Honor. I'm getting kind of hungry myself."

Everyone in the courtroom laughed, including the judge.

"Good then, this court is in recess until 2:30 pm today." The judge banged his gavel after he said this.

"All rise!" said the bailiff

Clark looked at Lois who had a strange look on her face. "Lois, I don't like that look on your face. What's wrong?" Clark said.

"Come on. I'll tell you guys at lunch."

Lois, Clark and Constance Hunter all went to lunch at the American Cafe. They ordered lunch and Clark and Hunter were ready to hear about Case from Lois.

"Lois what's the story with this guy?" Hunter asked.

Lois told them the story behind her previous dealings with Case. After she got done, Clark could not believe what he had just heard. Not that she had shouted Case down, she had done that to him before, but that Case had tried to ask her out and had lived to tell about it.

"Obviously this guy could have a possible axe to grind here. Let's see what he says on the stand," said Hunter.

Lois, Clark and Hunter all arrived back at the courthouse at about 2:30. When they got to the courtroom Frontero and Scardino were already there.

"Sure you're not ready to pay up, Kent?"

"Yeah, I think I'll hold out a little longer," Clark said sarcastically.

"All rise! This court is now back in session with the honorable Judge Jesse James still presiding."

"You may be seated. Mr. Frontero, are you ready to continue?"

"Yes, your Honor. I call Mr. Bart Case to the stand."

Case walked up to the stand and was sworn in.

"Mr. Case, would state your name and occupation for the record please?"

"My name is Bart Scott Case. I work in the advertising department of The Daily Planet."

"Mr. Case, were you in the Daily Planet building on the 24th of this month after 5:30 pm?"


"Did you witness an altercation between my client and Mr. Kent?"


"Would you describe the incident?"

"I was in the newsroom when the plaintiff walked in and went over to Lois Lane's desk. Mr. Kent started talking to him for a minute and then forcibly removed the plaintiff from the newsroom. Before the elevator opened I heard Mr. Kent tell him in no uncertain terms that'd he'd get even with him for what he had done. Then Mr. Kent pushed Mr. Scardino on to the elevator when the doors opened."

After hearing this Clark whispered to Hunter "I never said that I to him. All I told him was to have a nice life."

"Thank you Mr. Case. Nothing further, your Honor."

"Ms. Hunter, do you care to cross examine?"

"Yes, your Honor. Mr. Case, how long have you worked at the Daily Planet?"

"About nine years."

"Do you know Lois Lane?"

"Yes, I know of her."

"In any of the time that you've known Miss Lane, did you ever ask her on a date?"

"Objection, your Honor. Irrelevant."

"Your Honor, if you will allow me a little latitude, I will show the relevancy."

"A very little latitude. Objection overruled!"

"Mr. Case?"


"What did she tell you when you asked her out."

"She said that she was not interested."

"And how did that make you feel?"

Just then one of Hunter's legal aids walked into the courtroom with a folder in hand.

"Objection, your Honor."


"Mr. Case? How did that make you feel?"

"Obviously it made me feel bad."

"Your Honor, I would like to offer this into evidence as defense exhibit A. It is a credit card statement from a Daily Planet account that only Mr. Case is allowed to sign on. Mr. Case, do you have your wallet with you right now?"


"Would you please get it out and put it on the stand."

Case got his wallet out and put it down.

"Mr. Case, would you please get every credit card out of your wallet and place them in front of you on the stand?"

Case got them out and put them in front of him.

"Objection, your Honor!"

"Overruled." Hunter looked through them until she found the one she was looking for.

"Mr. Case would you read for the court the number on this credit card I have in my right hand?"

"1234 5678 9101 1121."

"Now would you read the number on this statement."

"1234 5678 9101 1121."

"Now would you read what is highlight on the statement place."

"5-24 Callard's restaurant $30.40."

"Thank you, Mr. Case. Your Honor, I would like to enter in as defense exhibit B, the actual receipt from Callard's. Mr. Case, would you please read the date and time on the receipt."

"5-24, 5:35 pm."

"Is that your signature Mr. Case?"


"Let me see if I understand, Mr. Case, this credit card was used at 5:35 pm on the 24th of this month at Callard's, the receipt is signed by you, the credit card is in your possession right now and therefore could not have been stolen. Yet you maintain that your were in the Daily Planet newsroom. How's that possible Mr. Case?"

"I don't know, it must be a mistake."

"You were not there at the time of the alleged argument were you, Mr. Case?" Case knew that he was busted. He decided to come clean.

"No, I was not there, I did not see what happened."

"Why did you say you were there when you were not, Mr. Case?"

"To try to get even with Miss Lane for humiliating me."

"Thank you, Mr. Case. Nothing further, your Honor."

"You may step down Mr. Case. Mr. Frontero, call your next witness."

"The plaintiff rests, your Honor."

"Very well, this court is adjourned until 11:00 am tomorrow morning when the defendant will present its case. This court is adjourned." The judge banged his gavel.

"All rise!"

When Lois heard this she could not believe that Scardino was not going to testify.

"Why is he not going to take the stand?" Lois asked.

"Because, Lois, he already gave a statement and, in Metropolis, the plaintiff doesn't have to testify if he or she doesn't want to. Unfortunately, the defendant does not have that option. You have to testify Clark. See, Lois, that's why they tried to bring in all those witnesses about the previous fights. Because they knew I couldn't cross examine Scardino."

"Alright, I guess."

"Clark, why don't you just try to relax tonight and be ready for tomorrow."

"Alright, Miss Hunter, I'll try."

"Good, I'll see you two tomorrow."

They all left the courtroom and Lois and Clark went back to Lois's apartment. The traffic on the way back to Lois's was really bad and it took them almost forty minutes. They finally got to her apartment and Lois decided that she wanted to go out on the town.

"Constance was right, Clark, you need to relax tonight."

"Got any ideas?"

"Yeah, let's go to Club Metro tonight."

"We can't go to Club Metro tonight. They're having that big concert. You've got to have tickets to get in."

"Yeah, you do have to have tickets." Lois reached her hand down the front of her shirt and pulled out two tickets. When she did this, Clark's eyes got wide and his brain stopped functioning. Lois saw that Clark was somewhere else and she tried to get his attention again.

"Clark, Clark, Claaark, CLARK!" The fourth time she said Clark it penetrated the fog that his brain was in.

"Huh, what?"

"I said I got us tickets to the show."

"How'd you do that?"

"I have my ways. Now go home and get ready and I'll pick you up in a little bit."


Lois was at the bar at Club Metro ordering her and Clark some drinks. A couple of guys saw her there and walked up and sat next to her. One of them looked like he was a weightlifter and was going to impress his friends by trying to pick up Lois.

"Hey baby, you must be tired 'cause you've been walkin' through my mind all night long."

"That was smooth," Lois said sarcastically. "Did you think of that one all by yourself or did your friends help?"

The bartender gave Lois the drinks she ordered and then Lois said, "Well, it's been fun boys but if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to my date." The muscular guy grabbed Lois's arm preventing her from leaving.

"Hey baby, why don't you drop the Spam dinner and come be with a winner."

"You better let go of me, or my date will break you in half like a twig."

Clark, who had seen all of this from the other side of the club, came over only after the guy grabbed Lois's arm.

"Hey Lois, I got us a table up front," Clark said.

"Get lost, loser, the chick is coming with me."

"Is she?"

"That's right. Now beat it, Boy Scout, before I beat your … Argh." Clark had picked up the man like he had Scardino. This time he didn't apply nearly as much pressure to his neck.

"Now first of all, you will apologize to the lady for calling her a chick. Second the lady doesn't want to go anywhere with you or any of your boys, and third I can break you in half like a twig, so if you want me to prove this to you just get in mine or the lady's face when I set you down. NOW, apologize."

The man started to speak while Clark still had his hand around the man's throat.

"Blow it out your rear end!"

Clark imitated a buzzer like you would hear on a game show and said, "Sorry, wrong answer! Since it's obvious that you don't know how to do this let me help you out. Repeat after me. I'm sorry, ma'am."

With Clark still having a hold of him the man said, "I'm sorry, ma'am."

"You are not a chick, you are a lady."

"You are not a chick, you are a lady."

"And I'm sorry for bothering you."

"And I'm sorry for bothering you."

"See that wasn't so terrible was it. Now when I set you down you and your friends are going to go find your seats and leave everyone here alone, or I will beat you and your friends senseless. Got it!"

The man nodded his head yes vigorously. Clark set him down and the group scurried away quickly.

"You okay, Lois?"

"My shoulder is a little sore, but I'll be alright, thanks. Let's go sit down."

Lois and Clark went over to the table that Clark had reserved and sat down. Clark picked up the program and saw who was performing.

"Lois, check it out. Pearl Jam, Cranberries, John Michael Montgomery, and The Wallflowers. It's like Lilith Fair, but it's unisex."

"I thought you'd like it."

"I don't know how you pulled it off but thank you, I really needed this."

"My pleasure, Clark."

The lights were then lowered and the first act was introduced. Pearl Jam was the first act. Each group performed five songs and then the next group would came on stage and did their five songs.

After Pearl Jam, was The Wallflowers, then the Cranberries, and finally John Michael Montgomery. Lois and Clark sang, listened and danced to the music until the concert ended. After it ended they decided to go to the video store and rent a movie. They decided on 'Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery.' They went back to Clark's and watched the movie. After the movie was over Lois decided to go home and Clark got ready for bed. Clark had a great time that night and was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Clark started to dream a few minutes after he went to sleep.


"All rise! First district court of Metropolis is now in session. The honorable Judge Jesse James presiding."

"Miss Hunter, are you ready to call your first witness?"

"Yes, your Honor. The defense calls Lois Lane to the stand."

Lois walked up to the stand, was sworn in and sat down.

"Miss Lane, what is your relationship to my client?"

"Mr. Kent and I work together for the Daily Planet and have been dating for several months."

"Would you please describe the events that occurred in your apartment on the evening of the 22nd?"

"I was in my apartment, getting ready for an evening with Mr. Kent, when I heard the locks of my door being turned. At first I did not think anything of it because I had told Clark to let himself in to my apartment when he got there with the key I had given him. When the door opened, it was not Mr. Kent, it was the plaintiff."

"What did you do when the plaintiff entered the apartment?"

"I tackled him."

"What happened after you tackled him?"

"Clark walked in the door and saw me on top of the plaintiff and decided to leave us alone."

"What happened after Mr. Kent left?"

"I tried to get the plaintiff to leave, but he refused. He kept trying to get me to go on a date with him and I said no."

"So what did you do after the plaintiff refused to leave?"

"I had Superman come and escort him out of my apartment."

"Your Honor, I would like to offer into evidence defense exhibit C. An affidavit from Superman stating that he did in fact escort the plaintiff from Miss Lane's apartment at her request. Now, Miss Lane, would you please describe the events of the 24th in your apartment?"

"Clark and I were in my apartment waiting for the plaintiff, I had called him to try to tell him that I never wanted to see him again. Clark and I were kissing when the plaintiff came in without my permission. He saw what we were doing and he got violent. He threw a punch at Mr. Kent, missed him and hit me in the head right here." Lois pointed to the bruise she still had on the side of her face. It had lessened some but was still visible.

"Your Honor, we would like to offer into evidence defense exhibit D, pictures of Miss Lane's injury to her face."

"What happened after the plaintiff threw the first punch?"

"Mr. Kent grabbed the plaintiff and pinned him against the wall to prevent him from doing anything else to me."

"Let's get this straight Mr. Kent did not lay a hand on the plaintiff until AFTER, the plaintiff attack you guys first."

"That's correct."

"Thank you, Miss Lane. Nothing further, your Honor."

"Mr. Frontero, cross examine?"

"No questions, your Honor."

"You may step down, Miss Lane. Miss Hunter, call your next witness."

"I call Clark Kent to the stand."

Clark walked to the witness stand, was sworn in and sat down.

"Mr. Kent, would you describe to the court the events of the 22nd as you remember them."

"I was supposed to meet Lois Lane at her apartment. When I got there the door was part way open, I went in to make sure she was all right when I saw her on top of the plaintiff. I left because I misunderstood what had happened and was upset. I was sitting on the stairs outside her apartment building when the plaintiff came outside. We had words, I told him that he had better treat Lois right or he'd regret it or something to that effect. After I said this I realized that I was losing my temper so I walked away before I did something I'd regret."

"Were you upset with the plaintiff, Mr. Kent?"

"Yes, I was."

"But you were the one who walked away first?"


"Now, Mr. Kent, would you describe the event of the 24th as you remember them?"

"Miss Lane and I arrived at her apartment after we had finished work. She had asked me to be there with her when she talked to the plaintiff."

"Did she give you any indication as to why she wanted you to be there?"

"She had trouble getting rid of him the last time she had tried to so I figured that she wanted me there in case something went wrong."

"Mr. Kent, what happened after the plaintiff arrived at Miss Lane's apartment?"

"Well he let himself in without permission yet again, and saw Miss Lane and myself kissing on the couch. He got upset when he saw this and attacked me. I ducked to avoid his punch and he hit Miss Lane in the side of the head instead. After seeing Lois on the floor like that I grabbed Mr. Scardino by the throat and pushed him up against the wall. After I felt that I had him subdued I let him go and he left the apartment."

"Now, Mr. Kent, let's make this clear to everyone. The plaintiff threw the first punch, not you? And in the course of defending yourself and Miss Lane you pushed the plaintiff into the wall causing his injuries, correct?"

"That's correct."

"Thank you, Mr. Kent. No further questions, your Honor."

"Mr. Frontero?"

"Thank you, your Honor. Mr. Kent, can you explain the other two incidents?"

"The other incidents were stupidity on my part and I apologize for them."

"Mr. Kent, how did you feel when my client was dating Miss Lane?"

"It was not a fun time for me, I love Lois."

"When they were dating, did you ever want to strike my client."

"Objection, your Honor!"

"Overruled! Witness will answer the question."

Clark answered in an even tone without any hint of anger "No, I mean he wasn't doing anything wrong. They were going out on dates, it wasn't like he was abusing her then or anything like that."

Frontero could see that this line of questioning was not working so he decided to go on the offensive.

"Mr. Kent. isn't it true that you wish my client was dead and that's what you were trying to do when you attacked him!"

"Objection, your Honor, he's badgering the witness!"


"Your Honor?"

"Your objection is noted counsellor. Mr. Kent?"

"No, sir, I don't wish that anyone was dead." Clark said in the same tone as he had answered the previous question.

"Nothing further, your Honor."

"You may step down, Mr. Kent. Miss Hunter, do you have any other witnesses?"

"The defense rests, your Honor."

"Mr. Frontero, your closing argument."

"Thank you, your Honor. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, it is obvious that Mr. Kent was jealous of the relationship between my client and Lois Lane and that jealousy caused him to viscously attack my client. It is very clear from the evidence that Mr. Kent is a violent man who needs to be punished for his actions. Therefore you have no choice but to find in favor of my client and send a message to the whole world that just because someone has a relationship with someone and not you doesn't give you the right to assault him or her. Thank you."

"Miss Hunter?"

"Thank you, your Honor. Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry that you had to waste your time and be away from your loved ones to hear this case. This case is a joke! The plaintiff has proved nothing! The plaintiff attacked my client and in the course of defending himself and Miss Lane, the plaintiff was hurt by my client. I believe that we have proven that. If you find in favor of the plaintiff then what you are saying is that people do not have the right to defend themselves and there loved ones and that would be wrong. Ladies and gentlemen, put yourself in my client's position, what would you have done? Would you have used whatever force you felt was necessary to protect yourself and someone else? I think you would have. As for the arguments between the plaintiff and the defendant, the defendant admitted that they were a mistake and he is sorry that they occurred. Just because you had an argument with someone doesn't mean you don't have the right to defend yourself if someone attacks you first. Thank you."

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you have been given your instructions already. Now the bailiff will show you to the deliberation room where you can examine the evidence presented and render a decision," said Judge James.

"All rise!"


"Ladies and Gentlemen, have you reached a decision?"

"We have, your Honor," said the jury foreman.

"That was fast, it wasn't even three hours. That's good, isn't it?" said Clark.

"Sometimes, sometimes not," answered Hunter

"In the matter of Case number 785021, Daniel Scardino versus Clark Jerome Kent, we, the jury in the above titled action, find in favor of the … defendant Clark Jerome Kent."

"YES!" Lois said out loud.

Clark and Constance Hunter both were smiling from ear to ear.

"Also, we order that the plaintiff, Daniel Scardino, pay any and all legal bills of Mr. Kent's that are relevant to this case."

"Thank you, Miss Foreman. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is this your verdict, say you one, say you all?"

All the jurors said in unison, "Yes, your Honor."

"Thank you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you are dismissed. Plaintiff is ordered to pay any and all legal bills incurred by the defendant relevant to this case. This court is now adjourned."

"All rise!"

"Thank you, Constance. You did it again."

"My pleasure, Clark. Good luck to you two."


"Hey Scardino, make sure you make that check payable to Constance Hunter with a C," said Clark to Scardino as he left the courtroom

"Yeah, yeah, whatever."

Clark just shook his head and laughed.

"Come on, Lois, let's get out of here. How should we celebrate our win?"

Lois got that same look she had on her face the night this whole mess started and whispered into Clark's ear what she had in mind. After Clark heard what she had in mind, he picked her up and flew them to her apartment as fast as he could.


Author's note: The term, "intentional infliction of emotional distress," was a term actually used in a lawsuit. I read about in Sports Illustrated, a women who was involved in a paternity suit with a professional basketball player, whose name escapes me, used those exact words in a lawsuit. She alleged that one of the players' friends called and threatened her. I thought it was an interesting way to say someone threatened you, so I used it here. My pick up lines have never been used by me. The walking through my mind one I heard on TV and the Spam dinner one I made up when I wrote the story.