An Ode to Toy Story

By Sharon Brown <>

Rated G

Submitted June 1998

Summary: The episode "Toy Story" as seen through the eyes of an enraptured viewer.

Author's note — This poem is dedicated to my friend (you know who you are, <g> :o)!!) LOL! I miss seeing you around online, I hope you see this — email me! G…g…Good lord, this is a good poem, at least I think so. Email me if you loved it! I know it's great. I write a lot of poetry, and my work is EXCELLENT, if I do say so myself!


Oh, little man from Murphy Brown, I see you laugh, I see you frown. Your name was Miles … and I know you were full of smiles.

Why were the adults so mean? All you wanted was to be seen. Even though you liked Barbie playing, I know what all the adults were saying.

I didn't want to believe the rumors I heard, that you were a bad man—why that's absurd! Stealing those kids from their loving mommies and daddies, Those poor little lasses and laddies.

At least Superman came and saved the day, It took Lois telling a story to make everything okay. Even though you were an evil troll, I love you so … my toy man.

There's a new toy man in town.

I love you, Toy Man.