Ballad of a Superman

By Jessica Sweeney <>

Rated G

Submitted February 17, 1998

Summary: This ballad traces "Lois and Clark" through four seasons of their relationship. Short, sweet, and well done.


It was love at first sight for our hero Who fell when he first saw Miss Lois. Soon with their talents combined they became The hottest team in Metropolis

Enter a man to be called Superman, Catching the eye of Miss Lane. Little did she know it was her partner Whose life was like one Bruce Wayne.

Through the first season the team encountered Someone by the name of Lex Luthor. Almost stealing the hand of Lois Lane Who then realized she loved another.

Without admitting their feelings aloud They loved each other alone. And battling villains both old and new Bringing them closer to home.

When Clark finally got down on one knee Lois could already guess the truth. Saying, "Who's asking, Clark or Superman?" Causing even Jimmy to say, "Smooth."

Deciding that then was not the right time- Relationship undefined- Till a madman made them realize their love, Leaving all worries behind.

Taking a year to defeat all their foes, It was Mike who brought them together. As their love and partnership grew and grew Lois wanted to be a mother.

Not able to have children on their own, A chance to adopt they kept. It was late one night after much despair A babe showed up on their step.

Who was this baby and where was it from? The question to never be answered. This was the last of episodes to air For the show in its prime had been canceled.