A Superman Poem

By Amy (comments to PeacheZ082 <PeacheZ082@aol.com>)

Rated G

Submitted March 7, 1998

Summary: A poem about Superman's life and love.



Superman must be a god
A body made of steel
Saving lives everyday
How must he feel?
Lois is his precious jewel
And even still she does not know
How difficult it must be
To have more than one foe
Finally, she has unmasked
The only person who he can tell
And so they live in darkness
He is waiting for your yell
Enemies he must conquer
Souls he must save
And Lois waits at home
Curious, but brave
So just because he's strong
And just 'cause she's his wife
Doesn't mean they're always happy
For in danger is their life