In the Office

By Stacey Wong <>

Rated: PG-13

Submitted November 19, 1997

Summary: Lois and Clark are in love but still unsure of their next step. A few heated moments may help them make up their minds.


For the nineteenth time today, Clark Kent found himself staring at his partner/best friend and now girlfriend, Lois Lane. She's always a beautiful sight to his eyes, but today there's something more to her beauty than usual. Maybe it's the outfit she's wearing. Of course, to Clark, Lois looks fabulous in anything from a formal evening gown to the sweatshirt she wears to exercise in.

Today she's wearing a tight-fitting black dress with a square neckline that nicely shows off her collar bone. Over this is a short black suit jacket out of the same material as the dress. He can't help wondering if she has a hot date with someone, because although this outfit looks gorgeous on her, it's a bit inappropriate for office wear.

Or maybe it's her new perfume. Clark noticed it right away when Lois stepped into the office this morning. She was not wearing much, but because of his super powers he could still smell her sweet fragrance even though she was standing by the coffee machine and he was at his desk.

Lois Lane absent-mindedly typed her story on her computer. It seemed that her head had been in the clouds all day. Not only that, she felt very conscious of her movements today. She had received a lot of looks of admiration from both male and female co-workers when she arrived at the office this morning, and all through the day, Clark kept staring at her. She knew that the dress she picked out this morning was probably too sexy for a day at the office, but she just bought it last week and was dying to try it.

"It's Friday," Lois thought to herself, "doesn't everyone dress a little more casual than usual on Fridays?"

"It's not the dress," she thought to herself again while she stared blankly at her computer screen. "It's Clark. I know that he loves me and I love him, but are we ready to move farther into this relationship?" Lois shook her head as if it would shake her out of the fog she'd been in all day.

"Clark, what do you think of my story?"

It was the end of the day and everyone at the office had left except for Clark and Lois. Even Perry left early, having made plans for the weekend. Clark got up from his chair and stood behind Lois, leaning over her shoulder and looking at her computer screen.

Now that he was very near her, the scent of her perfume was stronger than ever and it made his heart beat faster.

"Uh, it's ok, except you misspelled a few words," he said.

Lois swallowed a bit. She could feel his breath on her neck, and it was making her hot inside. She could feel the heat rising up to her cheeks.

"Figures. I haven't been concentrating on it." Still somewhat absent-minded, she corrected the words.

"You missed one here," Clark pointed to the screen. His head was now beside hers and Lois could also smell Clark's cologne. She inhaled deeply, taking in his scent.

"What a wonderful smell he has," she thought to herself. "I wish I could smell this everyday, especially when I wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night." The last thought made her blush even deeper and her heart raced faster.

"Oh my god," Clark thought to himself, "I can practically see right down her dress from this position." But even so, Clark couldn't take his eyes off of Lois's ivory neck and couldn't stop admiring her smooth skin. Now, not only his heart was beating wildly, his breath had also quickened.

"Where?" Lois turned her head to face Clark but all was forgotten as their lips met. As their kiss became more and more passionate, it seemed like a fire that could burn down the whole Daily Planet.

Lois moaned softly as their tongues intertwined. She stood up from her chair and sat on her desk for a better position. Clark's lips began to move away from her lips and down her neck, his hands removing her jacket. Lois's hands, too, slipped under Clark's suit and caressed his muscular chest. Things were really getting hot now.

Unfortunately, (or maybe I should say luckily) Clark's superhearing picked up a cry for help. Ending their kiss, Clark straightened his clothes and gave Lois an apologetic look, but deep inside, he was sort of relieved. If someone hadn't stopped them, who knows what might have happened.

"Lois, I have to go, there's a cry for help."

"Sure, go, go, it's ok. I'll see you on Monday," Lois said while catching her breath.

Clark loosened his tie and ran out, leaving Lois alone. Lois started to gather her things to go home, then stopped. A tiny smile crept across her face. Instead, she left her work at the office and decided to drive to Clark's apartment.

"I think I'm ready to step farther into this relationship," she said to herself.