Let Downs and Love

By Jenny Buckland <tjgrouch@hotmail.com>

Rated PG

Submitted February 2, 1998

Summary: Lois and Clark have started dating, but they each have something to say before the relationship can progress. Lois needs to get rid of Dan … and Clark has a confession to make.

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An idea was swishing around in my head. I thought that Dan Scardino took the breaking up news from Lois too well. This version plays out what should have happened! (in my opinion) Go easy on me everyone this is my first attempt at a fan fic. Thanks to David Howard for his corrections. Hope you like it! ;-)


Lois walked out of the Daily Planet elevator. She really needed to talk to Clark. Of course he wasn't there when she wanted to talk to him about their relationship. He probably was picking up the cheese of the month club shipment.

Lois thought, /Come on give Clark some credit he is probably meeting a source./ She needed to tell him how she longed for him, how she wanted to kiss and hold him. Also how agent Scardino meant nothing and he meant everything. She knew she could not, not yet at least. She wanted- no needed to know how he felt and why he ran off all the time.

Clark walked in behind her and said "Hi."

"Clark don't scare me like that," Lois exclaimed."

He apologized and wondered what was up. He asked her "Lois, what's wrong? = "

She replied "Nothing." He figured when she would want to talk she would.

He said slightly agitated "Okay, so I got a lead on the Intergang business with the Bill Church Jr."

"What did you find out?"

"Bill Church Jr. has been having private conversations with the mayor."

Lois said surprised "What conversations?"

"The deal between Bill Church Jr. and the mayor to supposedly control crime in Metropolis."

"Yeah, next there will be crime bosses catching criminals."

"I don't know it sounds kind of like a weird set up to me."

Lois began "Clark I have been thinking."


"Our relationship."

He replied "Me too."

"Do you want to come over tonight so we can have dinner and talk?"

"Sure, what time?"

"About 7:00 or so."

"I wouldn't miss it for the world Lois."

"I see you are trying to use your farmboy charm again."

"Is it working?"


They locked eyes and Clark caressed her cheek. She grabbed his hand and kissed him.

Just then Dan Scardino entered with a dangly thing with paper clips all over it. He thought to himself, /Lois will love this./

Dan caught a glance of the love in Lois and Clark's eyes as they exchanged a long sweet kiss. He knew the gift would change it all. He didn't understand what Lois saw in Clark. He was twice the man Clark was. He was trying to pretend they never kissed so he could approach her.

"Hi Lois." Dan tried not to acknowledge Clark.

Lois turned around to hear the ever so unpleasant sound of Dan's voice. Glumly "Hi Dan."

"I brought you something."

"Oh you did."

"Yeah ta-da, you like it."

Lois nudged Clark to keep his laughter in. "Well Dan you shouldn't have."

"I wanted to."

"Well, you really shouldn't have. Look Dan we need to talk."

"About what? "

Lois thought /Just the fact that I am in love with Clark, and you mean nothing. No, Lois that's too harsh./ "Well let's walk over here and discuss it."

Lois gave Clark one last loving gaze then told Dan she didn't want to see him anymore.

He said "You are giving me the boot?!"

"Yes Dan I explained to you about Cla=8A=8A"

"I don't care. What is so great about him anyway? "

/Lois was outraged; he had no right to talk about her Clark that way!/

"For starters Dan, he is 100 times the man you are."

"I am so much more handsome than him!"


Everyone was looking at this point as Lois and Dan were yelling back and forth. Finally Lois said "Listen Dan I never meant for it to get this out of hand."

"Yeah, well I shouldn't have blown up either. I didn't expect this."

"I know and I am sorry, but I am in love with Clark. The only reason I was seeing you is because Clark and I were having some bad timing. I couldn't keep hurting both of you anymore."

"Well, I will see you around maybe."

"Bye Dan."

By the time Lois had walked to Clark's desk he was already putting the finishing touches on the Church/Intergang story.

Lois put her hand on his shoulder. "I thought I was going to do that?" she said.

"Well you gave me your side and I typed my side with it."

"Clark, you typed the whole thing."

He looked up and said "I take it he didn't like it to well."

"You heard?"

"Me and everyone else in Metropolis."

"I wanted to let him down easy."

"I think your fiery side kicked in."

"Well, I am going to leave now Clark."

"Why? "

"I have a date at seven, I have to get ready."

She smiled a seductive smile and left Clark gazing as she walked away.


Clark knocked on the door at 6:59. He was very nervous. So nervous that he almost dropped the bottle of wine. He was going to reveal his secret.

She opened the door and said "Hi." He took in air, she looked mesmerizing. She bit her lip as she took in Clark's appearance. His muscles fit his charcoal suit just right. She never told him but that is the reason she liked it so well. His hair fell just right on one side and his eyes were mixed with love and nervousness.

After an awkward pause, he said "Hi".

Clark knew that the burgundy dress she wore had been for him. He loved the way burgundy made her look. Her hair looked as smooth as silk. Her perfume intoxicated him. He gave her the bottle of wine as they sat down.

"It smells wonderful Lois" Clark said. "Were you sneaking in cooking classes I didn't know about?"

She smiled one of her smiles she now only reserved for Clark. "I guess you will never know."

She prepared the table and they ate while having friendly conversation over dinner. She made Italian chicken, rolls, mashed potatoes, and green beans. With Clark's wine it went great. Lois had made chocolate mousse for dessert= =2E

Lois was so nervous she couldn't even eat the chocolate mousse. She could tell by Clark's eyes he was going to tell her something big.

He asked for the third time if she was sure she didn't want any. She said "Clark- really I'm full." Which was a complete lie.

They moved to the couch after dessert and started talking.

Clark began "Listen Lois I want to go first. I have a lot of things to say."

She said "Okay."

"I know it seems I have the worst timing in the world lately." Lois listened as he continued. "It has nothing to do with you or me being scared of loving you. God knows that's not one of the reasons."

She cuddled closer to Clark on his last statement.

"I think I should just come right out and say it. Lois I am Superman."

She froze. She backed away as if she had no idea who he was. She said "What?= "

"I am Superman."

"How=8A.I=8A. why."

He started "Well=8A=8A"

"You lied to me, Clark, all these years."

"I know and I am sorry. You have to understand how long I have carried this by myself and how long I have wanted to tell you."

She didn't say a word.

" I swore never to tell anyone, and try to live a normal life as Clark Kent.= "

"Right and you did that by lying."

"If I would have told you 2 years ago or even a year ago, I would have never known who you really loved. Clark or Superman."

"Did you do it because you couldn't trust me?"

"It was never a matter of trust. I needed to know you loved me=8A=8A Clark."

"Well, Clark, I do love you with all my heart."

"That's why I know I am going to forgive you soon."

He asked "How soon?"

"I don't know I need some convincing."

He put his arms around her and brought her onto his lap. "I love you Lois Lane. No more secrets."

"I love you Clark Kent." Then they kissed their fears away together.


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